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"..." I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at a all too familiar ceiling. I tried to force my body to move but it wouldn't respond to my mind's commands.

"Hey, take it easy" a voice came from beside me "You may no longer be human, but you are still very weak."

"Vi...vio..." I whispered lightly, amazed at myself for even being able to speak. I tried to force myself up once again but the Christmas-eyed girl shook her head and effortlessly pushed me back down.

"No" she shook her head "rest at least for one more hour. You do remember what just happened to you right." It was more of a declaration to make me understand my place than a question.

I sighed and closed my eyes again, letting the girl finish tending to whatever injuries I had left.

"Good" she nodded and continued her work

"What happened earlier..." I thought to myself, trying to remember. My mind flashed back to the time mom punished me for failing in my duties. After she released me, I remember her holding up my battered body before...

"...!" My eyes shot wide open causing Vivio to jump back a little bit

"What's wrong?" she asked a little alarmed

"" my words still didn't form properly, but Vivio understood

"Yes" she nodded slowly, her eyes softening "After your ordeal, your mother forced the jewel seed into your body to connect to your linker core." she wiped my forehead carefully with the green cloth in her hands "the reason you can barely move right now is because your body is rejecting the sudden invasion of the seed."

"I...see..." I mouthed out with a soft yet raspy voice. "How...long..."

"I would say it will take you at least a couple of weeks to fully adjust and be able to move like normal." her expression darkened "...If the jewel seed doesn't consume and destroy your body in the meantime."

"Keh..." I grit my teeth with the little strength I had. I have to recover quickly... I told myself as my body began to shut down once again I have to defeat...Fate...

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"It has been three weeks now since Captain Haralown was put into that coma and so far, from what I've heard, there have been no reel signs of improvment. I also haven't really seen much of anything from Captain Takamachi lately either, and normally when I do, she is not her high spirited usual self who would "accidentaly" shoot me every time I walk out onto her training field. I wonder how she's doing today actually."
After closing down my moniter for the day, deciding that the recruits I was charged with training for the ground forces had enough for today, I gave them a quick moment to catch their breaths and cool down before walking over to them to give the normal daily news and updates on things happening around base. Nothing new really, just more of the same old same old. 'Grant Company one yesterdays game' Which most of us knew by now, 'Major Janovec is still looking for a replacement up at the C.P. station since the last was killed in the explosion a while back,' oh, and my personal favorite, 'With all recent events happening, we will be further postponing mail from home due to security reasons.' Yeah, a lot has happend in the past few weeks since Captain Haralown's injury, not much of it was actualy good, but a lot of things happend that's for sure. Dismissing the men and telling them to report on the field at 0700hrs tomorrow (I was feeling generous for some reason) I made a quick about face and started heading back to my room.
Lost in my thoughts of complete nothingness at the moment, I didn't even notice someone walking towards me. Bumping straight into her I accidentally made her fall down with a thud causing me to snap out of my reverie. Lendng a hand down to the person I knocked to the ground, it was my surprise that I found a very looking Captain Takamchi staring back up at me. After helping her to her feet, I quickly snapped to attention and gave her the approprite salute someones commanding officer deserves and quickly folowed that with the usual, "Captain Takamachi, ma'am."
After I got no reply from her after a few seconds, I took a look into her eyes for a quick second before snapping my eyes back to attention where they were before. But even if it was a quick glance, I could still see in the depths of those pretty blue eyes of hers that there was something wrong, for never in my days did I ever expect to see eyes so unfocused, so emotionless that it kind of took me by surprise. For the last time I saw eyes as emotionless and lifeless as those was when the guy next to me, sitting in my foxhole, finally happened to snap under the presures of war, or just witnessed their best friend die right in front of them after a shell, or a barrage, or something landed right on top of them.
But I was still standing around waiting for a reply from Captain Takamachi, and just as two minutes rolled by in my head, I started to get nervous. Slowly dropping my right arm from above my eye, I catiously put my hand onto her left shoulder and asked, "Are you okay Miss Takamachi, do yah need a drink or something from me luv?"
It was than that she seemed to break the trance she had been in and actually looked up at me for the first time since I bumped into her and said, "Reo, when did you get here?"

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I look up at Reo, surprised. I didn't even see him there, which made me sad. I knew I haven't been myself latly, but it couldn't be helped. Something inside me just snapped. It's been what 3 weeks since the last incident, and my lover hasn't shown any progress yet. I visit her everyday, in between breaks, and everytime I'm off. Hayate's freaking out, I even heard her talking to Shamal the other day saying she was losing both her best friends.

As I looked at Reo, I couldn't help but choke back a sob. He looked at me concerned, and lead me to the lounge, where he laid me on the couch. He said something like "going to get drinks" and left me alone in my pitiful thoughts.

I looked down at the floor, examining the little specks of dirt and dust, wondering what was happining to me. I keep telling myself to stay strong, but no matter where I go, Fate just pops up in my mind. I could see all the pained looks everyone was giving me, but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything. I know everyone is worried about me, but all I could think of is my precious Fate-Chan.

I heard footsteps in the distance and looked up, seeing Reo hold two drinks in his hands. My vision was blurry, making me realize that I was cry, agian. He gave me the drink, and then silence hit us. He was the first to speak.

"Captain Takamachi, is somthin' the matter?"

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She just looked at me saying nothing to my question, like she was stalling for time, trying to gather her thoughts or hoping I would go away and leave her to wollow in her pity. Instead I continued on trying to pry information out of her, "Ye know, evar since I joined up with the TSAB, I'd say about thirteen or so years ago, I don't know how long it was I lost count after year seven, I have seen more things happen out on the battle field than I evar thought I would luv. I know ye may not want tah talk about it much, but I have seen men break as early as their third day of combat, and I can tell ye somthing right now luv, it's not a pretty sight."
I stopped breifly to see if she was listening, but since I got no interuption, I assumed it was okay to continue. "Men and women I have lived with for years, a few of them were from basic back in the day, I have seen fall out of reality for reasons every other soldier on the front would probably understand, that is if they're a veteran of combat though. Too much emotional stress can really get to a person luv, and keepin' most of what that is boddled up inside for so long can really wear away at the body, bettar yet, the soul." Giving a short pause to think on that myself I continued. "No, no I think it could do more dammage tah the soul than anything else luv. I've seen it happen to many times now for it tah happen tah you Cap'n, and I guess what I'm tryin' tah say here luv is if ye evar need someone ye want tah talk to, if thare is ever anything ye want tah let out, even if it's just for a little while, tah get all that emotional stress out, well, I'd just like tah let ye know I'm thare for ye if ye need me. So please, don't keep all yer hidin' boddled up inside, cause it's killin' me, especially yer friends and yer family here tah see ye like this. Because we're all family here ye know, we just want tah help ye carry the burden."
After that things lapsed back into silence while I waited for an answer, if I got any, from my superior officer.

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It has been three weeks already since I first had this jewel seed implanted into me. My body started to finally accept it and return control of it to me. I was still rather wobbly when I moved faster than walking speed, but that was to be expected.

"Preparations are ready as per your request" Vivio called to me as I staggered to the lab "Are you sure you don't want any help?" She asked leading me to the chair.

"Yeah..." I sat down at the table and looked down at my device "Juliette..." I spoke to my device in an apologetic tone "the only reason I made it this far is because of you..." I lowered my head as my eyes began to sting "I don't want to get you involved more than you already are...but are you sure you want to go through with this...?"

(Go ahead) Device responded in Latin

"Alright" I nodded "so both master and device will change. I am sorry to make this selfish request...but would you fight to the end with me?"

Agnosco meus vinco (Understood, My Master)

"Thank you..." I picked up the device and lightly kissed it. "We will have to change nearly everything--the barrier jacket, the weapon, the power output--everything. I hope that's ok. It will be the only chance we have to defeat Fate."

"Why are you so intent on defeating her?" Vivio asked over my shoulder.

I stopped my work for a moment and looked up "Fate and I...were never meant to exist in the same world." I answered after a few moments of silence "One of us must go..." My eyes strained once again as I carefully began to work on Juliette "That is just how it is Vivio...that's just how it is."

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I looked at him, trying to process what he was saying. At first my mind would try to wonder off somewhere, but I held on. He was trying to comfort me, and god knows I needed it.

As he finished, I stared down at the warm drink he gave me, and took a small sip. It was coffee, black of course. It felt good, as the warm substance slowly went down my throat. Silence hit us, and I couldn’t find any words to answer him, so I thought, hard, to give him a good answer. I would have thought he’d leave, since it took so long to find one, but he didn’t, he just quietly sat there, drinking his coffee, waiting patiently.

“Thank you Reo-san” I said making him jump in surprise. I almost smiled at his expression, almost. “Thank you for caring, but I already knew that. I know Section 6 is my family, and I know you guys care about me, but right now all I need is time, time to think. I need to figure out these feelings I’m feeling by myself. I am glad, really I am, about you guys wanting to help me, but only I can know how to fix it. I may not know it yet, but I will figure it out, I can promise you that.

“You may think that I’m being stubborn, but that’s the way I was born. I was raised to figure thinks out on my own, whether it be big or small. In this case it would be big, so that’s why I need time. I will control these feelings. Like Fate-Chan use to say “What kills you makes you stronger”. “I turned to Reo then, watching him carefully. He didn’t seem to have an answer to what I said. I turned to look out the window, and then sighed. “But the problem is its not easy dieing is it?”

I watched the birds in the sky dance, and play; moving around each other in a tight formation, and for some reason they reminded me of how Fate and I use to play in the sky on our free time off. We loved the sky and everything around it; it reminded us so much of our past. This, the sky, was where we first fought, this, the sky, was where we last fought, and this, the sky, is where we first kissed. The sky had so many memories that I will never forget, and until I do forget, it will be when I’m long gone.

I cracked a smile as two birds flew out of the formation, and danced around each other, flying away from the others. They danced with the wind, showing off, until they disappeared into the trees, leaving the others behind.

I got up from my seat, and looked at Reo’s face. He was confused, watching my smile carefully. “If it’s alright with you, I’ll take my leave.” He quickly got up, and respectfully saluted me. I saluted back, before waving goodbye. “Thank you, you really did help me.” I said, before walking away.

Fate’s waiting for me…

Somewhere not too far off, two birds danced around in harmony, leaving all their worries behind, not knowing that they where being watched, brining new hope to a fallen birds eyes.

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I watched Capain Takamachi walk off in silence not sure what exactly happend. "Well, at least she's smiling," was the only thing I could only really think of right now. I mean, I couldn't help but think I got through to her in a way, but at the same time I feel as if my talk was completely meaningless, "Ah hell, I'm terrible at talks anyways," I finally said before letting the subject drop.
Taking another sip of my coffee I brought up a screen that read, The Cranagan Times across its front. For some reason whenever I read the news it tends to calm me a little. I know it may seem strange to most people, but it seems prefectly normal to me, even if it is only me that is. Feeling content with my life right at the moment I took one last long gulp of my coffee and shut down the news screen infront of me. Talking to my device I told him to pull up a list of restaurants in the area for me to go to later for dinner.
He replied with a, Tá captaen. And did as I had requested for me.
Taking a look at my choices, I decided to give a buddy of mine, Leftenant Mathew Marsh, a call to see if he wanted to tag along. Getting an okay with him I started to walk off to his quarters whistling a jolly tune along the way.

