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"And how can we trust you?" I asked, not believing one word she said. She just sighed when I put a binding spell on her.

"That won't work on me. And I AM telling the truth." She looked at me then at Nanoha. "She sees it, why can't you?" I pulled Nanoha back behind me again.

"I don't thi-" Something blasted my binding spells and Lena was free again. I looked around. "What the! Who-"

"Don't be alarm." I spun around, trying to find the voice. "It's me, Fate-nee-san." My eyes slightly widened. I know that voice, and that name she said. Could it be?! I saw shiny blonde hair flow with the wind when a small frame came down from the sky. It is! A smile came across my face, but soon remembered that she blasted my binding, and frowned slightly.

"I thought I told you not to call me that, and what's with the blasting?" She landed right behind Lena.

"Ehehe... sorry..." She blushed slightly. "I just came because... because... I knew you were going to do something like this... you needed help." She did the 'v-sign' and winked. I sighed.

"You're not supposed to be here, Yuki."

"I'm here to help, it's my duty as I AM the last one of my tribe... before I came a prophecy was foretold... that I would meet someone named Fate Testarossa Haralown... I was only 9 then... losing my mother was terrible... but my WHOLE tribe... I couldn't stand it... I think... I think I know now why my father took me away. To survive, to help you, Fate-nee-san."

"Lena-san here... on the other hand, is telling the truth. In the prophecy, she was the one who saved you and Nanoha-san, she was the one who protected you two, and she is the one who will..." She paused for a long time. "Probably die along with Alicia-san..."

She looked at me and I knew that she was right. Her aura was telling me that Lena was telling the truth. Nanoha jumped in front of me shoked. "Wait, what!? Die... why?!" Nanoha shook her head. "I don't... I don't understand..." Nanoha looked at Yuki then back at Lena. "Lena-chan..."

"There is one way we can save Lena-san, Nanoha-san." Yuki looked at Nanoha and Nanoha shivered, feeling the tension, and confused like she knew Yuki. Which she does because she was the one who sent the bouquet. I chuckled inwardly to myself and waited for Yuki to transform back so I can see Nanoha's expression if she does.

"Fate-nee-san, you taught me many things, and I am grateful for that. I thank you for everything you have done for me. I don't know how to thank you except follow your orders once again." I frowned slightly.

"I don't like to order someone who is like a little sister to me, even if not by blood." I lowered my weapon and walked over to Yuki and gave her a big hug then whispered. "Was the bouquet a success?" She giggled and nodded. "I'm glad then." I petted her head and turned around. "I'm sorry about earlier Lena."

"It is not a problem, Fate Testarossa." Lena looked at Nanoha for awhile then turned around to face me. "My new mission is to protect you and not let anything interfere, so I will complete my mission and after that... we will be enemies again..." She jumped into the air and flew away slowly. "I will be watching and protecting you, Fate Testarossa."

I laughed nervously and turned back around to face Nanoha. She fell down, but luckily I came to her rescue and caught her right before she landed on the ground. "Are you ok Nanoha? You must be worn out from the battle, rest now. I'll carry you." I lifted Nanoha up bridal style and told Raising Heart to turn back into her gem and Nanoha's barrier jacket came off, her instructors uniform came back on. RH flew into Nanoha's hand and she closed them.

"I... I can fly by myself Fa-Fate-chan..." Nanoha blushed slightly. I just kissed her forehead and flew into the sky with Yuki in tow.

When we reached the base I stood in front of the hospital, barrier jacket off. I knew Nanoha was hurt and I knew she didn't want to go to the hospital either, so I went straight to our room. Nanoha wrapped her arms around my neck and nuzzled, wincing slightly. She IS badly injured.

"Yuki, you can sleep in the other room, Vivio's not here... tonight..." She noticed that I was hiding something, which she probably already knows about it, but she still nodded and silently went to Vivio's room, but before she entered she changed back to civilian clothing, her barrier jacket all came off and her hair changed back to it's burgundy brunette color.

Nanoha blinked a couple of times before letting out a small gasp. "Eh?!!" She looked at me then back at Yuki. "W-wait! Yuki-chan?? What, I'm confused, wait... how did you... what... huh... Y-YOU'RE the Yuki-chan that sent me the bouquet??" Yuki and I looked at each other and laughed, making Nanoha blush and bury her head between my neck. "You meanies... mou~ but how-"

"I'll tell you tomorrow ok?" I whispered and kissed her soft hair. Yuki nodded at me again for letting her stay and went into Vivio's room.

"Fate-chan you meanie..." Nanoha pouted when she pulled away from burying her head. I chuckled and kissed her pouting lips, laying her on our gigantic bed. I felt Nanoha smile against the kiss and whispered. "I love you."

I smiled when I pulled away slightly and placed my forehead on her's, hovering on top of her, careful not to touch her injured body. "I love you more sweetheart, always will." We were staring at each other in silence before Nanoha broke with a cracky, worried voice.

"You're injured Fate-chan... don't you need to clean that up before we go to sleep...?" Concern was written all over her face. She carefully placed her hand on my wound that I received when I protected her, making me wince in pain. "See...~"

"I'm fine. Let's just go to sleep okay?" I kissed her almost pouting lips and carefully rolled over to the other side, but was stopped by her holding my waist. I turned around and she gave me the puppy eyes, making me almost smile. "Alright alright. I'll cuddle with you tonight, my little puppy."

"Wan wan!" Nanoha barked cutely, scooted over and wrapped her arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around her shoulder, smelling her hair.

"You're too cute you know that." She giggled and nodded against my chest. I grinned and kissed her soft hair again. "Goodnight my love, sweet dreams."

We both fell into deep slumbers right before we knew it.


I did NOT know what to write. It was hard. Considering the tables were turned. ^^ Well, I did put it in a spoiler THIS time. It felt long to me, soooooo I did. Hehehehehe. Ahem, well, NANOHA!!! Thank you for being the person to write among the three of us. xD Luv ya!! Alicia, sis, thank you for ending the battle. ^^ With me getting injured, YET AGAIN!! I just loooove getting injured don't I? *Rolls eyes* Weeeell, if it's for Nanoha, then I don't mind. :D

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I look at caption Reo “s-sure y-you can c-call me anyway you want c-caption” I said nervously looking down I always get so nervous when meeting new people it always been that way since I can remember. Then I answer the second question he ask me “I-I actually don’t know where I come from” he look at me in a confused look in his face.

We stay there and didn’t talk for few minutes. Then he broke the silence that seems getting awkward to the both of us “how come?” He said to know why I said that. In his face its read that ‘everyone haves to know where to come from’.

