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Magical War Radical Fate - Chapter 2 & 3

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We're back with two new chapters of Magical War Radical Fate by Sha Yurigami. Small warning for some gore in page 2 of chapter 2, this time it's eleven pages in total. We hope you like it!



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Wow, when that antagonist (the guy dressed in black) made that big rock fall down the cliff, it made me angry because he surely noticed that our beautiful couple(nanofate) was about to meet again and he wants to prevent it for some dark or sinister reason ... But stop fucking around! Although, on the other hand, if our muses don't suffer a bit, we can't empathize with them, right? Thank you Yurigami for this comic which, although it is just beginning, seems very good to me and also thanks to Nanofate-Com for sharing it! By the way, I already translated into Castilian (Spanish) and already sent to edit all these first chapters of "Magical War Radical Fate" to a trusted editor and with a little good luck the Spanish version will be released in the coming days. Greetings people! PS: Excuse my bad English...