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"Mother..." I called out to her as I entered the room she was in "I have finished it." I held up my new device for her to see.

"Good" she smiled at me "This is your order then." she stood up as if to emphasize the importance of her next command. "Search and Destroy."

"What is my target?" I lowered my arm and tightened my grip on my new device

"Your...clone, Fate" she pulled up several monitors "has become an obstacle. At first I thought we could use her, but it seems that she is more of a problem than a help." she shut down the said monitors "So i want you to find and kill her."

"As you command...mother" I turned around and walked out.

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"Vivio" I called to the Christmas-eyed girl "Come here for a moment please." I waited till she came up to me. "We have gotten everything we needed from the two prisoners we took. I want you to go ahead and return them."

"Return them?" she tilted her head in confusion. "Why?"

"I think I am beginning to understand what my mother is doing. She needed their knowledge and expertise in order to develop something. Now that it is completed I am not sure shes going to keep them alive much longer."

"So what do you want me to do?" she stared at me straight on, seriousness written all over her face."

"I want you to take them both back to the Riot Force VI headquarters" I started "and when you are there..." I narrowed my eyes "destroy the command device that is placed on you."

Her eyes widened, knowing what this would mean.

"This is my final order."


"Your memories will be erased." I continued, ignoring her protest "everything up till now will be like a hazed dream. I will once again be your enemy."

"But when I leave...who will help you?" her voice almost sounded desperate "You'll be fighting all alone again!"

"Dont worry" I walked up to a tube with a small being inside "She will help me..." I looked intently at the little girl inside.

"You cant be serious!" Vivio angrily grabbed my shoulder and turned me around before using both arms to slam me against the glass "Even if that was one of your mother's twisted plans, you cant seriously expect to send your OWN DAUGHTER out into battle!"

"Dont worry...she is as powerful as I used to be. She can handle the tasks." I turned my head away to avoid Vivio's angry gaze

"I cant believe you!" she grabbed my collar with both hands "You are doing the exact same twisted thing your mother is doing!"

I offered no resistance as she drew her left fist back over her shoulder in preparation to strike.

"Keh" she angrily threw me onto the floor "Fine! I'll carry out your stupid order! I hope that when the machine is destroyed it erases ALL my memories!" she looked back at me "I don't want to remember that my last master was this stupid!" With that, she headed over to the holding cells to free the two prisoners.

"Creating someone from my own flesh and blood in order to achieve a personal and selfish goal..." I stood up and looked back at the tank, not bothering to even dust myself off "I am a far crueler person that my mother could ever be..."

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(Just to let you know, this is a flashback.)
"Wake up, damnit wake...UP!" Is what I heard just before I was kicked awake. Blinking my eyes a bit hazily I tried to look up at who was kicking me as best I could. Doing my best as well to hold back groans of pain from the many brusies and broken bones I accumulated from the past battle we had just had a few hours ago was also one of the hardest things I have ever done. The kicking really didn't do much to help me either.
Being grabed by the collar of my uniform I was roughly pulled up to near eye level with the person who was just kicking me, and soon found myself looking into a pair of very red, very angry eyes of a blond haired women. Smirking slightly, I looked into her eyes and for some reason couldn't help but marvel at how much she looked like Captain Haralown, I couldn't but help myself when I said, "Mornin' luv, how are you doin' on this lovely day." Coughing up a little blood after that, for my throat was killing me at the moment. Soon though, I found the wind knocked out of me as a swift punch was made to my stomach. "Bloody 'ell luv, what did I, I, do tah deserve that now."
Finding a few more punches being made to my face and lower body, I soon heard her say. "I want information, and so far, none of your men have been that co-operative with me, captain," She told me while seething with anger. Just by one glance at her you could tell she was doing her best to hold herself back from killing me, or anyone anywhere near her.
"Well I'm sorry tah tell ye luv," I replied back, "But I just cant seem ta-" I was cut short by her fist making contact with a right hook to my face, nocking me and the chair I was tied to strait onto the floor.
Coughing up a bit more blood I tried to look up at her but couldn't quite see her due to some of my blood dripping into my eyes. Being pulled back upright so I had a clear view of her she told me, "One of your friends tried to fight me back already captain, unless you want to end up like him than I suggest you start talking."
"You'll never get anything out of me luv," I told her weakly but quite strongly.
"Oh we have our ways captain, we have our ways," She said back to me before cackling up into a laughter so evil, so devistatingly bone chilling, that I couldn't help but go stark white in pure terror just thinking of what she had planned for me.
"Now, where were we," Was the last thing I heard before an imense amount of pain overtook me.

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"Tch" I spat on the ground "this one wouldn't talk either." I had originally raided a small bar and captured one of the people I recognized that attacked me in the last battle I had with Fate. Unfortunately, four of his friends tried to rescue him and I had no choice but to take them with me. I turned back to the three remaining guests. "You three are no use to me dead..." I rolled the options over in my head before I finally thought of an idea. It was cruel, it was unfathomable, it was just plain absurd. was the only way I would ever know Fate's location.

"Geh" one of them groaned as I approached.

I grabbed one of them by the collar and glared at him in the eyes while secretly implanting a homing beacon on them before slamming them against the wall. "I'm tired of seeing you fools." I stated in an angry voice. With that I released their binds, much to their surprise and formed a magic circle under their feet and teleported them away. "They should make it back to their new headquarters..." I mused to myself "You wont be able to hide from me forever...Fate."

* * * * * * * * * *
Small brown eyes slowly opened themselves as its owner's vision adjusted slowly to the light cast down on them from above. The right arm was raised on instinct in order to block the light while focus was being adjusted.

"Good morning...Lena" a voice called out to her. "How are you feeling?" a hand gently stroked the child's forehead and brushed aside the brown hair that was on their face.

The child tried to respond but nothing came out of her open mouth. Instead she communicated through her eyes, towards the ruby counterparts that was staring back at her.

"I'm sorry..." the voice continued to speak to her. "My name is Alicia...Alicia Testarossa." she smiled "I am your mother."

The child opened her mouth once again and put some effort this time into trying to speak "Mo...ther...?" she finally managed to blurt out.

"That's right" Alicia nodded "You were created from my own flesh and blood." her eyes saddened a little bit "Even though my mother originally planned and executed are now my responsibility."

Lena slowly raised herself so that she was eye to eye with her mother "Mother..." she spoke more clearly

"Yes, Lena..." the older woman patted the girl's head "Your powers are as strong as mine used to be" she smiled "I am sorry for what I am going to put you through..." she held her daughter's hand "but I promise...I will always provide a means to take care of you."

The child nodded as if she understood. Whether or not she really did, the older woman did not know.

"Can you walk?" the blond offered her hand out and the child confidently took it.

Lena stood on her own two feet before taking a first then a second then a third step forward. After about the 5th step, she lost her balance and fell. Alicia was about to move to her aid when the child shakily began to push herself off the ground. The older woman's eyes widened in admiration as the child, with gritted teeth and a flaming determination in her eyes, lifted herself slowly back up to a standing position. Her eyes started to change color and turn light blue as if to gauge the strength of her power

"Mother..." Alicia thought to herself "what have you done to this child? Dont tell me you actually implanted all that data into her." She shook her head "With what I am about to have her do...I am no better."

The child slowly walked up to Alicia and smiled, her eyes turning back into their original brown color. "Mother...good morning"

The mother dropped to her knees and tightly hugged the child. "I am so sorry...for what I am about to have you do. I am going to ask you to do things that no child your age should ever have to do." she tightened her grip a little more "I'm sorry."

"Mother" the child returned the embrace "you created me to do things you couldn't do. Because you gave me life, this is not my own." she released and pulled back a little bit. "I will obey your commands no matter how reckless they may be. All I ask is that you take care of me in return."

"I promise" Alicia looked her daughter dead in the eyes "I will always provide a means to take care of you" she repeated her vow. The girl nodded and smiled. "Here" the older woman stood up and walked to the table "I created something just for you."

"What is it?" the child followed slowly

"Your device" the mother held up a round blue amulet with two darker gems inside and placed it around the girl's neck "This will be your partner and your friend when I am not able to be with you." she adjusted the child's hair which flowed to the back of her knees "This will also be your means to communicate with me. Its called the Sōten no Seigyoku"

"Sōten no Seigyoku" Lena held the device in her hands and stared at it for a few moments before releasing it and allowing it to hang around her neck. "Mother" she looked up with a stern expression "what is your first order?"

"I wanted you to rest some more" Alicia frowned rather disapprovingly at her daughter's eagerness to engage in battle.

"I have rested enough and I have fully adjusted to my body. All the program data that you infused me with is working optimally." she spoke with determination "I am ready to go."

The older woman sighed in defeat and shook her head "Alright" she nodded "this is what I want you to do..."

* * * * * * * * * *

Alarms rang off at the Riot Force VI headquarters as troops from the base began to mobilize

"What is the situation?!" Hayate demanded from her seat "What is going on?!"

"Commander!" one of the front-line units reported on a monitor "Its an enemy attack!" explosions could be seen in the background

"How many of them are there?" She asked narrowing her eyes and deciding whether or not to send out the still-recovering Nanoha or if the forwards would be enough.

"J...ju..." the soldier seemed to be hesitant to say

"What is it?" Hayate leaned forward towards the monitor

"Just one..." he reported.

"What?!" she gasped "Just one enemy unit?!"

"Yes, and its strange commander" his voice became grim

"What is?! Speak to me Sergeant!" she gripped the hand-rests of her chair, unable to take it much longer. There was way too much on her plate right now that she probably couldn't handle any more bad news.

"The enemy...isn't killing or seriously hurting anyone." he continued "They are just--!" the camera shifted a little bit as the sergeant screamed out "Shes here! The enemy is here!"

The screen shifted around for a little bit longer before refocusing on a blue eyed, brown haired girl.

"I am here for only one reason." Lena spoke to the monitor, her eyes narrowing as if to emphasize her point "To engage Takamachi, Nanoha..."

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This is a dream ^^

I woke up, eyes wide, seeing Nanoha sleep sitting, holding my hand. "Na..." My throat was dry and I couldn't move. I saw Shamal from a far distance, she was holding her clipboard and pacing around.

She turned around and saw me jerking, trying to get up. "Fa... Fate-chan!!" She ran over to me and Nanoha flinched, waking up from Shamal's voice. "You have to rest."

"Fa..." Nanoha squeezed my hand and her other hand went to her mouth, tears falling down her beautiful cheeks. I wanted to do something, anything. But I couldn't. I couldn't even move my hand. "Fate-chan!!" Nanoha jumped hug me and I winced. "Ah, so-sorry!" She pulled back a little.

"It's... ok..." I said in between breaths.

"I'm glad you're awake. How are you doing?" Shamal came to my side and looked over my health. "You seem to be in good condition." I smiled weakly at her.

"Thank you Shamal..." I said weakly. "I'm glad to be back." I tried to move my hand up to wipe Nanoha's tears away, missing miserably. She noticed what I was trying to do and helped pull my hand up to wipe her tears.