“Well I don’t remember my past” I answer and I look at Reo-san again he had the look to go on.

“I just remember waking up in a hospital when I was 7” I felt weird talking about my past to someone I just met few minutes ago. “I was so confused and I didn’t know where I was. Then a doctor came in looking at me curiously ‘what’s your name little girl’ when he ask about my name I started to think who I was but no answer came to” I look at my lap and started talking again.

“When I didn’t answer he started to talk to other nurse. I didn’t get what they where saying but I knew it was about me and then he came to me again ‘its seems that you don’t remember your anything young girl but we will help you’ he said it and I believe him, but few months pass and I couldn’t remember anything. And up till now I don’t remember my past nor where I came from” then I look at Reo-san he seems speechless that a young girl doesn’t know about her past.

“U-um so luv” he tries to change the subject. “Why do you wanted to become a soldier” he said and I stop staring at my lap and look at him and I smile. “It seems that I always wanted to be one even if I didn’t remember my past” remembering the time I was in the hospital when I was younger. “I was always drawing myself flying the sky and protecting the people” I smile at Reo-san “it that so” the caption said.

I continue talking “ and then one day a man came a said that he was the one who brought me to the hospital” remembering how he came and fall down in front of me. I giggle and then Reo-san looks at me in a confused look and then I shook my head that it was nothing. “Then he told me what my dream was. Without me knowing what I was saying I told him I wanted to protect the people around and he smile at me”.

“He told me ‘want to come with me and I will make your dream come true’ I believed him and I said yes. After that I follow him and then I knew he was one of the teachers of the Military Academy and let me stay there. I been learning there ever since and now I’m here trying to fulfill my dream” I smile and Caption Reo also seems to be smiling.

“Then me and the others in 6th division will help you do your best” he said making me feel like this where I belong. “Yes” I smile and not at him.

Then I saw a tall woman. Well taller than me and to others probably average height. Sigh why I am so short. She had short brown hair and blue yes. She seems worry and then I saw Caption Reo walk to her well trying to walk well because of his injured leg didn’t let him. I heard him said “Is something wrong Commander Yagami” she look at him and seem not know this Reo-san approaching to her.

“a-ah sorry reo-san I didn’t know this you coming” she said to him “it’s ok and Commander is something wrong” he repeated his question. She responded “its just I’m worry of Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan they when to fight Alicia and they still haven contacted me”

~what happen if nanoha and fate are real~

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More filler chapters! *cheers* plus since Nanoha gave Lena the power of Projection magic...I figured I might as well go with it *grins* Warning: kinda long LOL

"U-um..." a nervous voice broke the commander's train of thought "g-g-good to m-meet you...C-comander Yagami" Moni shakily saluted

"Ah, nice to meet you" Hayate returned the salute "Are you new here?"

"Y-y-yes!" the nervous reply came.

"I would like to sit down and speak to you some more when things settle down" she smiled at the new corporal "but for now I have a important issue to take care of." She looked at Reo "Captain, would you mind showing her around the base for a while? I will take her off your hands later on"

"Ma'am!" Reo saluted

"Aruji Hayate" Signum walked up to them "I've confirmed the location of Testarossa and Takamachi Nanoha."

"I see" the shorter girl responded "I am on my way."

* * * * * * * * * *

"I wonder how those two are doing" One Yagami Hayate thought to herself as she headed towards Fate and Nanoha's house. They had moved away from their assigned room in RFVI when Vivio was officially adopted. It wasn't that far from where they were originally staying so the trip wasn't that much different. She held the umbrella up a little higher when the rain poured a little heavier "Those two got back really late and didn't even contact me so I hope everything is-" she stopped her mental thought when she noticed something peculiar.

Underneath the sign that read "F.T. Harlaown/ N. Takamachi" which identified the owners of the house just outside of the residence, was a figure. Hayate stopped in her tracks momentarily and took a mental picture of what it was before slowly approaching it. She then realized that it was a small girl sitting Indian style with her arms crossed in front of her and her head bowed. What struck the commander most odd was the girl was floating about two feet off the ground was surrounded by a light blue energy ball. The child seemed to be sleeping, however just the very fact that she was sleeping outside in the rain was enough to draw suspicion.

"What is going on here?" Hayate stood next to the barrier "What is she doing here?" she tried to walk past the girl towards the gate "...!" a gasp escaped her lips as she jumped backwards. Out of nowhere two giant swords materialized and formed an X in front of the gate as if to deny anyone entry. "What the-?!"

The figure inside the barrier moved. Her feet came down and made contact with the ground, her hands moved slowly to her side, and her head raised while the eyes slowly opened. Hayate gasped as she recognized who this was, grabbing the device around her neck and preparing to summon her armor if need be.

"Identify yourself and state your purpose" Lena ordered as she dispelled the barrier, water starting to accumulate on her hair, clothes, and exposed skin.

"Y-Yagami Hayate" the older woman was caught off guard "Commander, Riot Force VI" she continued being completely weary and cautious "I'm here to check on Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan" she narrowed her eyes "What about you?"

"I am Testarossa, Lena." the girl stated "My mission is to protect Fate Testarossa against all aggression." continued almost like a machine "Until such time that she fully recovers so that she could once again do battle with my mother."

"Your...mother?" the commander loosened her grip on the device as facts came together "Alicia! Alicia is your mother" her eyes widened

"That is correct" the almost robotic reply came. Her expression remained completely unreadable, which was frustrating for the commander since it wasn't clear whether the girl was indeed friend or foe.

"Will you come with me?" Hayate moved forward until they were both under the umbrella "I want to ask you a few things."

The girl looked up to meet the older woman's gaze "Why don't you go ahead and ask them" it was more of a statement than a question

"First of all" Hayate smirked "its raining and the setting is hardly the place for a conversation" she looked the soaked girl over "secondly I want to bring other people to this as well" she looked towards the door before returning to eye contact "lastly...I just want to sit down" she laughed lightly to herself.

"... ... Understood" Lena blinked once before straightening her gaze and taking a few steps from under the umbrella and into the rain "where shall we meet?" she called over her shoulder

"On the third floor main conference room" Hayate answered. The girl just nodded and continued walking slowly, her body getting drenched by the rain "Oh boy" Hayate sighed to herself as she watched the girl walk off "Have I got another problematic case..." she shook her head and looked back at the gate as the twin swords guarding it began to dispel.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Please be seated" Hayate called to the members that gathered in the room.

The table was lined with several members of the base to include the captains, the vice captains and the forwards. They all took their respective seats as soon as Hayate sat down. As one person, their gaze went towards the blue energy ball that was floating in the end of the room. Lena had reverted to her previous state outside of the Harlaown/Takamachi residence, except this time a small puddle of water accumulated on the floor beneath her as evidence that she had walked under the storm the entire time.

