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Magical War Radical Fate - Prologue

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Hello everyone! Today we're sharing Magical War Radical Fate - Prologue, a small introduction to a new doujin that is being made by Sha Yurigami, one of the members of our community and the author of Snow White. You can either see each of the pages in our gallery or download a zip with higher quality images.

Summary: A Tale of Nanoha and Fate in a time and place neither remembers yet both earn for. Amnesiac Fate is flung into a world that she is unfamiliar with with the exception of a desire to return to the place she once belonged to, but doesn't know anything other than its name: Nanoha.

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As I have promised before, here it is.

As a side note I will upload this on Pixiv as well but only two weeks after it released on look forward to it ^^