"Thank you... Fate-chan." She said sobbing slightly. I smiled the best I could and tried to chuckle.
'I'm not dreaming am I?'


I jerked awake from the alarms going off. My eyes wide open as I layed on the bed, staring at the monitors flashing 'Alert' in red. I reached to the side to pull the IV out of my arm, then I took the oxygen mask off and pressed the remote button for the bed, making it go up and easier to get up. I painfully took the covers off of me and tried to get up.

I rolled over instead and fell on the floor, hard. I winced in pain and didn't pay any attention to it, I had to get out of here no matter what. To find Nanoha. I tried to stand up but kept falling back down miserably in pain.

"W-what's... going on... here?" I stagger breathed. I resulted to crawling towards the door since walking didn't seem like it would work out. Crawling was painful and it took forever to get to the door, but I reached it for it and pulled myself up.

My body was screaming in pain and darkness was going to take over again, but I shook my head and banged my hand on the door once before regaining consciousness. 'I have to... get out of here... wait for me Nanoha!'

"The truth is: I am madly, truly, deeply, passionately in love with you."

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I jerked awake from the couch I was resting on, seeing flashing red lights dancing around the halls, the alarms blairing. loudly. I got up, making my way around the terrified people.

"What now?!" I ran towards the hospital building, wanting to make sure Fate was okay. I heard blasts then, shaking the buildings, making me stop in my tracks. The source came from the building across the hospital. I ran faster, this time screaming for everyone to move.

"Raising Heart? How many this time" I said, making someone fall. I didn't stop to help him up.

There seems to be only one

"Are you sure?" I said, making sure I heard right.

"Yes, quit positive." I entered the hospital then, dodging nurses and doctors, as they evacuated the patients. I grabbed one nurse by the hand, pulling her frightened face to mine. "Has Fate T. Harlaown been evacuated yet?!" I screamed at her. I didn't mean to yell but I needed to know.

"N-No Ma'am, we're getting the other patients out first." I grabbed her by the coller, shaking her up.

"What!? She's a badly injured officer! She protected you all before, why hasen't she been evacuated yet?!" She yelp, scarred. I tried to calm down but I was frustrated.

"I-I'm sorry! We have to evacuate the more badly injured ones first, I-it's standered procesure." I pushed her back, and ran to Fate's room, wanting to at least get her out first, before going to help take out the enemy.


THe wall infront of me exploded, sending me flying backwards. I coughed, as I inhailed smoke. Standing infront of me was a small girl, with icy blue eyes glaring at me.

"Are you Takamachi Nanoha?" She said as I got up, holding my now bleeding side.

"It depends, who wants to know?" I said, switching to my barrier jacket. Pink magic flowed around me, as my jacket was formed. I stomped my foot forward, getting into battle mode. Raising Heart, glowed as she formed magic.

The brown haired girl, got into stance, her blue eyes gazing into mine. "It is my mothers will to take you down." I widened my eyes, as she attack.

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I heard many blasts near by but concentrated on not falling down. 'Arrrgh!!It hurts so much!!!' I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open. 'Did someone lock me in?!' "Bardiche!!" I looked around and found Bardiche was sitting on top of the drawer back at the bed.

Yes, Sir?

I crawled back in pain, back to the bed and grabbed Bardiche. "Se-set... up..."

But Sir-

"Ba-Bardiche... pl... please..." I stagger breathed. He complied and my barrier jacket came on me. I blasted the door open with a yellow ball of energy and stood up, limping my way to the door.

My barrier jacket kept me from falling down. I ran down the hall, or at least tried to. It felt like I wasn't even moving anywhere at all. 'Argh! Nanoha...!! Hayate... everyone... I'll be... there soon!!' I ran down the corridors, almost passing out any second now.

'I have a bad... feeling... about this... I have to hurry or something bad might happen!!'

"The truth is: I am madly, truly, deeply, passionately in love with you."

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"Why are you doing this?!" Nanoha poised her weapon at the little girl in the blue barrier jacket "And who is your mother?" she couldn't help but ask.

" 'Do not kill or seriously injure anyone, only cause enough disturbance to draw out your objective, engage Takamachi Nanoha.' Those are my orders." the girl took two steps forward and looked around at the confined area. "I am sorry but I am going to have to ask you to follow me" she turned around and looked out at the destruction she caused "This is not a suitable place for battle." she took off lightly and began to float away.

"Wait!" Nanoha called out and chased after her, taking into the air as well. She didnt lower her guard but was amazed at how trusting this little girl was. "She doesnt even have a barrier up to defend herself in case I wanted to attack her right now." she thought "Just what is going on..."

After a few more moments of flight, the girl stopped and hovered. Nanoha stopped a short distance away "Takamachi, Nanoha." the younger girl stated, her back still turned "my order was to engage you and bring you back if you are defeated." she stated calmly before turning around and facing the instructor.

"And what happens when I win?" she aimed her weapon defensively

"Then I will have failed my mission" the girl lowered her head as if dreading the very thought of doing so. "Well then" she lifted her eyes back up "lets begin."

"...!" Nanoha gasped and instinctively erected a barrier in front, Hayate hasn't authorized the release of her limiters, so the best she could manage right now was AA+ at best.

Lena raised her hand in the air "Release restraining limiter spell numbers three...two...and one." she lowered her hand and looked at Nanoha "Verifying recognition for situation A, Cromwell Activation." she continued to speak things out in which Nanoha had absolutely no clue "Initiating ability usage limiter cancellation until the enemy in front is completely silenced."

Nanoha's eyes widened as the power of the blue amulet began to glow and manifest itself around the child. Her hands began to shake a little as if intimidated by the surge of power.

"So...shall we dance?" Lena smiled softly at Nanoha, a genuine smile that seemed completely unfitting of the situation

The two women look at each other. One wearing white, so white it seems unnatural under the blue sky. The other wears a aquatic blue rich in color and darker than that of the scenery around them. The are about some 15 yards apart. Despite how their clothing looks against the background...the atmosphere is dark and hostile. The older woman carries a staff that transformed into a lance-type and is easily over four feet long. The younger girl carries what appears to be a double bladed weapon that, when held vertically, is taller than she is.

"..." Nanoha prepares herself for anything that the child might throw at her.

A deadly silence falls between them. Their bodies tense up, like a bowstring that is being drawn. Their weapons shine in the midday sun. A world without sound...the calm before the storm...then the charge.

"Haaa!" Nanoha calls out as she dashes forward, her opponent doing the same.

A raging battle commences, the sound of metal screaming against metal fills the air. Then, as suddenly as it happened, it ceased. The situation has reverted to its previous state. They stand motionless facing each other with weapons poised. They clashed six times in that battle...four times they stopped each other, the other two times they missed.

"Just...wonderful..." Lena finally broke the silence.

"Ugh..." Nanoha grunted a little bit, the pain in her side from her previous injury sending a reminder that it was still there. sweat began to form on her head and although at first it seemed that they were equally matched...they both realized which way the scale was tipping.

"You truly are the strongest of them" the younger girl complimented "There has been no one yet to withstand my weapon...that makes me happy." her blue eyes narrow "How about this then...?" The girl crouches as if to gather her power, separating her double blade into twin short-swords

"...!" Nanoha gasps to herself and raises her guard once again. This stance seems to be more tuned than the one she had before. Nanoha realizes this and shudders, but tries to keep her calm and hides her injury as best as she can.

"Hiken" she started before charging full speed at her target "Samidarekiri!!" ("May Rain Cutter")

Once again their weapons collide. After the strike both women stand silent back to back.


".....guh...rrgh!" Nanoha breaks the silence. Her face contorts in pain and her barrier jacket is torn in several places.

"Tch..." Lena reaches for her forehead, her eyebrows knit together in an irritated grimace as a thin line of blood trickles down her face. "Allowing me to strike your flesh so you can cut my bones...what a lowly tactic." but instead of becoming angry, she smiles "but you are the first to ever damage me like this." she licked her own blood "for showing me the pain of have my thanks Takamachi Nanoha."

"Ugh.." Nanoha reels back a bit trying to stall for time to allow her body more recovery.

"Please" Lena almost seemed like she was begging "show me even greater power than you have before!" she combined her weapons again "If not...then your life will end at the tip of my weapon!" She charged once more towards the now moderately injured Nanoha.

"STOP!!!!!" a voice halts the ongoing charge right before the blade plunges into Nanoha's heart.

Both combatants turn towards the owner of the voice.

"Fate-chan!!!!" Nanoha calls out "You're ok!"

Fate appears in her jacket, albeit still bandaged in some parts, but no less determined to battle.

". . ." the child lowers her weapon and backs away a small distance, allowing Fate to stand between her and Nanoha.

"Are you ok, Nanoha?" Fate calls over her shoulder, her weapon pointed towards the enemy.

"Yeah..." she caught her breath "somehow..."

The child did nothing but looked on in silence for a bit longer before sealing her weapon and even going so far as dispelling her Robe, her eyes reverting back to their original brown color. The two mages looked in surprise at the action but did not say anything.

"You are my mother's target" she stated looking directly at Fate. "If you are to stand in my way, then I can no longer complete my objective." she turned her gaze to Nanoha before turning around with her back to them "Until I complete my objective I cannot go home." she started to descend slowly towards the ground "So I will wait here...until you decide to engage me again...Takamachi Nanoha."

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(Another flashback moment for the captain, thought I'd get some of his history out thare for you people.)
"Capt... Capta...Captain! Captain, what do we do now, sir?!" Were the yells I heard comming from Private Winnthrope as my head came back to its senses. Currently we were standing, no actually it was more like crouching, behind a half blown up wall while doing our best not to get blown up by the massive barrage of shells that the rebels had raining down on top of us. Nearly getting blown up already, for my head felt like twenty different sized firecrakers were all going off at the same time, I clearly didn't think we were doing to well. We were also hoping that our armoured support that we were promised by the regiment would get here soon, which we happend to figure, wouldn't be getting here anytime soon enough.
"I said, what the hell do we do now, sir?!" He yelled again in a desperate attempt to get my attention so we could do something, anything other than wait around for a shell to land on top of us.
Raking my head quickly for an idea, I made a desperate search of our surroundings to see if there was anyplace we could use as shelter, any enemy positions we could attack, any other, well, anything for us to move to so we weren't just sitting around helplessly while in the enemy's territory. Quickly formulating a plan after getting my bearings over the landscape, I turned back to Private Winnthrope and the other eight men hugging their body's against the half destroyed brick wall and told them, "Ok, Winnthrope, I want you tah take Hallins, Grant, and Calfield down that street thare! Clear out all surrounding buildings and enemy resistance in that area! We need to make a safe passage for the armour when they do get here! Branks, Torr, Wyate, and Gillman, yer all with me, we need tah clear as much of the surrounding area as possible! Our job is tah make way for the rest of our unit, and for that matter, the rest of the division! You got that clear!
I heard everyone simultaneously say, "Yes, sir!" Before turning off to run towards their tasks.
Wanting to say one more thing I stopped the men from what they were doing before they could break away and reminded them, "Remember, intel says they have a tripe A mage up here somewhere, now I don't know if its true or not, or what this mage can do to our forces, all I know is I want all of you tah keep yerselves on gaurd and to give 'im 'ell if yah do come across him. And for chrissake, whom'evar can take out that MG up on that hill I swear will put them in for a medal!"
Turning back to the men I have assigned to me, I gave them the signal to start moving. Making sure all of them were over the wall first, I took a deep breath of reasurance before jumping over the wall after them."