"Lena-chan" Nanoha called out softly, a little concerned that the kid might catch a cold.

The said girl floated to the ground once more and dispelled her barrier, walking up to the end of the table and choosing to stand rather than sit down. A short pink-haired girl was about to offer a towel, but the gesture was refused but a simple shake of the head.

"Please state your name and what you are doing here" Hayate began the session.

"I am Testarossa, Lena" the girl answered "daughter of Alicia Testarossa, your current enemy" she stated matter-of-factly "My current mission is as follows: To protect Fate Testarossa against all aggression." she didn't seem to mind having to repeat herself over and over.

"Wait a minute!" a blue-haired girl stood up "Isn't your mother supposed to be dead?"

"Subaru!" the orange-haired girl next to her hit her side and pulled the other girl down "show some manners!"

"S-sorry..." Subaru sat down slowly embarrassed

"Whether or not she is supposed to be dead is beyond my level of knowledge" Lena answered, her expression still unreadable even as water drops continued to fall from her hair, face, and fingers.

"What exactly are you?" a short red-head with a bunny hat asked as she walked up to the short pink-haired girl earlier and grabbed the towel "And wipe yourself off" she stood behind Lena and started to ruffle the girl's hair with the towel "I hate seeing kids soaked from the rain" she stated in an agitated tone.

"I am an artificial mage created with my mother's DNA" she answered, offering no resistance as her body was moved around due to the red knight's actions "enhanced with the combat cyborg abilities." she lowered her head when Vita's actions became a little rough

"Quit with this nonsense!" Vita increased her speed "You are a kid no matter what!" her agitated tone matching the movements of her hands.

"Then you are just like Subaru" the orange-haired girl spoke again

"Not quite Teana" Fate finally spoke up "she just said that she was enhanced with the combat cyborg abilities. That doesn't necessarily mean that she is one." she looked at a small monitor in front of her.

"But she should at least have an IS" Subaru responded "if she is in any part a combat cyborg like me then an IS would definitely be something she has" she cupped her chin and thought about it some more.

"What kind of Inherent Skill would she have?" a taller pink-haired woman asked the question.

"If I remember right..." Nanoha answered and sat back in her seat looking up at the ceiling "when she fought Alicia to protect me, she was firing all sorts of weapons that I had never seen before." she looked back at the girl in question and almost burst out laughing.

Everyone turned back just as Vita had finished drying the girl's hair. It looked like it was completely frizzled. Small suppressed laughter was heard around the room, but the girl herself didn't pay it any mind, nor did she do anything to fix her hair.

"That is correct Takamachi Nanoha" she answered normally despite her current appearance "My IS is Projection." and with that she held her hand out in front of her. A small light formed and took the shape of a staff. The entire room gasped when they recognized the said staff as Raising Heart.

"!" Nanoha stood up and walked over to the girl to get a closer look

"It is not real." was the reply "it is merely a copy...a fake of the original. Everything I project is always one rank lower than the true strength of the original weapon, therefore never being as powerful." she explained before dispelling the staff

"Fate-chan..." Hayate whispered so that only they could hear "I want to do a full analysis on this girl." her eyes becoming serious "however I will need your help."

"What do you mean?" Fate whispered back and then immediately her eyes widened when she realized what Hayate was asking her to do.


I blame Nanoha for that one :p Oh well now that she has projection magic I am more free to mess around kekeke. These filler chapters are the best time to enhance your characters, help us understand them more. Since there is little to no main plot action this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun ^.^ Good luck whoever goes next *grins*

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A bit long, this is just another Reo and Moni moment. Also, I would just like to say that I want to be aquanited with Moni in future tales, maybe make a brother and sister bond between us, that is all.

Walking down the halls inside the officers' sector of building three on the grounds of Mobile Division, Section VI, Captain Nicholas Brogan Reo was making as brisk a walk as he possibly could to the building's lounge area. Having been ordered offically as of last night by Commander Hayate Yagami, he was to lead the new recruit, known by the name of Moni, on a tour of the base and its surrounding area.
While walking he recalled the conversation he had last night with her, it disturbed and confused him quite a bit that she didn't remember who she was or where she came from, but he couldn't help but think that she's here now and that is all that matters, right? Well, whatever matters isn't at all up to him now is it, it is technically more up to the jobs of fate and the persons own consious to determine what matters to them, at least that is how it should seem to be. But he couldn't help shake the feeling that what matters to her should matter to him as well. Walking on a bit more he also recalled the last things he said to her before heading off to bed last night.
"Alright luv you heard the commanders orders. You are tah report tah me at 0800hrs tomorrow, sharp, so we can begin yer tour of the base. We'll meet in the lounge area of building three, it should be the frist building tah the left of the one we're in now, okay." waiting for her to nod in understanding before continuing he said again, "By the way do you need help finding yer room at all luv, I know the buildings around here can get a bit confussing at times, but once yer here a while it should seem natural tah you."
She looked up at me a bit meakly before stuttering out a "N-no, I th-thin-k I can find m-m-my room ju-just fine, sir."
Looking down at her a bit longer, he sighed and said, "Soot yerself than luv, but you don't have tah call me sir you know, yer not in my company. Reo is just fine luv, in my opinion sir seems a bit too harsh amoung friends," Before turning and walking off back towards his quarters.

Walking down the last few flights of stairs to get to the building's lounge area, Reo had to take just a step inside for him to notice Moni sitting around on one of the chairs in the lounge. Walking up to her he smiled at her before asking her, "Are you ready tah go luv."
Nearly jumping out of her skin, affectively knocking her out of her reverie, she took a few moments to recover from her fright before looking up at Reo. Taking a
few more deep breaths she stuttered out, "Y-you sc-sc-scared me si-, uhm, Reo."
"Sorry 'bout that luv, are you ready tah go now."
Nodding her head, she quickly fell in step with Reo as they walked, and limped, out of the doors onto the compound. Walking down the sidewalk a bit Reo decided to start their tour at the training grounds. Seeing it to be the most fitting since she would be spending most of her time there while staying with Section VI anyways.
Not wanting to stay in silence the whole trip Reo decided to try and tell Moni next to him a little bit about himself, asking her the question if she would like to learn a bit about him she nodded her head meakly for him to start.
"Alright than luv, my name is Captain Nicholas Brogan Reo of Mobile Divison Section VI," He said stating the obvious, "I am charged with the training of the men in E company of the ground forces since my transfer here about two months ago. I was born in the town of Daventry, England on non-administrated planet number 97. I am also a survivor of three large, and five small campaigns against the rebel forces throught our galaxy." Pausing he collected his thoughts real quick before asking Moni a question, "I know you said you can't remember much of yer past luv, but do you have any intrests, or anything like that? How 'bout what branch yer look tah go after here while being in the TSAB"
Thinking it over real quick she managed to stutter out a quick and audiable, "Airforce."
"Airforce huh, well, I guess it's a good choice, I've nevar really been a fan of flying tah be honest with you luv. If it were me I'd rather keep my feet on the ground you know."
Falling back into a comftorable silence they continued on walking towards the training ground feeling a little less aquard around eachother.

