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Natsu no hi (Part 1 and 2)

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DesuDesu is back with not only one but two SimpleClass doujins of our favorite couple: Natsu no hi and Natsu no hi 2. We hope you like them!

Summary: Both of these doujins are based on the Innocent manga, and are about Nanoha and Fate being cute together and flirting with each other. The first doujin is 36 pages long and is about Nanoha and Fate sharing some sweet moments together outdoors while searching for Nanoha's lost Brave Duel binder. In the second 28 pages long doujin Nanoha and Fate enjoy some flirty and more explicit time together in the beach taking advantage of their friends not being there at the moment.



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WOW Thanks bro this is a good day, a day of nanofate doujins :D

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That's some cute doujins here... X3

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nice. some errors.

ch 1, pg 14, "lighter than feather" (lighter than a feather)
ch 2, pg 13, "best way to give to give it" (best way to give it)
ch 2, pg 14, "am I took heavy" (am I too heavy)

I like yuri.

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Title Name Translation if you don't know:

No- の
Hi- 日

Natsu- Summer
No- of
Hi- day

Natsu- 夏天
No- 的
Hi- 天
Correct translation: One day in Summer
Chinese: 那一次(天) 的夏天。

Hope this translation help you guys.

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