Jolting awake I looked around the room I was in wondering where the hell I was and how the hell I got there. Testing my arms strength and finding that I couldn't move them I soon remembered that I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. The only thing I could do now is brood on the thoughts of a time I have long since forgotten.

Courtesy of my friend Laevantien --
We stand alone, together

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I looked at the girl, and then at Fate. It seems that I've broken one or two ribs, and my shoulder was either fractured or badly bruised, but I wouldn't call that the worst part of my damage. My right side was bleeding freely staining my jacket, screaming in pain as I used Raising Heart as a crutch. If I didn't get it treated soon I know its going to leave a scar, and it's not like I don't have plenty of those as it is.

"Fate-Chan...get out of my way." I said through clenched teeth. I walked forward, and then stopped when Fate held me back.

"N-Nanoha...No I'll handle it from here." She said. "I want you to get back, your hurt as it its." I looked at her surprised, and then frowned.

"No" Was my responce.


"No! This is my fight now!" I yelled, bringing tears to my eyes. "You've fought enough. I wont stand by and watch you get hurt agian! This time I'll protect you, so you stand back." Her red eyes widened, surprised my my out burst. Her whole body was trembling, ready to collapse. I could tell she was hiding the pain that was taking over her body, if she fought now, there is no possibility she'll survive. I could not let that happen.

"I can see your in greater pain then I'm in" I said, touching her cheek. She winced in pain; I instantly pulled my hand back apologizing. "I told you..." I then smiled sadly. "I'm glad your back though, and I'm sorry. This may hurt a bit, but please bare with it." Before she could say or do anything strong binds formed around her, making Fate fall to her knees gasping in pain. "Now stay"

I turned to the girl, who was waiting patiently for me to finish. "I'm sorry about that" I then gestured behind her. "If its alright with you, can we switch locations?" She grinned, and then nodded.

"As you wish" She turned around only to stop and look at Fate. "Do not worry, your'll have your own battle with my mother soon enough." She then turned and jumped into the sky, blasting away.

I turned around to Fate, who was staring at me with pleading eyes. She tried to speak but coughed instead. I took a step forward, ready to go see if she was okay, but stopped myself. I had to leave, this was the only way that would not risk my lover's safty agian. I put a healing shield around Fate. I'm not good with healing magic, but this made some of my guilt go away, but not all of it.

"I'm taking my leave now" I turned to leave but gave Fate another look. She was thrashing, trying to escape, but ended up bending over, caughing up a storm. My eyes watered up from the sight. She looked up, tears over flowing her eyes, as she pleaded. "I love you" was the last thing I said, before jumping up into the sky.

"Nanoha, Nanoha! NANOHA!!!"

Hot tears escaped my eyes, blurring up my vision. I wiped them away, as I spotted my target. She was at my training field, her back to me. I floated to the ground, ready to attack.

"You know" She said, turning around, showing me another smile. "I really do feel sorry for you."

"And why's that?" I said, narrowing my eyes, bringing Raising Heart up, in a battle stance.

"Because, that one encounter with her right now, was the last. I'm afraid, you will never see her agian."

I looked at her, my eyes glowing with rage. Magic energy was forced out of me as my rage increased. Magic ruins formed under my feet, as I got into stance. "That may be true for me, but until I die, you and your mother will not lay a hand on Fate!" This time I charged at her, forcing magic that was beyond a regular AA+.

I ignored the pain that was slowly taking over my body.

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The sun had begun to set and slowly darkness crept over them as the began their preparations for yet another battle. Lena waited a while longer, waited till the sun had set so that neither one of them would be hindered with its blinding light. Nanoha took this time to rest her body as best she could without ever dropping her guard. She did the best she could to patch up her wounds and was rather surprised when the girl erected a healing barrier around her injured body.

"Why..." Nanoha couldn't help but ask the back of the person who cast the spell

"I am not so weak as to fight the wounded" was the only reply she had in return.

The older woman lowered her weapon slightly when she realized her opponent had no intention of attacking anytime soon. She still kept up her guard since she didn't quite understand why it was that she was being allowed to recover. Many thoughts ran through her head, but none of them could explain the child's actions. "What is her main purpose? Is she really here to capture or kill me? Why doesn't she just finish me off now?" None of it made sense. The only thing that was apparent, however, was the child's moral standpoint. "She has yet to go back on anything shes said. And she trusts me enough to stand with her back to me completely defenseless. I don't understand..." She shook her head and concentrated on recovering as much as possible.

"Alright then Takamachi Nanoha." the girl turned around to face her opponent as soon as darkness filled the air. "If this is how you wish to battle...wont you show me?" she pulled out her device "The color of your burning life..." she raised her device over her head "Sōten!" she called out. Almost instantaneously, blue lights enveloped her body and replaced her current clothing with her armor which she calls her Robe. In her hand, the all too familiar twin-blade.

"Raising Heart..." she spoke to her device. "Limiter Release" she checked over her body. She wasn't quite 100%, but with this level of recovery she should at least be a match for the AAA opponent in front of her.



... ... ... ...All limiters have been released.

"Thank you" Nanoha nodded and charged her opponent.

Two flashes of light, then the chime of a bell shakes the surrounding air. The weapons clash in the darkness...the white and blue jackets soar through the night's gloom. The time between the two instants is practically nonexistent. The surge of power from the clashes dislodge parts of the ground and hurl them into the air signaling the start of the battle.

"Shes fast" Nanoha thought to herself "Shes definitely far stronger than she was last time." she grit her teeth, wondering if the girl had held back on purpose last time.

"I see your wounds have healed" Lena noted, seeing how much better Nanoha was moving compared to their first bout. "Now I will be able to enjoy this battle without restriction" she smiled.

"She is fast" Nanoha noted "So I have to take the initiative!" she charges once again

The weapons clash and the next attack follows immediately, both combatants not even having time to inhale again. Lena attacks with the speed she inherited from her mother. Her body moves as a blur, the attacks following each other in rapid succession. The brutal force behind each attack is most definitely not human. But the instructor's trained eyes can see them, and as long as she can see them, she can fight. The speed in which they attack each other flies between the possible and impossible, their senses are sharpened and time seems to pass by a lot slower.

"You seem to be in better shape, you move really really well." the younger girl praised "In that case...." she puts her twin blade in front of her and separates them into individual weapons charging each one with a powerful blue light. She closed her eyes and concentrated as if enchanting them with power

"Its my chance for a counter attack!" Nanoha thought and stepped forward. "...!" her body stops itself

"Hmm" Lena opened her eyes and grinned at the frozen Nanoha.

Protection Raising Heart activated automatically

On the other side of the field, Lena tenses her body like a bow ready to fire. She had stopped moving yes, but Nanoha couldn't find any way to take advantage of it. The older woman's instinct was going wild. For some reason she knew that she must maintain her distance, that the child's attack would be able to reach her even at that distance.

"How about this technique next?" her eyes glowed blue and stared directly into Nanoha's as if to confirm that the older woman was paying attention.

The Ace knew there was no way to escape, so the only option was to handle it head on. She grips her staff harder and reinforces the barrier in front of her. moving her back leg further to help brace for impact.

" then" Lena declares. "Hiken..." she charges towards the barrier "Hien Battō Kasumi-kiri!!!" ("Flying Sparrow Sword-Draw Mist Cutter")

"Kuh!" Nanoha braces herself.

Lena charges at her like a blue bullet fired from a gun. Nanoha doesnt try to dodge, but instead faces the charge and steps forward, almost as if to expose herself to it. The sound of steel striking steel echoes again



Both combatants are without words. 13 attacks connected...but only one sound was made. The girl in blue doesn't even draw back for a second assault. Her weapon got lodged into the ground thanks to the white mage's deflection.

"Not bad at all" the younger woman commented, slowly freeing her blades.

"I made it somehow..." Nanoha muttered to herself. "somehow..." she was partially amazed herself. Despite her not-quite-so-perfect condition she managed to move her body in the face of that overpowering rush.

"You know..." Lena smiled "a real battle..." she poised her weapon happily "is supposed to be like this!"

Nanoha commences her counter attack and slowly her experience in battle and understanding of her opponent's moves bear fruit. Lena is pushed back and all her defenses are being picked apart.

"Geh..." the girl in blue loses her balance and leans on one of her weapons. It becomes a golden opportunity for the instructor.

The girl in white charges to take advantage of the situation, with the conviction that she has finally won.

"Haaaaaa!" she cries out and swings her weapon towards the younger girl's head. There is nothing present to stop it...or so she thought.

The sound of metal hits her staff and forces her back.

"Wha-?" she gasped out before backing up a couple of paces and looked around to see if there was anyone that could have interfered.

" rather disappointed in you..." Lena's voice forced the mage to look directly. "Is this all you really can do?" she lowered both her weapons.

Once again the sound of something hitting Raising Heart echoed pushing its wielder back a step. Then again...and again...and again...

"I misjudged you..." the girl sighed in a way that almost made it sound like a soft cry before it became full of anger "but I certainly saw it!" she tightened her grip around her weapons "back when you were talking to my mother's target..." she glared at Nanoha "the blazing flame of your life!"

Once again the invisible attack landed on Raising Heart causing its master to take one more step back.

"What is going on?!" She screamed at herself frustrated "I cant see the attacks whatsoever!" she grit her teeth. "Guh!" she braces herself again as another attack lands "There is no way she is *this* much stronger!" she glared. "Ack!" she grabbed her arm as another attack penetrated her barrier and broke her skin.

"...fine then..." Lena lowered her head before taking a deep breath and slowly raising them to glare at her opponent.

"...!" Nanoha flew back a little bit creating as much distance as possible

"Allow me to introduce my next technique..." slowly she raised her twin swords and sets it up the same way as before. This time, however, the setup only looks the same. "Shinmeiryuu Ougi..." (Shinmeiryuu Ultimate Technique) she formed an X with her two blades "With this technique, let your life blaze with fire..." she began to charge energy into them "If you cannot do this..." she narrowed her eyes "at least go down with grace!"

Nanoha found herself unable to move at the sudden massive pressure she was receiving from the small 9 year old child.

"Raimeiken!!!!" (Thunderclap Sword) Lena called out its name as she charged.

Blow after blow was exchanged. Each time they connected, Nanoha thought that her attacks were weakening, while Lena's was becoming more and more powerful.

"Huff...huff..." the woman in white tries her best to recover and parry the massive onslaught that the small child was ruthlessly bringing down upon her. Her body began to feel like lead as more and more of her power was being used just to defend herself. Her barrier jacket already torn in several places from the previous encounter was now being turned into rags.

This was no longer a had turned into a one-sided barrage. Attack after merciless attack follow each other and as if to make fun of the struggling woman, any pathetic counter attacks were easily brushed aside. Lena became even more and more frustrated during the entire session. With each attack she throws out, her enemy's counter becomes more and more pathetic.