After taking a three hour tour around the base they returned back to the lounge in building three. Offering to buy Moni a drink Reo went off and came back with two bottles of water. Sitting down on a couch in the lounge they realxed for a bit until Reo got a look at the time.
Turning towards Moni he said, "Hey luv I have tah go and meet Doctor Shamal in a few minutes. You are tah meet the commander in her office at 1230hrs, do you remember how tah get thare luv?"
Nodding her head and stuttering out a yes she took a quick sip from her water to calm her nervs.
Continuing on Reo said, "Okay luv well I guess I'll see you later than. Here's my devices number, if you evar need me just give me a ring, alright. Well, see you later than luv."
And with that he walked off.

Courtesy of my friend Laevantien --
We stand alone, together

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After everyone calmed down about the fake Raising Heart I was already done telling Hayate that I would be the one to do a mock battle with Lena... so Hayate can get a full analysis on her.

"Alright then, everyone is dismissed except for Captains and Sub-Captains." Hayate ordered and the recruits left the room one by one. "You said your name was Testarossa, Lena wasn't it?" She continued once we were all alone with the recruits gone. She got a nod and everyone looked at Lena.

"I will not battle you if that is what you want." She simply stated.

Everyone in the room felt the tension coming and Nanoha glared at Hayate. "Hayate-chan, you didn't-"

"It's ok Nanoha. I'm the one that's going to have a mock battle with Lena." I stepped forward and Nanoha looked even more confused and worried. "Don't worry, it's just to-"

"I understand." Lena interrupted me. "In one condition." She closed her eyes and then opened them again. "Vivio has to not interfere." Everyone's eyes widened and Nanoha was the first one to speak.

"V-Vivo!!? Where is she?! Is she hurt? Is she-"

"She is here." Lena interrupted again. Hayate waved her hands in front of her in mid-air and opened many monitors, contacting everyone.

"Find Takamachi Vivio, immediately!" She commanded and the recruits and other officers saluted with a 'Ma'am!'. "She is somewhere in the base, please find her." Hayate closed all communications and turned to Lena. "What do you know that we don't?" Her face was more serious than it ever was before.

"I only have one objective-"

"I don't care about your objective or whatever you have to complete!" Hayate paced in the room. "If Fate-chan wins the mock battle, will you tell us what you know that we don't already know?" Hayate stopped pacing and looked straight on towards Lena.

She stared at Hayate like she didn't hear any word Hayate just spat out at her. She merely nodded and everyone felt the tension lower down. "Yes." Lena looked like she was smirking with a big 'I know you will not win against me' face.

We stood in Nanoha's battle grounds and the place was set up for us. Nanoha gave me the worried look and Hayate gave me the confident smile. Signum and everyone else just looked really serious to me to even tell if they were going to enjoy this or not.

"Whenever you two are ready!" Hayate shouted loud enough for the both of us to hear. "Get your barrier jackets on and I'll say start!"

"The truth is: I am madly, truly, deeply, passionately in love with you."

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Here you go Nanoha...

Fate summoned her jacket and prepared Bardiche, weapon poised and at the ready. On the other hand...the young girl did nothing but stare at her opponent.

"What is going on?" Nanoha whispered to Hayate "How come Fate-chan is the only one who has activated her jacket?"

"I don't know..." Hayate whispered back "but we need to make her tell us where Vivio is." she looked back at the field after a moment of silence "START!"

[Sonic Move] Bardiche called out as its master turned into a sudden blur. The blond suddenly appearing in front of the child with the weapon drawn back over the shoulder.

"...!" Fate gasped as she swung her weapon, unable to stop her movement.

"Guh..." the kid took a direct hit in the stomach and was sent flying into the building creating a hole in the side and causing rubble to fall on them.

All observers stood in shocked silence at what just happened. Fate had executed her attack and Lena did nothing-she didn't dodge, she didn't defend, she didn't even activate her jacket-she just did...nothing.

"What just happened?!" Nanoha screamed breaking the serenity of the training area "Fate-chan! That was too much!"

"I-I don't know...what happened" the blond answered, still unable to move due to the shock. "She just...stood there..." her eyes looking at the small cloud of dust that was beginning to dissipate

"Oi! Are you alive?!" Vita ran over to the building to go have a look.

Slowly but surely...the rocks that had piled up began to move. Buried underneath the slabs of concrete emerged a small figure, her normal clothes torn in several places and minor cuts and bruises were evident. Nonetheless...she managed to get to her feet and walked until she was less than 10 meters distance from Fate. Despite everyone talking amongst themselves and trying to figure out what just happened, she remained silent and kept her eyes on Fate's burgundy orbs.

"Why wont she attack?" Hayate whispered to herself "At this rate shes just letting Fate-chan win" she shook her head "I don't understand..."

Nanoha cupped her chin and thought as well. The whole situation was odd, Lena had agreed to this battle, yet here she was not doing anything at all to defend herself. There has to be some- "...!" Nanoha gasped making Hayate turn to her

"What's wrong Nanoha-chan?" the commander knit her eyebrows as she looked at her childhood friend in confusion.

"I have but one mission..." the child's voice played through Nanoha's mind "To protect Fate Testarossa against all aggression..." her eyes widened as the realization settled in.

Fate readied her next attack and charged.

"No! Fate-chan!" Nanoha screamed extending her arm and aiming it at the blond

[Axel Shooter] Raising Heart called as several orbs fired from around her master's hand

"...!" Fate looked to her side and noticed that several pink orbs were flying towards her. She closed her eyes and braced herself to get hit since there was too little time for her to dodge. A few moments later, she slowly opened her eyes and wondered why nothing had hit her yet. She looked in front and found herself staring at a small girl in front of her with her arm outstretched to form a barrier that stopped the attack. "N...Nanoha?" Fate looked at her lover and tilted her head.

"That is enough, Fate-chan" she lowered her arm "You cannot win this battle..."

"What do you mean?" Hayate asked the next question "Why cant she?"

"Because this girl" she lowered her gaze to meet the child's eyes "will never attack Fate-chan" she continued "even if Fate-chan were to kill her."

