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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Danmaku PC Doujin game Touhou style!

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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Danmaku

hello! i came across this funy game and i wanted to share with you guys, for those who dont know, touhou is a shot them up game taken to the hardest posible way, the tipical game where you control a ship and destroy enemies and evade shots, the only diference is that you dont control a ship and is extrimly hard, because of the multishot of your oponents! and that what we have here with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Danmaku or NANOHA STG as the archive says, is easy to understand and hard to deal with XD.

the file is an ISO that you will have to either burn(that i dont recomend because it would be a waste of a CD) or mount in alcohol 120 or daemon tools or any program of your like to mount iso, and install it.
It will also require the applocale or change your hole system unicode mode to japanese (wich would be an inconvinient if you can easyly do it with the applocale) if you dont have it, i will edit the post with the applocale and some guide to install it.

sorry for the megaupload file, the mediafire dosent work for me when i try to upload =(
there is supostly a 2 version of this game, once i check it i will upload it.
Have a nice day!

here the 2nd game
Nanoha STG 2nd

Same game style as the first one, but now you control 2 characters, and have 3 pairs to choose, Nanoha/Vita, Fate/Signum and Hayate/reinforce II, you can switch the character acording to what the situation demands.


PD: this one was a ISO also, but i decided to upload the instaled game, if it doesnt work tell me and i will upload the ISO.

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Thanks for sharing Zerovirus!
I tried playing Youhou once... but it was too much for me xD Anyways I'll check this game :D

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Nanoha touhou? I've been avoiding Touhou like the plague but I guess that ends today!

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Beat it today.. Was fun.

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I wish I could play this. But every time I try, my input lags during boss fights.... I guess I'll just have to play Imperishable Night again.

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Looks nice for me. Touhou is VERY VERY dificult, and with about 237318267363,167331x10³ lost matches, I gave up. LOL.

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Oh I remember this. I only played it for a bit, then got tired because the controls felt a little choppy. So tempted to touhou fag all over this thread. But I will restrain myself.

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uploaded 2 game! thanks for the answers, yeah the touhou style is really hard, i havent pass a single game =(, and in nanoha 1 i pass the 4 knights, but wasnt ready for what came next and die horribly XD

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i love touhou, even though i suck at it
haven't checked the site for a long time... but i'm sure i didn't expect this!
(wishing for starlight breaker to be like master spark)

i'm bored

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hey um
you have the lyrical puzzle
i knew there's a StrikerS version ._.

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i think i found it, let me check it and i will upload it, it seems to be a H game or at least have H pics, once i check if it works i will upload it

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[img][/img]hey can you please reupload the game?

Thanks ^^

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PLz PLZ Upload the game in Mediafire link .... pleaseee .. Megaupload now is dead and Blocked ... cant wait

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Does anyone have these files? Would you be willing to share them?
The old links are dead.

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Ah, someone, plz share the mediafire or torrent link, plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still keeping searching...

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Yeah plz...

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