"Keh.." she spat out towards Nanoha "...and this is what is supposed to be the enemy's strongest weapon?!" she slammed her sword full force into the defender's staff "Dont joke with me!!!!"

"Kyaaa!" Nanoha screamed as she was sent flying

"You never showed a change of pace! You just kept doing the same thing over and over!" Lena flared, her anger now reaching critical limits. "This disappointment...this irritation...ARGH!!!!" she charged again and slammed both weapons into the pink barrier, causing its master to plummet to the ground below.

"I....I..." Nanoha tried to speak, but the situation wouldn't even give her a chance to breathe. She tried to counter the last attack.

"Enough with your games!!"


With a single good kick to from the side, the instructor is sent sprawling onto the grounds of the training area. Lena landed lightly on the ground some distance away, looking in disgust at her opponent.

"This is the end..." her voice full of anger "I will at least do you the courtesy of ending your life with my mother's GREATEST ATTACK!"

Nanoha slowly rose to her feet.

"Shinmeryuu Kessen Ougi...!!!" (Decisive Battle Ultimate Secret Technique) with her cry, the surrounding area around her forms a bright yellow. The ground began to shake so much you could hear the alarms erupting from the buildings in the distance. The air around her began to burn and suffocate everything around it. This power was truly enormous. Without a glimmer of doubt, this power by far exceeds any protection the barrier jackets might offer.

"...wha...?!" Nanoha looks on and begins to think quickly. She knows there is no way for her to avoid it, not with her body half injured as it is. "I..promised Fate-chan..." she spoke to herself "I promised...I would return...!" She slowly crawled towards her staff which was just a couple of feet away.

"Dont do this..." Lena's voice seemed to revert back to normal "Stop this travesty..."

"I have to....! I have to...!" she reached out and touched her staff.

". . ."

"I wont let you kill Fate-chan...I promised...I would protect her!" she slowly staggered to her feet and pointed her device. "Raising Heart..."

Understood...Master... the device responded.

Soon a large pink ball began to form in front of her...slowly but surely it intensified to match the glow of its counterpart.

"..?!" Lena's eyes widened at the sight of the massive energy.

"I wont let you kill them..." Nanoha stated "I will win!!" she declared "Through sheer force of will!"

"What?!" the child gasped out as the energy of the ball started to match the output of what she was putting out. "Heh heh heh..." she began to laugh "This is it!!! THIS is what I wanted!!"

"Zenryoku...ZENKAI!" Nanoha drew her arms back in preparation to strike.

"Allow me to test that power with the Shinmeiryuu style's most powerful technique!!!!" Lena narrowed her eyes


"Shin Raikōken!!!!" ("True Lightning Sword")


A blinding white light fills the arena and lasts for several moments. The explosion could possibly have been heard from over a kilometer away. After a little while, the dust cleared and the light faded.

"Heh..." Lena leaned over the defeated Nanoha "What an ugly battle that was." she looked down into Nanoha's eyes. "But...I was entertained I will forgive you for it."

Both of their barrier jackets were all but destroyed. Nanoha laid on the ground conscious, but unable to move. Her body about spent from all the energy she used up. Lena, on the other hand, had barely enough energy to move, but was still able to rise to her feet long enough to declare her victory.

"I won...Takamachi Nanoha" she stated before falling down on her knees when they gave out. "As promised...since I have won, you must come with me."

"And...if I...refuse..." Nanoha said between hard gasps for air

"Then..." the girl lowered her head while staggering to her feet and moving away a small distance "I will have to remain here until you do come with me...since I cant return home!!" her eyes shot wide open and blood escaped from her mouth.

"...!" Nanoha gasped out as she saw the girl begin to get skewered by a rain of yellow magical arrows. She looked up towards the sky in the direction of the attack and screamed out "Fate-chan!!!!!"

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I landed next to where Nanoha was laying and kneeled down, trying not to touch her injured body. I pointed my weapon towards the little girl, if I'm not mistaken, her name was Lena. "Nanoha..." I frowned to myself. "... are you ok? I'm here now-"

"Fa-Fate-chan!" Nanoha breathed out in pain. "She... sh-she's not what you think she is... I can feel her, she's... not evil or anything... she's not a bad per-person..." She said in between breaths.

"What do you mean? She ATTACKED you!!" I emphasized the last words. "You're badly hurt and need help right away and all you can say is... 'she's not a bad person'?!"

"Yo-you don't understand... she... she's not..." Nanoha looked like she was going to pass out any second now, so I hushed her with a finger pressed lightly against her lips.

"Shhh, rest for now. I'll take care of this..." I stood up as Nanoha tried to protest. 'I saw it too... the look in that little girl's eyes, she's not... a bad person. She's just doing her job.... fulfilling her mother's wish or objective. I said telepathically to Nanoha, making her go silent.

"Th-then?" Nanoha's voice cracked almost into a sob. I nodded and smiled warmly at Nanoha before turning to where Lena was laying at and walking over to her. 'But why Nanoha?' I said to myself.

Lena layed there, not moving at all. I can tell she was in pain. "I'm sorry..." I apologized sadly. "I didn't mean to-"

"No..." Lena replied weakly. "It is not your fault... I am not as weak as you... think I am... and I understand that you want to kill me... for what I did... if you wish to, then do what you... wish... if not, I will wait until Takamachi Nanoha comes with me..." She said weakly and out of breath.

I sighed and put up a healing barrier around her, making sure she would heal. Her eyes slightly opened widely. "Why are you doing... this? I'm your enemy..." She looked confused.

"Enemy or not, you don't look like one to me." I walked back over to Nanoha, as seeing she was unconscious from the battle earlier, placed a higher healing barrier around her. I winced slightly, pain seeping in again from the earlier battles with my sister. 'My sister!'

I turned around back to Lena. "Your name's Lena, am I correct?" She nodded slowly.

"Yes... I am..." Lena pressed on her wounds harder to keep it from bleeding. I walked over to her and kneeled down.

"Who did you say your mother was?"

"I did not... say."

"What's her name, if I may ask?" 'If I'm correct... then this little girl's mother is... my sister.' She stared at me for the longest time ever without speaking one word.

"I..." She trailed off as she passed out from her injuries.

"The truth is: I am madly, truly, deeply, passionately in love with you."

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Knocking on medical ward room 217's door, I stood waiting outside for an answer back while leaning on the cane I was given for a broken leg injury due to my capture about a week and a half ago. Waiting for at least thirty seconds I was soon bid enterance by what sounded like a tired yet irritated voice comming from inside. Opening the door, I walked in slowly and greated the person I came to visit with a cheery, "Howdoyoudo, howdoyoudo luv."
Immediatley the person I came to visit, a normally cheery girl herself, perked up quite a bit and gave me a wide smile. For some reason it felt like the negative atmosphere just melted away in the room, almost like she was expecting something, or someone, else but got me instead, which she seemed greatful for.
"What are you doing here at this hour, cap'n?" She asked me a bit surprised and a bit happily, but mostly happily."
"What, a brother can't come visit a sister from time tah time, even if she is his commanding officer," I answered back, "And what's with this "cap'n" stuff now luv, have nicknames started circling around base again from the new recruits?" I asked back with a good humory mood while rasing an eyebrow.
"Sister! When did I become your sister now?" She answered me back with her own question with more than a hint of mock surprise in her voice.
"Now luv, I thought we discused this a week ago." I said back to her a bit disapointedly.
"I know, I know, I just can't help it. By the way, how are your wounds doing "cap'n," I heard from Shamal that you have been recovering quite well."
"What is with all this "cap'n" stuff all of a sudden," I mumbled to myself before answering back to her semi question. "I'm doin' fine luv, just a few broken bones an' all, Doctor Shamal thinks I shouldn't even need my cane in a weeks time, besides, I've had worse out on the field you know luv."
"Really," she replied back sounding a bit curious, "Do you think you can tell me how you got some of these "worse" wounds then?" She asked.
"I guess so, if it helps pass the time any while you keep yer stay here at our beloved hospital luv." I told her shrugging my sholders while I went to take a seet in one of the few chairs lying about her hospital room. Sitting down and resting my cane on the side of the chair, I took one last look at her curious eyes before starting.
I talked about a wide range of things, mainly consisting of how I got my head nearly blown off twice on a single combat assignment, or how a triple A+ ranked rebel mage nearly sent me home one day chopped up and minced down into tiny pieces, but none of those stories I really wanted to talk about. No, what I really wanted to tell her about was probably the event in my life that left the largest, and most wounding mark on not just my body, but my soul itself. It was the story, you see, on how I nearly got half my face burned off. Taking a long pause after finishing my last tid bit of a tale I took a deep breath before looking at her again. Rasing my left hand I pointed to the left side of my face where all the gouges in my skin were and asked her, "You want tah hear about how I got these marks luv?"
Getting a meek nod in reply for me to go on, I took one more deep breath before beggining that particular story.
"The date was March 9th, 2003, this is going by earth days just so you know luv, now where were we, oh yeah the date. The date was March 9th 2003, or at least that's what I think the date was, anyway, me and the rest of my men were busy digging-in on the side of a road when we got word of our next combat assignment. Now on that day, me and a squad of ten other men were given a task tah take a small section of a crossroad town that was called by the name of Evanguell. Gearing up and packing up we bagan moving towards the town that we were ordered tah take, being promised with a small barrage of artillery fire earlier that day, we were told it would hit the town before we went in tah help soften up our welcome. We were also promised by the regiment at least half a decade of light armoured magical tanks tah follow us into the town tah give us some armoured support so the enemy rebels in the area didn't walk right over us. Well, that didn't happen, or at least the latter of the two didn't happen. About a quarter of our way down a deserted road the rebels began opening fire. Mortar rounds began landing everywhere, sniper bullets, magical bullets, even good ol' fashion regular bullets began flying back and forth on both sides. Eventually, our side started tah cease fire, mostly due tah what I think was the fact that we thought the enemy mortar rounds had our position zeroed in already. I came tah that conclusion meself luv when one of their rounds nearly blew all of us sky high.
"For the most part after we were almost blown up, all of us didn't know what tah do, at least, not at that moment. The only thing any of us could think of doing was to huddle up against the half destroyd marble wall we were next to out of pure fear that we might die. Well in a desperate attempt tah get us moving again, one of the privates in our squad, a private Winnthrope I believe, began begging me for orders, almost getting down tah the point where he woulda punched me if I didn't answer him soon. Eventually he did manage tah snap me out of my slightly shell shocked state and I started telling people what tah do. Forming two squad, one consisting of Winnthrope and four other men, and myself and four other men I gave them the plan and told them tah break off on my mark. As Winnthrope's squad went one way, my squad hopped over the wall, and us not knowing this, straight into the enemys morar fire. Everybody in my team didn't make it..." I trailed off for a second there before continuing, "The only reason I'm alive today is becasue the mortar round that gave me these marks on my face landed next tah the wall I was going tah hop over nocking me backwards and away from the danger of the enemy's artillery." I quickly finished up my story and left it at that.
Wanting to change the subject after sitting in silence for a few minutes I aked the girl I came to visit, "Well then Miss Takamachi, how are yer wounds doin' luv, I heard you got it pretty bad out thare?"