"You mean because it is her objective to defend Testarossa, she will not willingly go against her order even if its means her death." Signum clarified.

"Yeah" Nanoha nodded "That is why there is no battle to win." she walked up to the girl and dusted the child's hair lightly "How about we do a team battle instead?" she offered, turning to Hayate then to Fate. "The Testarossa Family vs me and Vita-chan?"

"That will work I guess" Fate nodded

"I don't mind..." Vita pulled out her device

"Nnn~" Nanoha nodded to the two before kneeling at eye level with Lena "If you can land one clean strike on me" she smiled "It will be considered your victory, how is that?"

The girl nodded after several moments of silence. She turned around and walked several feet away and got into position, Fate following shortly behind. Nanoha and Vita stayed in their spot. The girl took out her device and activated her armor, Nanoha and Vita doing the same.

"Dont you want to recover your injuries?" Signum asked out of concern, but a silent reply was all she received "I see..." she turned to Hayate "Both sides are ready Aruji Hayate."

"Alright" Hayate looked at both sides again, raising her hand into the sky "Begin!" she quickly lowered it.

Nanoha and Vita quickly took to the air to try and gain air superiority. Nanoha taking position behind Vita to fill in her center guard role while the red knight took her spot as frontal attacker.

"..?!" Fate gasped out in surprise as powerful blue binds wrapped around her body forcing her to fall down. A blue barrier then erected itself around her, effectively preventing her from moving "What are you doing?!" she shouted towards the girl who had just taken to the sky.

Lena charged at Nanoha like a blue bullet. Vita launched several orbs to intercept, hoping to force the girl to change course. Lena did indeed change course...but not because of her own volition. She was thrown back several meters as two of the four orbs launched struck her in the thigh and behind her back. It seemed, almost, that she got hit on purpose.

"What the?" Vita gasped out "Why didn't you dodge it?!" she growled angrily

"Ughhhhhhh" the girl suppressed her voice by biting her lip. She readjusted herself and once against charged at Nanoha.

[Protection] Raising Heart called out as Lena drew closer, transforming into Excellion mode

A surge of magical energy exploded as fist collided with barrier. Both combatants gritting their teeth as they focused more and more magical power into their respective positions.

"Oriyaaaaaaa~~!!!!" Vita came from the right and swung her hammer, hoping to break the contact.

"Puwah!" Blood escaped Lena's lips as the hammer connected with her completely unprotected side. Once again she found herself plummeting to the ground and through the top of the building.

"That's enough!" Nanoha screamed "Hayate-chan! Stop the fight!" she dropped her barrier "There is something very wrong here!"

"Agreed..." Signum nodded "However, even if we wanted to stop the battle...that girl will never let it go." she pointed towards the building that Lena had just crashed though.

"She is practically ignoring Vita's attacks..." Hayate noted "She even made sure that Fate-chan wouldn't be able to interfere or get injured..." she narrowed her eyes and erected her own binds on the girl in blue

"Hayate-chan?!" Fate called out

The child took one step then another...slowly making her way towards Nanoha's position despite the powerful binds wrapped around her body. The blue armor protecting the girl slowly dissipating and the energy gathering in her hand

"I don't believe this..." The commander's eyes were wide "Shes abandoning all defense...ignoring all other attacks...using half of her power to make sure Fate-chan doesn't interfere...all to win while maintaining her objective" she shook her head in utter disbelief "...what have I done..." regret gathering in her voice for getting angry and forcing this cruel battle. "Testarossa, Lena!" She called out "The battle is over! Stand down immediately!" she commanded

The child took to the air once more, using just pure strength to break the bind. Her eyes narrowed as she sped towards Nanoha once more. The instructor, who thought the battle was over, was caught off guard until RH stated a warning, forcing her to turn around and instinctively thrust her staff forward.

"...!" loud gasps filled the air, loudest of all was Nanoha's

Red liquid splattered on parts of her gloves. More fell on her staff. Even more began to flow and eventually drip from Raising Heart's orb. Nanoha's blue eyes shook in horror as she looked down. she followed her arms towards her hands, then down the length of the staff till it disappeared into Lena's stomach with the bayonet end protruding from the other side of her body. The child's eyes were shot open, but not a single cry of pain escaped her lips. Maybe her body didn't allow her to scream...maybe her pride would never let her cry in anguish...maybe because she understood her position that she couldn't. She grabbed the staff with her left hand and slowly drew her right arm back, gathering all of her remaining magical power.

[Protection Powered] Raising Heart stated despite being covered in blood.

A barrier came in contact with Lena's final attack. A frightening light erupted as the two magical forces battled for superiority.

"Rhaaaaaaaaaaa~~!!!!!" the girl finally screamed at the top of her lungs as she pushed forward with everything that she left...even if it wasn't much left...

The blue flame slowly started to die down as her power waned, however...the pink barrier began to crack. Slowly but surely...the barrier began to give way...

The barrier finally breaks...

With its destruction...the last of the girl's magical power vanishes. Her arm slowly moving forward...slowly advancing till her fist lands ever so gently on Nanoha's stomach. There was no power left in it, it was as strong as if someone had tapped you on the shoulder...

As if on que...the girl's body began to glow in a blue aura and ever so slowly began to vanish.

"W-wha-?!" was all Nanoha could say as she watched what was happening.

Starting with her feet, slowly working its way up her body, she started to disappear like dust in the wind. Her hands and arms followed as it continued up her body. Lena slowly raised her head to make eye contact with the shaking instructor. And before she completely disappeared...she stated one last very clear thing...

"I won...Takamachi Nanoha..."

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I watched wide eyed as Lena disappeared, not believing my eyes. Her faced was composed the whole time, not showing one expression of pain. I could here people around me yelling, but I couldn’t understand them, all words were burred out. I felt nauseated , my stomach turning in every direction. I couldn’t move, all I could do my hear Lena’s last words replay over and over again.
“I won…Takamachi Nanoha…”
“L-Lena-Chan….?” I said, trying not to break down. I was breathing, hard, trying not to puke, but I could feel it come up. There was no stopping it. I covered my mouth, but pulled it back when I felt warm fluid running down my face. Blood, lots of it. I couldn’t help but scream, scream at the blood that was not mine. It was everywhere. On my barrier jacket, my hands and now on my face. The blood was still warm, warm of the battle that just took place, warm of the girl who just lost her life becouse of me. It was still warm and that made things worse.
I felt hands wrap around me, pulling me in a tight hug. Fate. She was reassuring me, trying to calm me down with sweet words of nothing. I bent over and puked, puked all over her. Yet, she did not let go. She stayed by my side, holding me as tight as she could.
“Please, stop” Fate’s voice came in my ear. Her voice was shaky, raspy even. I realized I was shaking, shaking so bad that my whole body was swaying in the sky. She lead me to the ground, where we were greeted with worried people. I bent over to my knees and puked again, yet nothing came out, only empty air.
I could feel the presence of many people getting closer to us, making me cling to Fate, trying to get away from them. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breath. The only thing keeping me conscious was the fact that Fate was beside me, hugging me tightly. I could feel a weight coming onto my shoulder, making me wonder if this was what Atlas felt like when he had the world over his shoulders.
It made no sense…. Why? Why did she have to kill herself, just so she could win? I just couldn’t believe that just happened. I just…couldn’t.
My vision started to fade and I knew I was losing consciousness. I tried to stay, but my brain felt fuzzy and my heart was hurting. It felt like my heart was going to explode. I looked up at Fate and noticed she was crying. I tried to lift my arm up, but my whole body felt as if it was numb. I looked one more time at Fate, and whispered.
“I-I’m sorry…”