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I walked through the halls of the medical wing casually despite my busy schedule. I wanted to at least make sure she was ok to give me a little peace of mind before I went back to tacking the duties of the day. I found the door and was about to knock when I heard conversation inside. I took a breath before knocking.

"Come in!" Nanoha's voice called as the door opened "Ah, Hayate-chan!" she beamed at me.

Reo stood up and saluted "Hello, Commander Yagami"

I returned the salute and greeted them both before turning my gaze back to Nanoha. "How are you doing?" I asked the typical question.

"I'm doing a little better, thanks for asking." she smiled. "Shouldnt you be at a meeting right now?"

"Good" I nodded "I decided to take some time to come by, my schedule is rather busy today so this is the only time I will be able to visit you. I am sorry but I am borrowing Fate-chan at the moment as well."

"I see" the girl frowned a little

"She will come by to see you after work today so dont worry" I quickly added before changing the subject "Shamal states that you should be out of here either tomorrow or the next day."

"Thats good news" she nodded

"Ok I better go." I nodded to Reo "I dont want to interrupt your conversation longer than I need to." I proceeded to head out the door

"Hayate-chan" A voice called from behind me making me look over my shoulder "What about..."

I turned around fully "She is unconscious and resting in a special room under armed guard."


"I cant afford to risk it." I shook my head "If you recall this is the same person that destroyed half the base to find you." I narrowed my eyes to strengthen my point.


"I have to go." I stated turning back around. "Rest well Nanoha." I smiled once more before exiting the room.

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@Moni: Here...I'll do you a little favor :p However please understand that I cannot do this forever. This is your character, I cannot develop her for you. All I can do is give you a push in the right direction. Consider present to you...fuh fuh fuh hehehahahah!!!!


I walked through the busy halls of the base with a map in my hand. I wasnt quite sure where I was, nor in which direction I was supposed to go. All I know was I was supposed to go to the commander's room, but with the recent attacks and all the chaos, I have been completely lost. I sighed to myself as I continued to try to make sense of this map in front of me.

"Hey are you lost little girl?" A voice called out to me.

I turned around and didnt see anyone behind me. I spun around again and still didnt see anyone. I tilted my head and spun completely around one more time, this time looking down also to make sure that I covered all the areas. I held my head after that last one since I started to get dizy

"Haha, up here" the voice answered makng me look up slightly

What I saw was amazing. It looked like a small doll in a ground forces uniform. Her silver hair was almost as tall as she was, and I started to think she was some kind of familiar. For her size...being called a "little girl" sure sounded wong on so many levels.

"Are you lost?" They repeated the question.

"Y-yes" I nodded embarrassingly while hiding the map behind me. "I was trying to find my way to the commander's room."

"Ah, its right this way" they began to float down the hallway.

"She's cute" I couldn't help but thinking to myself

"What is your name?" The asked me, snapping me out of my reverie.

"M-Moni" I stated "Corporal. I was just assigned here not too long ago."

"I see" she stopped in front of a door. "here you are." she smiled and began to input the code to open the door.

"Thank you very mu-ow!" I had intended to bow to her but ended up hitting my head on the door. After rubbing it a little bit, I repositioned myself "Thank you very"

"Reinforce Zwei" she nodded "Master Sergeant, Riot Force VI"

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"Nanoha-Chan, I'm sorry to say this but you have to stay here for another day" Shamal said, as she checked my wounds. She held up her hand when she saw that I was about to argue. "I know, I know. I know I said you could leave today, but I'm just making sure, you had some very critical injuries and I don't want them to cause any stress to your body."

Shamal then gave me a smile, pushing me gently on the bed. "Now sleep. It's good for you, and beside, I can tell you haven't slept latly." With that she left, leaving me pouting.

I've been here for about a week and ahalf, and still I couldn't leave. It was driving me insane! I hated hospitals, they gave me the creeps. Ever since "that" accident, hospitals made me all jittery and feeling like I useless. Besides, I also hated needles.

"I feel so useless..." I said to myself, looking up at the plain white ceiling. I then pushed my feet over the bed and hopped down, my feet cold from the cool marble. I stumbled forward, catching myself on the wall. I looked down at my attire, and grimanced. I was wearing one of those hospital gowns. I was wondering why I felt a breeze...

I slowly made my way to the door, grabed a coat just as it slid open, bringing in some cool fresh air. I shivered at the cold, but I still walked out the door, my arms wrapped around me. I needed some time away from here, so I made my way over to the outside patio. Nurses gave me disaproving glances, but they didn't say anything. I only have one more day here anyways.

I got outside then, breathing in the freash air. I went to an empty chair, and sat there looking up at the clear sky. I heard voices speaking, and footsteps taken, but I zoned them out, glad to be away from my boring room. My mind wondered off, going to the events that took place these past weeks. I still didn't understand why Alicia or let alone Lena, wanted Fate, or me for that matter. It just didn't make sence.

I looked down, as I felt myself being watched. I jerked in surprise when I realized how close that person was. I smiled. "Don't scare me like that..."

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"I-I'm sorry...!" The small girl apologized, blushing slightly while bowing down in apologies and respect. "I..." Realizing that the bouquet she was holding was blocking her face she blushed behind them.

"Oh hello there. And who might you be?" Nanoha asked curiously, seeing how she never met this person before, behind this bouquet.

The smaller girl bowed down hesitantly again and uncovered her face that was blocked from the bouquet, tint pink came across her cheeks. "A-ah, iya... I-I'm Yuki. Yu-Yuki Kamishiro desu~..." She opened her eyes and Nanoha noticed that her eyes were different colors. Blue and purple. Just like Vivio's; red and green, Christmas colors.

"I was sent here t-to.. to deliver these... but you weren't in your room, so I had to find you..." Yuki showed her the bouquet. "Ms. Nanoha Takamachi-san, Ms. Fate T. Haralown asked me to deliver these to you... she said if you weren't in your room that you were outside somewhere... and here you are." Yuki felt Nanoha's eyes on her and turned her gaze away, embarrassed and nervous. Nanoha smiled fondly on what Fate had done for her.

Nanoha looked at Yuki's outfit, noticing that she was wearing all white. 'Heck she might be wearing white undergarments as well.' Nanoha mused to herself. 'I mean, she IS wearing white thigh high socks, white shoes, white arm wrist on her left, white ribbons, white skirt, white jacket with a white shirt underneath it... maybe she is wearing white undergarments too, I wouldn't be surprised... oh wait, her surname... it was "Kamishiro" wasn't it? Hm~'

Nanoha chuckled out loud and Yuki blushed slightly. "I-is something the matter, Ma'am?" Yuki asked nervously, thinking she did or said something wrong.

Nanoha waved her hand in front of her. "No no, you didn't. I was just thinking. I never had a visitor who's as young as you before. And I was just thinking about your name. 'The White Snow God', interesting. I heard about your Mother, The Red Love God-"

"Ye-ye knew thy mother??" Yuki's eyes widened slightly. Nanoha nodded, confused and amused on Yuki's use of words. Yuki blushed again and scratched her cheeks. "So-sorry about that, I tend to keep talking like this when..." Yuki looked down sadly. "My mother... she... Father took me away from her... I don't know why Father did what he did... but I..."

"I understand, Yuki. No need for words." Nanoha motioned for Yuki to sit down next to her and Yuki obliged after she gave Nanoha the bouquet. "It's beautiful, oh! A letter!" Nanoha exclaimed and took the letter out, reading it in her head, smiling and giggling, before setting it on her lap.

"I never met you before, have we met somewhere before?" Nanoha tilted her head to the side slightly and I stuttered incoherent words.

"Uh...! I...! We-well...! Um...!"

"You can close you eyes to reality but not to memories..."

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Hobbling down the hallways of Section 6 as best I could, I was currently on my way to Commander Yagami's office. Being ordered to report to her office earlier that day, I was starting to feel glad that I could use my broken leg as an excuse for being late to things, its only to bad that that excuse couldn't last though. Rounding another corner in the endless hallways of the Commander's building I couldn't help but feel glad I knew where I was going now in the vast corridors instead of having that helplessly lost feeling. Once I did get lost myself in these hallways and that wasn't a fun time for me at all. Walking a bit farther down the hall I was in I happened to spot a little floating girl flying next to a lass who looked younger than Instructor Vita (God she creeps the shit out of me sometimes) and I wondered where they were heading.
"Mornin' Rein," I greeted, "How are you doing on this fine dandy of a day luv?"
She giggled a bit at me, like she always does, and pointed down to the little lass standing next to her telling me, "This is Corporal Moni-san, I'm helping her find her way to Hayate's office."
"Oh, I see, well it's nice to meet you than Corporal," I greeted her rather kindly.
"Ca-Ca-Cap-Captain, Sir!" She stammered out back to me a bit flusteredly while saluting rather clumsily, for she had just realized what my rank was.
To be honest, that simple display there kinda made me feel sorry for the girl, she seems so helpless and lost, like a new born kitten wandering around without a clue in the world what it was doing or where it was going. Breaking off from that thought I turned my attention back to Rein and asked, "Hey Rein, do you know if the commandar is in right now? I just tried her office and she didn't seem tah be thare."
Rein shook her head and told me she didn't know where she was right now, but she did say she'd call her for me.
I thanked her and told her that I'll be waiting over in her waiting room than and bade Corporal Moni a chance to follow me there. Sitting down in one of the chairs rather thankfully, for the leg was starting to iritate me, I patted the seet next to me and asked Moni to join me. Waiting in silence for a little while, for we both sat thare feeling a bit of an awkward tension forming around us, One of us waited for the other to start up a conversation or say anything in general.
Finally I broke the tension by asking her, "So luv, do you mind if I call you luv, whare you from?"

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It had been over a week since Lena was sent to the base to acquire Nanoha. My only guess is that she has been killed already. I didnt want to believe it, but if my sister and Nanoha combined their powers then it is possible for that girl to be defeated.

"What do you think Juliette?" I asked the device in my hands

"EGO operor ignoro" (I don't know) she responded.

"If she did fail in her mission" I took to the air "I will have to complete it for her." I activated a field around myself as I began to go supersonic "Its my duty as a commander"

* * * * * * * * * *

Nanoha looked up to the sky admiring the calm peace that the gentle wind provided. She wished she could be like this forever...

"Master" RH alarmed

"What is it?" she stated looking down at the device around her neck

"A strong unidentified force approaching rapidly"

"What kind?!" her face became serious

"Unknown...current speed is over Mach 3.2, analysis of ability indicates a Thunder Class. A very powerful one."

"It cant be..." Nanoha grit her teeth and raised her device above her head. "Raising Heart..."

"Master, you are not cleared for flight"

"I dont care! I wont let Alicia get near Fate-chan!"

"... ... ... Barrier Jacket: Aggressive Mode"

"Thank you...Raising Heart" she smiled as the jacket formed around her. "let's go!"

* * * * * * * * * *

"Nanoha WHAT?!" Hayate's scream shook the command room once the Long Arch staff indicated that her device had been activated and that she was intercepting the unknown signal. "Put it on visual!" she commanded


All at once 3 monitors appeared showing Nanoha in flight mode on an intercept course.