WHY!? I couldn't think of anything to yeah. BTW thanks Alicia-san, I have the weight because of you! ^ ^" Your to cruel

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From a man who talks about hats... "I did not proof read the second half of this what so evar.

[Erich and Jesington's POV]
"For chrissake Jes, vat is going on over z'ere!" Corporal Erich Himelburg yelled out exasperatedly to his good friend Jesingston Billard, his golden hair shaking along with his own head in a show of all his anger and frustration. He couldn't help it, being kept in the dark for so long after all the fighting earlier today was enough to drive any sane curious man nuts.
Earlier that day commotion of a mock battle between one of the top instructors and a little girl, most thought to be a new recruit, started to make its way around the grounds of Section VI. Though most of it circled its way through the Air and Naval forces, those lucky few in the Ground force that were around to hear about it were already busy bustling about with enough excited energy to make up for the entirety of the whole battalion. Though the mock battle did finish quite a while ago, there was still quite a commotion going on, from what they have heard, it had something to do with Instructor Takamachi.
"Hell if I know Hymm, and even if I did I would have told you by now," He replied back to his friend while trying to get a better view on the situation, "It's those damn navy an' flyer boys that keep blocking our view and you know that."
"Vell, z'at doesn't excuse any'zing Jes, vhy don't you push your vay through z'em z'an!"
"Your yelling's not gonna help me any you know Hymn, now stop your complaining and help me find a way through this mass of people."
After grumbling a bit more in anger Erich finally agreed to help push his way through the crowd. Stubbornly they shoved, stumbled, and felt their way through the mass till they were almost near the front of the training arena. Though they still could not see the famous instructor, by now they actually did receive word on what had happened. Neither Erich nor Jes believed it themselves; they still couldn't help but think on the matter. Takamachi Nanoha killing someone, in their minds it was answered simply as it can't be done. Even though they haven't had the liberty to meet Instructor Takamachi yet they still knew plenty of people that could vouch on Nanoha being one of the nicest people they have ever met in their lives. That is why it sounded completely up surd and unheard of when they we’re told Nanoha killed someone.
Still not quite near the front of the crowd, their attempt was cut short by the moving drive of at least six officers, two, maybe three from each corps yelling at the enlisted men to back off and head back to their barracks and daily training routines. Captain Reo, their company’s captain, was one of them. Yelling harsh words of hate to all enlisted men he saw within at least ten yards of Nanoha Takamachi, they weren’t really surprised to hear the amount of foul language coming out of their CO’s mouth. Though they did get a major kick out of watching all the other enlisted men gape at him for using such slang, their guess was they’re commander were soft on them.
Turning around slowly, Private Jesington slowly told Erich, “Let’s get going Hymn; we’re not really missing much here, at least, not now anyways.”
Nodding his head in compliance, Erich Himelburg quickly followed his companion out of the training arena and back onto the parade grounds.

[Reo's POV]
“Damnit, if these grounds aren’t clear by the time I count tah thirty, I swear tah Dea I will have every single one of yer asses’ court marshaled for insubordination!” Captain Nicholas Reo yelled out at the top of his lungs to every enlisted man he saw in sight of him. Navy, Airforce and Ground, he didn’t give a damn, all he wanted was to get as much of the pressure from the previous mock battle that happened just now off of Nanoha and Fate as best he could get it. And the best way to do that, he figured, was to yell at every single man standing in his way. Spending the better part of ten minutes yelling his head off at every enlisted and NCO he saw, he finally decided it to be clear enough for him to go up and discussing things with Captain Haralown.
Walking up to the two women he bent down so he could make eye contact with Fate. Just by a simple look into her eyes he saw a relieved thank you being emanated from their wonderfully crimson gaze. Taking the thanks he shrugged his shoulders off as if it were nothing and finally told Captain Haralown, “Grounds are clear for you ma’am, I suggest you get Nanoha out of her and to a safer location, at least until all this hustle and bustle calms down a bit. Jenkins!” He yelled out getting a reply back from one of the other surrounding officers, “Take James and anyone else you can find and make sure all other personnel are back tah their barracks or back on their duties, I want tah make their journey home as comfortable as possible.”
He replied back with a yes, sir and ran off to complete his duty.
“Don’t worry Nanoha luv,” he said turning to Nanoha. “I’m sure things will be write as rain in a few day, don’t fret about what all the rest of the recruits think, yer still the same person you were, don’t worry about those curious bastards none, things will be alright.” Not getting a reply back actually kind of saddened him but he figured things would be fine, turning back to Fate he gave her a nod signaling that it would be a good idea to leave soon before standing up and limping away back to his own duties.

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Here another Filler :D

When I and Reo-san when to different direction. I had a feeling I forgot something in my room. I thought and thought about 2 minutes and all of the sudden I remember what I forgot my device. Really why do I always forget something so important I never change do I, I sigh. I when to my room I was so glad that I didn’t get lost this time.

I look everywhere I couldn’t find it. I was getting really worry that I can not find my device. Then I bump into my backpack and my device fall from the bag. I got it my device the one and only thing that is from my forgotten past. “I’m sorry I forgot you, Justicia” I said to my device. Esta bien, señorita (its ok, miss) Justicia said to me in Spanish. I put Justicia around my neck to make sure this time I will keep it on my side. Then I look what time it was and I sigh at relief that I still have time to get to Commander Yagami office.

I feel that I been walking for hours but it was only for few minutes. The hallways of section 6 are so confusing I feel like I went in circle all this time. I should have asked Reo-san help but it’s too late now I can not call him because he might be busy. I felt I bump into something and then I look it wasn’t something it was a young girl. I was panicking and I bow “I-I’m s-s-sorry I bump into you” still bowing I heard the young girl saying “it’s ok”.

I looked at her this girl had two different color eyes green and red. She was smiling warmly and started talking again “I’m Takamachi Vivio and you” then I stated talking nervously “I-I-I’m M-Moni n-nice t-to meet y-you” and we were shaking hands “Nice to meet you Moni-chan” she said to me.

All of the sudden I remember what I’m suppose to do I have to get to the Commander’s office. “U-um Vivio-san can you tell m-me where is the Commander’s office” I said to her embarrassed not to know where is the Commander Yagami’s office that I been there yesterday. Vivio nodded pointed the way and explain where to go after that. I thank her and started walking and hope not to be late. “Bye Vivio-san” I said to her and she wave at me.

I saw a man coming where to Vivio is. I heard him said “Miss Vivio come with me your mom is worry about you” and I saw her nod and they walk off.

I started walking again to the office when I saw a group of men talking to each other. I over heard what they were saying “I can believe that instructor Takamachi Nanoha murder a young girl” one of the man said. “Me neither” the other man said “do you think its true Takamachi-san it’s a nice person we know” another man said they nod and when walking away.

Where did I heard the name Takamachi before and then I remember is the same last name from the girl I just met few minutes ago. Whats going on here I thought to myself and when to Commander Yagami’s office.

oh and yes my device is spanish YAY lol

EDIT: and nanoha sorry about the murder part i just wrote it because rumors are spreding ect...

~what happen if nanoha and fate are real~

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When Reo left we stood up and looked at the sky for awhile before I broke the silence. "Na-Nano... ha?" I stuttered, trying not to make her feel like crying again. She turned towards me and just looked at me. "I think we should... go." I walked the few steps that separated us.

Nanoha hugged me tightly when I grabbed her shoulders to lead her back to our room. She seemed frightened still. 'What should I do? I don't like seeing her like this... it's too painful to bare...' "Nano... ha... I..." She buried her head against my chest and shook her head slowly, a small cry coming out of her soft lips, even a sniffle could be heard.

I hugged her back just as tightly as she was hugging me. 'I don't know if being by her side would help her get over with this... I mean... it IS my fault that Lena... I don't even want to think about it... *Sigh*'

"Sorry... Nanoha..." I trailed off, not knowing what to say. "... sorry for not being able to... help..." I leaned my cheeks on her head and rubbed her back soothingly. I felt her stir and shake her head slowly after a long moment of silence.

"It's not... it's not your fault, Fate-chan... I didn't... I didn't know that she..." Something wet leaked through my shirt and made contact with my skin. I hugged Nanoha tighter and kissed her soft hair. "It's not..."

"Shhh, it's okay," I whispered. "You didn't know, it's not your fault just because you didn't know. Please don't blame yourself for what happened... whatever happened out there happened... and it happened for a reason... a reason that-" A small cry came out of Nanoha's soft lips made me stop talking.

"I'm sorry..." I squeezed her softly to emphasize my apology. "Do you want to go home?" She nodded after pondering on it and we walked slowly and in silence to our room.

When we entered upon scanning my hand to open the door I realized that it was hot and humid inside, very deadly. I rushed over to turn off the heater and turn the air conditioner on; Nanoha walking slowly behind me.

"I think we're going to fi-"

Incoming Call, Sir. Bardiche alarmed.

I tilted my head in confusion and just lost track of what I was going to say to Nanoha. I shrugged it off and smiled at Nanoha, getting a small smile back. 'Well, at least she smiled.

"Put it through Bardiche."

Yes, Sir.

A monitor popped up and I didn't recognize the officer. I looked at Nanoha and she shook her head slowly. I turned back just in time when the officer spoke to me.

"Fate-san, Ma'am!" He saluted. "I have seen Vivio coming back! We found her, she is with Lexis right now." He waited for one of us to reply. Nanoha and I just stared at him, shocked and happy to have found Vivio. "Ma'am? Any orders?"

"Keep..." I tried hard not to cry. "... an eye on Vivo and send her here directly without any delays, thank you for informing us...." I trailed off. 'I don't know his name...'

"Call me Kyo, Ma'am!" He saluted again.

"Alright then, Kyo. Thank you for everything." He said he had to go and we closed down our monitors. "Nanoha can you believe it, we fou-" I turned around and found Nanoha fainted on the nearby couch. A smile crept at the corner of my lips and I walked over to her to carry her bridal style, again, to our gigantic bed.

I carefully set her down and pulled the covers over her after taking her shoes off and putting them in the front entrance. I then walked back to the bed after I took my heels off and carefully got in bed. I snuggled up against Nanoha to get comfortable.

"I hope you sleep well and I hope I can do whatever I can to make you happy again... I don't like seeing you... sad like this..." I whispered, dozing off. 'I have to stay awake... to welcome Vivio home... can't... too tired... sleepy...'

My eyes closed on me, not being able to help but let them stay closed because of the days trying to make Nanoha happy again.


THERE! DONE SIS! HAPPY NOW!!! *Rubs eyes sleepily* Ugh.... I'm tired and I still have to do homework... my homework is waiting for me... *Covers mouth, yawns*....

"The truth is: I am madly, truly, deeply, passionately in love with you."

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Great chapter and all Fate but, didn't Alicia say you guys moved out of the bases buildings and into yer own home? Oh well, good job anyways though luv.

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"Mama!" a small girl called.

"...!" Nanoha's eyes widened as she saw Vivio running up to her. She ran with all haste and met her daughter half way. "Vivio! Vivio!" she hugged the child "I missed you..."

"I missed you too, Nanoha-mama" the Christmas-eyed girl returned the hug. "I have a new friend I want you to meet" she smiled happily after several moments "Come! This way!" she started to pull her mother's hand.

"Alright" Nanoha wiped the tears from her eyes and followed.

"Here we are." Vivio stopped in front of a small girl "Nanoha-mama" she turned to face the older woman "I would like you to meet me friend...Lena"

The girl turned around slowly as horror slowly creeped up the instructors features. The younger girl's body was covered in blood from head to toe, her stare piercing into Nanoha like a thousand daggers.Lena smiled softly at the older woman and extended her bloodied hand as if to show something in her palm

"I won...Takamachi Nanoha..."

"Aaaaaah~!!!" Nanoha woke up with a start, her body covered in sweat. "A dream?" she thought to herself as she looked around the room. The glow of the clock next to her bed reading 2:57 in the morning.

She looked over to her side and noticed Fate sleeping peacefully. The blue-eyed girl smiled to herself before slowly pushing aside the covers on her half of the large bed and stepping out. She walked over to the dressed and picked up RH.