"Nanoha-chan!" Hayate shouted at the monitor "What are you doing?!"

"Keeping an old promise..." her eyes softened a little, but did not even spare a glance towards the monitor

"I am ordering you to return to base immediately!" she slammed her hand on the desk just as Nanoha had stopped flying.

A small distance away from her, stood Fate's mirror image.

"Alicia..." Nanoha pointed her weapon.

"Ah~ how fortunate" I grinned. "Just the one I was looking for..."

Blue eyes widened when she understood what I had intended.

" aren't here to get that girl...or Fate-chan?"

I shook my head. "Since you are alive that means that she is dead." I grit my teeth silently "I've come to finish the job! Prepare yourself!"

"W-wait! She is-!"

Before anything else could be said, something came from my left and my instincts were fast enough that I managed to erect a barrier to block it.

"The hell?" Next thing I know more and more of those projectiles started to slam into my shield. "Kuh!" I looked through the hail of projectiles off into the distance and my eyes widened in shock at what I saw.

"Lena-chan..." Nanoha gasped.

On the hill off in the distance, stood a lone figure holding what seemed to be two long barrels. with something attaching them to what appeared to be a giant box behind her.

"No way..." I breathed out as I recognized it. "Harkonnen II, 30mm semi-automatic cannon." I increased the strength of my barrier "Maximum range 4000 meters...weight including ammo container 345kg." I grit my teeth as the endless hail of bullets continued to slam themselves against me.

"Tch..." Lena look displeased when she realized my barrier was holding against the barrage. She raised her weapons into the air as two large objects popped out of the ammo container behind her and implanted themselves into the front of the weapon.

"That cant be!" Nanoha gasped as she moved out of the way.

I strengthened my barrier to full power as I realized what the girl was doing. "Wide Area Saturation, High Explosive Incendiary Grenade Launcher..." I braced myself. "Vladimir..." I recognized the new weapon

"Rhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!" Lena braced herself and aimed the weapon at me before firing "guuuuuuh!" she grunted and leaned forward as the rockets fired. The force of the launch creating a strong wind pushing her back and causing her feet to dig a trench four meters from her original position.

The grenade slammed into my shield effectively shattering it and flinging me back about 50 meters before I could stabilize myself.

I looked over at the direction of the blast. There, with bandages still wrapped around parts of her body including her right eye, stood Lena.

"So you still live..." I stated, dispelling the shield I had erected.

"Hello, mother" she bowed before floating slowly and placing herself right in front of Nanoha. "I'm sorry to worry you." she looked down "I had completed my mission, but your target attacked me and desecrated our duel." She looked over her shoulder towards Nanoha. "Are you here for her?" she asked turning her gaze back to me

"Yes." I stated plainly.

"I see" she nodded "I'm sorry but I cant let you do that..."

"What do you mean?" Nanoha beat me to the question

"Takamachi Nanoha is my target" she stated with serious eyes "I will not allow any harm to come to her until my mission is completed." she raised her device "Sōten..." at her command her armor formed around her body with her weapon forming in her hand.

"Wait! You cant-!" Nanoha tried to protest

"I see..."

I raised my new device into the air. "Juliette!!!!" I called out and lightning started to form around me "Activate interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Megathrusters are go!" White cloth began form form around my body. "Form feet and legs..." metallic boots formed and rode up till they were knee high. "Form arms and body..." at the second command gauntlets formed from my wrists to my elbows and a small chest plate constructed in front of me. A mid thigh skirt formed from the extension of the cloth on my torso. "And now form the head" at the final command a small silver tiara manifested itself above me and slowly lowered to complete the ensemble. A sky-blue cape formed behind me along with two black gloves with yellow orbs on the back.

"Hey!" Lena pointed at me "That's not fair! How come I don't get a transformation scene!?!"

"We'll make you one next time" I sweat-dropped

"You better!" she shouted back before raising her weapon. "Let's get started" she separated her weapons and charged

I felt no need to draw my own weapons so I just countered with my hands.

I am the bone of my sword... Lena muttered when we connected.

We started to increase our speed as we both got serious

Steel is my body...and fire is my blood...

"What is she doing...?" Nanoha looked on in wonder

I have created over a thousand blades...

"Nanoha-chan!" Hayate yelled through the communication monitor "Get away!"

Unknown to death...nor known to life...

"What? Why?" she looked at the monitor while slowly backing away from the combat zone

Have withstood pain to create many weapons...

"I've heard that incantation before! Its very dangerous! Please escape!" Hayate was almost desperate

Yet...these hands will never hold anything...

Lena and I clashed, sending a powerful shock wave throughout the area. We pushed each other back and separated a good distance away.

So, as I pray...

Her blue eyes erupted with magical power

Unlimited Blade Works!

"Mother..." she began "I know that I will not be able to defeat you...however please understand that I will at least injure you enough to give your target a significant advantage if she does show up during our battle."


10 points for whoever can figure out those little "extras" I put in there XD

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My blue and purple eyes widened. "I can't believe I lost Ms. Nanoha Takamachi-san!!" I exclaimed while tying my hair in two pigtails with my long white ribbons. "I go to the restroom and the next thing I know is when I get back... is that she disappears! I'm so hopeless!"

I ran faster, hearing faint clashings that sounded like a battle. "So... has it started...?" I got serious, once again in a long time. "I guess I need Nee-chan's and Mother's help this time... I can't do it alone anymore... any longer." I reached my hand into my shirt and pulled out a necklace. "Nee-chan..."

The necklace was a clear diamond shaped cross as big as my thumb, it shined. I tugged my jacket sleeve up and revealed another clear diamond, but it was a star bracelet, not a cross necklace. "Mother..." My water drop ring also appeared and they all shined brightly. "Please protect me..." I prayed as I called upon my devices.

"Shattered Dreams..." I caressed my diamond cross necklace.

"Sir?" SD replied back.

"Shining Hope..." I let SH hang around my wrist, smiling fondly at it.

"Yes, My Master?" SH blinked every word she said. 'Mother, please... protect me with your strength.' I looked at my last device; my tear drop ring, the very first device I got when I was little, Snow Rain.

"Snow Rain, I'm counting on you too." I kissed SR and it got bright.

"Hai, Hime-sama."
I smiled at her words. She never seem to amaze me more than ever. 'I just need Nee-chan's bladed swords... I'll need only SR and SD's powers this time. I hope it'll go smoothly.'

"I'm counting on all of you... set UP!!!" White light formed around me and my ribbon got bigger and changed to blue. A black long sleeve undershirt came on, following after was a dark red short sleeve with purple linings and a blue chest armor over both clothing.

A dark red skirt came on with purple linings, matching with the shirt, and white over blue thigh high socks came on with armored boots covering my feet. White long ribbon strings were around my waist in a loop. Black gloves came on with my ring and bracelet transforming together with a chain on top of the left glove. My cross necklace came off and transformed into two bladed swords, pure white.

I flew out of my white transformation light and flew over to where the clashings were taking place. I didn't know where it was, but I had a hunch of where it was. And I'm guessing Ms. Nanoha Takamachi-san is there as well as the enemy, like what the prophecy as foretold. I gritted my teeth slightly when I flew faster.

'I hope I can make it!'

In the far distance I didn't see Ms. Fate T. Haralown coming out of the building wandering around to find Ms. Nanoha Takamachi-san and me.

"You can close you eyes to reality but not to memories..."

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I watched as mother and daughter fought. I was a little confused on the matter, but I got enough out of it to understand. Aparentlly Alicia was trying to capture me, but Lena was stopping her from doing just that. She wanted to finish her mission, and get Fate to fight Alicia.

"Mother, I may not be able to beat you but please bare with that. I will be your oppoinent until your true objective gets here." I watched in horror as the girl, striked, holding a black scythe in the air. Alicia dodged it, back slapping the still injured Lena.

"You mission is over Lena, there's no need for this." Alicia said,her eyes slightly softening. Lena, just charged agian, this time holding two small daggers at her side. The daggers glowed fiercely, as she picked up speed. Soon I couldn't keep my eyes on them, the only thing helping me see them, were the streaks of magic flowing behind them.

Roar after roar the battle went on, till finally, Lena smashed into the ground beneath me. I would've thought she was unconscious but then blades shot out from the gound, flying rapedly towards Alicia. A sheild blocked the attack, but more swords, axes, daggers and even weapons I've never seen before, were shot at her, soon shattering her sheild.

She managed to dodge most of them but not all of them. A dagger hit Alicia's right shoulder, bleeding down freely. Alicia winced and then gasped in pain as she pulled the dagger out. Blood sprayed everywhere, spilling downwards onto the ground. "It's going to take a lot more then that, Lena." Flash. Alicia was gone, flying faster then my eyes could comprehend. I then heard a cry of pain, as Alicia's fist made contact with Lena's stomach.

I was tired of watching this, I had to do something, but my legs just wouldn't move. My legs would not take me anywhere, no matter how much I wanted them too. So I just watched, watched as a mother beat up her own child.

"Mother..." Lena said, pushing herself backwards, away from Alicia. Her arm went to the side, and a long red spear was formed, shinning in the sunlight. She twirled it around, testing it, and readied her stance. "Come then..." Alicia attacked, her fist closing into Lena's face, but Lena blocked it skillfully, and brought the back of the spear to Alicia's face. Alicia stagered backwards from the hit, but attacked agian, not seeming the mind the pain.

A shattering boom came next, knocking me backwards in the sky. I looked to the left, and noticed a barrier was up. Someone outside was trying to get in. I looked down at the two fighters, and saw that they did not notice. Something inside me snapped then. I was able to move correctly now, but that did now mean I could stop the fight that was happening before my eyes. Well you never no unless you try...

"Raising Heart?" I said, putting a pack of cartridges in.

"Yes, my master?"

"We're going all out. Switch to Blaster Mode."

"But you have not recovered from the last battle, I highly-"

"Please! Just this once, I need help stoping them." RH was quiet, then she glowed brightly.

"Alright, Blaster One, Set and ready." She paused. "Please be cafeful, my master"

I smiled, before turning, facing my still attacking enemies. First I have to get Alicia's attention, Lena's been through enough, I don't know how much she can last. I let out two cartridges, and flowed my magic into RH causing her to glow.

"Axel Shooter"
12 large pink orbs formed around me, then shot at the moving targets below. An explosion rocked the ground, as my magic found its mark. I smiled, in triumph at my surprise attack, but then felt pain cease my shoulder. I was blown 20 feet to the right, until I regain my footing, watching wide eye'd at my attacker. Alica stood before me, smirking.

"You thought I'd forgot about you? On the contrary, I was hoping for you to join in soon. It was getting quit boring, fighting my already beaten daughter." She smirked, then dissapeared, reapearing just inches from my face. I jerked back, swinging Raising Heart aimlessly at her. She just dissapeared agian, reapearing at my side. She grabbed my hand, that I was holding RH, and twisted it behind my back. I screamed in pain, as my shoulder popped. I dropped RH, watching as she dissapeared. I tried to struggle agianst her hold, but my right shoulder was burning from the pain.

Her voice came into my ears, bringing shivers down my spine. "Now, now, no need to struggle. Just come with me and everything will be fine." She licked my ear, I thrashed harder, making my shoulder scream in pain. "Hehehe, I can see why my sister likes you. Your just to...whats the word?" Her lips were felt agianst my ear, as she whispered "Irresistible" I pulled my leg back, and brang it down, hard, agianst Alicia's knee. She stagered back, smirking at the pain. She brought her arms up. "Now that's more like it! Show me how fun you can really be!"

I held my right shoulder, as I looked down, trying to spot RH. Finally I spotted it. I widened my eyes, as I watched Lena pick up my intelligence device. She held it, looking at it curiously, then looked up at me. She held it out in a taunting fasion, smirking at me. Her lips formed words, that I could not hear, but I could make them out just perfectly.

"Did you lose something?"

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Hands grabbed my side, pulling me back. I grabbed in front of me, only getting empty air. My back was pressed agianst someone, making my right shoulder scream in pain.

Alicia's chuckle came into my ears, as she grabbed my bad shoulder, squeezing it. I cried out in pain, flinging my elbow at her. She cought it, twisting me around so I faced her, my arm across my neck. Her smirking face was just inches away from mine. I tried to pull back but Alicia's hand was holding my back firmly.

"Ehh? I thought you were stronger then this, White Devil." Her grin widened, at my expression. "Oh yes, I know all about you. I did some research on you and my sister. Turns out you two have known each other for quit some time. Must be nice. How was your honeymoon by the way? I heard you two had quit the wedding. Remind me later to give my sister a talk, it seems my invitation got lost in the mail." She looked down at me, her eyes glowing, mocking me.

I smiled despite the pain. "I'm sorry Alicia-san, but I didn't know you were invited."I narrowed my eyes. "If I knew you were alive I'm sure your would've gotten one."

"Aha! Gomen, gomen!" Her eyes turned sharp, like daggers. "Yes, it's my fualt. My fualt that MY clone got a life and not me! It was MY fualt, that I was stuck in a tube for the past 9 years, while MY sister made a life of her own. Yes, its my fault I didn't get an invitation. So there-" She stopped then, shaking her head. When she looked down at me, her eyes turned back to normal. The regular mocking, eyes of hers.

"Alicia-san..." She pushed me back, making me stagger for my footing.

"I'm tired of this, it's time for you to fight me seriously. If you don't your'll surely die." I looked down at the ground, trying to spot Lena, but finding no one. I breath out slowly, trying to calm myself down. I looked in front of me, and readied my stance, this time without a weapon. It was a good thing I have private tutors, who train me in hand-to-hand combat.

"Good, now lets dance." I lunged at Alicia, swinging my fist at her face. She blocked it, throwing a kick to my side. I put a shield up blocking her attack. Without Raising Heart my shields were quit weak. I need to find her soon, without her I don't stand a chance.


Somewhere far off in the distance, the sounds of a barrier breaking echoed down the trees. Until finally it started to crack, shattering down, letting in a very angry blond. The blond looked at the girl who broke the barrier, with disbalief.

"Why" She said, moving to position herself for a fight. She stopped when the girl held up her hand, carrying Raising Heart. "Nanoha..."Her red eyes shined angerly. "What have you done with Nanoha!?" She yelled. The girl just smiled.

"I have done nothing to her, but my mother on the other hand..." She trailed off, not daring to say anymore.

"Then why are you here Lena?" Even though every part of her body was telling her to go after Nanoha, she stayed, wanting to figure out what Lena was doing over here.

"I came here to ask for your help."

"My..My help? Why...?"

"My mother shouldn't be fightng Takamachi Nanoha, thats my mission. My mother's mission is with you. I'm here to ask for your help. I need you to get her attention, and then I know she'll fight you, just as she wants." Her eyes looked straight into Fate, making her shiver under the gaze.

"How can I trust you? If I fight Nee-Chan, your'll just go after Nanoha." Fate, brought Bardiche infront of her, ready to strike.

"No, you misinterpreted my meaning. It's my mission to get Takamachi Nanoha, so that my mother can get to you. If you go now, I will promise not to touch her.

"Why should I trust you?" Fate said, even though she believed her.

Lena held RH up, throwing her to Fate. Fate cought it, holding her down. "You spaired my life, it's the least I can do...My mission is done, I've brought Fate Testarossa to my mother." With that Lena moved aside, letting Fate threw. "I would be careful though, my mother is a very strong person."

Fate walked past Lena, just stoping to whisper something to her. "Thank you, but I don't need any warnings. It is my sister that you should warn..." Fate ran, she then jumped up in the sky, hearing loud roars of the battle going on in front of her. Fate picked up speed. "I'm comming Nanoha, so just hold on..."


I ran into the trees, hearing my pursuer's evil laugh taunt me. The tree in front of me collaped, making me stop and run the other way. Another tree fell, this time knocking over the one I ran too. I jump side ways, landing hard on the ground, trying to dodge the fallen tree. Pain rang up my arm, causing me to string out some curses.

"Wow, didn't think you had such a potty mouth." I looked up as Alicia made her way towards me, jumping over the fallen trees. "It's kind of sexy" I got up, holding my injured shoulder and ran agian. It wasn't like me to just run away, but the only reason I was running, was because I was looking for Raising Heart. No matter how much I ran, I still couldn't find her or Lena.

"I'm getting tired of all this chasing, can we please go to fighting agian. It was so much more interesting." I looked behind me, trying to spot her but there was no one there. I looked in front of me agian and nearly ran into her. I shot backwards, hiting a tree in the process. "Smooth one" She walked over to me, raising her weapon up high. "I think its time to end this little chase, unless you have anything else up your sleave, this is the end.

I held my hands out, forming a barrier, but she was much quicker. Her weapon sliced threw the barrier comming straight at me. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to come. It never did.

Pained cries came into my ears, as I slowly opened my eyes. Fate was in front of me, her weapon in Alicia's side, as Alicia's weapon dug into Fate's. Alicia looked wide eye'd at Fate, then winced in pain as she grabbed Bardiche, and ripped the blade away from her flesh. Blood splashed onto my face as Fate did the same. She then kicked Alicia in the stomach, throwing her into a nearby tree. She turned to me, showing me her worried face.

"Nanoha, are you hurt? I'm sorry I didn't get here in time." I shook my head, and touched Fate's wound, making her wince.

"Your in worse condition then me Fate-Chan..." I looked up sadly at her. "This is my fualt..." A hand touched my cheek; I went into the hand.

"No it's not." She took the hand away and pulled something out from her back, handing it to me. Raising Heart glowed brightly as I took it.

I smiled at her. "I missed you"

"I missed you too Master" Surprised, I smiled at the confession. I then looked up at Fate. "Where's Lena-Chan?" She frowned.

"She gave me Raising Heart and left. Told me that her mission was over, but I have a feeling that she's around here somewhere."

"Well hello Sis." We both looked up, seeing Alica smirking at us. "You've finally showed up." Alicia was holding her side, healing herself. "But I'm afraid it might be time to go now." I felt my shoulders pain cease, and saw yellow healing magic around it.

Fate put her arm to the side, protecting me. "Nee-Chan, your fight is with me, now" I touched Fate's arm, warning her. She gave me a tentative smile, and looked back at her sister. "It's alright now Nanoha, I'll be okay." She whispered, so that only I could hear, but apparently Alicia still heard.

"I'm afraid, baby sister, that it won't be okay. I'm sorry to say this, but you shall be comming with me now."

Fate took a step forward, yellow magic ruins forming underneath her. "I'm sorry, but that's not up to you to decide"

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"It looks like it is time for me to finally show you my new upgrade" I smirked at the two lovers who braced themselves for my next action. The orbs behind my gloves began to glow as energy seeped out from them and formed into bladed weapons. The katars electrified the air around them as they manifested themselves, as if they were summoned out of utter fury.

Fate's eyes widened as a shiver went down her back. The surge of energy being emitted was abnormal. She took a step back like she was being pushed by the pressure the new threat was presenting. Nanoha noticed this and slightly tightened her grip on Fate's back, giving the blond reassurance that they can get through this crisis. She prepared RH to fire a volley of shooters the moment I made my move.

"Yes..." I answered their unasked question "my powers have increased dramatically since the last time we battled, dear sister." I loosened the second button of my shirt, just above where the armor plate started and exposed the skin there.

"...!" a gasp escaped Nanoha's lips as she recognized the outline and faint glow

"A...jewel seed..." Fate managed to speak up. "H-how? WHY?!" she tightened her hold on Bardiche. "Do you have any idea what that will do to you?!" she screamed more out of concern than anger. Her hands were shaking slightly as she continued "Combining a Jewel Seed with your linker core is far too much power for any human to handle!"

"I know..." I looked down at it, almost in regret. "Mom placed it into I have no room to object." I closed my eyes and recalled the reason mother placed this into me. Recalled the reason that I had to defeat Fate. Recalled the reason...I was alive to begin with.

"Nee-chan..." Fate slightly lowered her weapon.

I shook my head and regained my position. "Back to where we were, Fate" I readied my stance while she did the same, doing her best to shield Nanoha even more. I reached my arm out and pointed it at them, a beam shot forth and exploded in front of them. It was a surprise attack so it should have hit them no matter how fast my sister was, she was injured and so was Nanoha.

The smoke cleared slowly, and in its place was a blue barrier. I slowly lowered my arm, my eyes narrowing on the owner of the said barrier. Nanoha and Fate had surprised expressions on their faces and checked each other for any extra injuries. Lena floated half way between us and stared at me in silence. Several moments passed with us in what appeared to be a stare fight, the tension of the air around us so thick that one would suffocate if they were close. I nodded lightly to Lena before deactivating my weapons and turning around to head home.

"What...just happened?" Nanoha asked as both women turned their gaze from me to the back of the girl in front of them.

Lena turned around slowly while her eyes changed color from the energized blue they always were to the natural brown she was born with. She stared in silence at the lovers for a few more moments before opening her mouth. "My mother does not have long to live." her expression became serious "At the very least, give her the proper battle she deserves." she stared at the wounded Fate.

"What do you mean?" the blond asked, a little confused at the statement. She kept Bardiche pointed despite the fact that the battle was over. For some reason she still couldn't bring herself to fully trust this girl, maybe it was because of what she did to Nanoha?

"I told my mother that fighting you now would be meaningless." she began to explain "If she truly wanted to fight you then it should be when both of you are at your best." She looked them both over and noted all the injuries "Right now you are in no condition to battle. Even if the two of you would have engaged her you wouldn't stand a chance" she shook her head "no, you two would have certainly died."

"So why did you help us?" Nanoha came from behind Fate and stood next to the poised weapon, ignoring the disapproving glare Fate was giving her.

"For the very reason I just stated" she shifted her gaze "I have completed my former mission which was to bring Takamachi Nanoha before my mother." she clenched her right hand into a fist "Although I wish it was completed under better circumstances" she sighed to herself before looking back at the blue eyes in front of her "I have been given a new mission:" she moved closer to Fate and stopped right when Bardiche was touching her neck "To protect Fate Testarossa against all aggression until such time that she has fully recovered to engage my mother." she turned her head back to Nanoha "Also to prevent anyone from interfering with their battle when it does all costs."