"Shhhh~" Nanoha made the motion as she went to the backyard. The coolness of the evening air caressing her face and body. "I just need some time on my own" she told the device as she took to the air and headed towards the training field. she closed her eyes as she floated calmly through the air, allowing her worries to pass away. She noticed something odd as she approached the training area. A small flash of light glowed but slowly died out, almost as if a flashlight ran out of battery power.

She slowly flew towards the area and noticed a figure standing there. She descended quietly while activating her barrier jacket in case this was an enemy, her eyes becoming stern as she hit the ground.

"Nggghhh!!!!" a growl came from the figure as a small amount of light began to light up before once again fading into the darkness. The being dropped to one knee and started breathing heavily.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Nanoha demanded, RH pointed in front of her.

The figure stood up after a moment of silence and slowly turned around to face the instructor. Nanoha just about dropped her staff as blue penetrating eyes met her own.

"L..Lena...-chan?" her voice was shaky along with the rest of her body "no...this cant be real..." she began to shake her head in denial.

[Identity confirmed...this is real master.] RH responded

"I see you are doing well, Takamachi Nanoha." the girl responded.

"H-how?! Why?!" she finally managed to get her voice stable, her body on the other hand still shaking. "I...I....!"

"Yes, you did..." Lena nodded "you did kill me." she confirmed "Even if it was a projection of me. It was necessary to do since-" her words were cut off as her face ripped to the side.

"Baka!!" Nanoha screamed as she released RH and dropped to her knees in front of the child. "Do you have any idea what I've been through?!" she leaned forward placing her arms around the girl and hugging her tightly "Dont ever do that again!" she tried to state sternly, but her voice broke out into sobs.

"... I'm sorry" she turned her head back and faced forward "as I said it was necessary to-"

"No!" Nanoha shouted effectively cutting off the conversation "Never again!" she tightened her grip, her nails beginning to dig into the child's back. She shut her eyes trying to keep more tears from coming out "Promise me!"

"I cant do that..." Lena shook her head

"I wont let you go until you do..." Nanoha's eyes opened slowly and stared blankly at the space in front of her. It was a weak response...more childish than anything else...but there was no fight left in her.

"I can always shove you off" the child countered

"Yeah..." she loosened her grip and pulled back, looking the girl in the eye while placing her hands on the small shoulders "but you wont." she chuckled a little bit "I finally understand. I believe I finally understand you Lena-chan" she wiped her tears away.


The instructor nodded and she reached to her side and brought up a monitor, typing away at it till a bench formed for the two of them to sit. She led the little girl to the seat and sat down next to her, making sure to not let go for fear that the child might vanish again. "When did you do it?" she asked bracing herself mentally and physically for the answers.

"I was guarding your house when Yagami Hayate came by" she began, not really too concerned with the fact that Nanoha's arms were around her shoulders. "She asked me to meet you all in the briefing room, but I knew she didn't trust me and I knew that if I were to be around several powerful members that there would be a chance I would get killed." She leaned back a little bit and rested her head on Nanoha's arm while looking up at the stars "That's why I risked killing myself in order to project an image."

"But how did you?" she turned her head to look down at the girl "There is no mage that is strong enough to make something that real! I mean Teana can only make Visual copies of herself."

The girl simply raised her right hand to her neck and pulled down her shirt a little bit, allowing a small clear light to present itself.

"...!" the older woman gasped "A jewel seed!" she cupped the girl's face with both her hands "Do you realize what you have done?! That thing will kill you!" she said more out of concern than chastisement "That is too much power for any one person to handle!"

Lena's eyes softened a little as if she knew all long "... ...Creator and weapon must share the same fate..." she averted her eyes. "That is all there is to it."

"You are not a weapon!" Nanoha's voice now sounding like an angry mother "You are a human child with an incredible sense of justice!" she placed her hands on the kid's shoulders again to emphasize her point. "There is more to being alive than completing missions." her eyes locked on to their counterparts. "I have to make her understand this...or else she has no future..."


"What were you doing earlier?" she decided to change the topic. "Were you practicing your projection?"

"I was" the girl nodded "but when you killed my other self, the recoil severely damaged my linker core." she placed her hand on her chest "that's why I was unconscious till 2 hours ago and that is why I was barely able to move until recently." she looked at her hands "I have to get back to how I was."

"Dont be so reckless!" she chastised "You have to let yourself recover!"

"I have a personal goal" she smiled a little bit "You are the only person so far that has managed to match me and show me an incredible battle. So I have no intention to losing to you. I will win even if it means my death."

A flashback of the event flooded Nanoha's mind. "Dont you understand?! There is more to life than winning! That is no reason for you to just throw your life away like that!"

"Takamachi Nanoha...for you who has everything, it may seem foolish." she looked down at the blue necklace hanging around her neck "but for me who has nothing...this is everything I have."

"..." Nanoha was at a loss for words, she tried to think of something-anything that she could use to counter the heavy weight of loneliness that she saw on the small shoulders. "Stay with me..." she pulled the child close "and I will protect you from everything..."

Lena considered Nanoha's words for several moments before finally standing from the chair, positioning herself in front of Nanoha. She dropped to one knee, draping her right arm across her chest and lowering her head. "Understood...Takamachi Nanoha..."


@Reo thats an easy problem to fix, they could always have hand scanners at their front door so. Anyway, now you can do whatever from here Nanoha *grins* you got yourself a new "weapon" kekeke~

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Alicia-san...You meanie...T.T

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We walked in silence, on our way back home. I couldn’t talk, I was just glad Lena was still alive and well. Well for the most part that is. She was a mess, her brown hair was bunched up everywhere, and her clothes had rips and tears in various places. Her usually blue icy eyes were now brown, and unfocused, something I’ve never seen from her before.

We walked down towards the path that lead to my house, seeing the house just come into view. I opened the gate and lead Lena in. Walking I reached the door and put my hand on the scanner, and the door silently slid open, letting us in. We walked till me got to the kitchen. I turned around and smiled at Lena. “Lena-Chan, would you like something to eat? I bet your hungry.” She shook her head.

“I do not want to intrude.” She said, her face going in a tight frown.

I looked at her sternly. “Sit” I said pointing to a chair at the dinning room table. She hesitantly sat down at the table, and watched my every move as I got her something to eat. I opened the refrigerator, and looked around, finding only yesterdays leftovers. I sigh, taking the contents out of the fridge. and put it in a bowl, and then in the microwave. I need to ask Fate-Chan to remind me to go to the store later.

The microwave beeped that it was done, and I opened it, placing it on the table. Lena stared at me, and shook her head. I placed my hands on my hips and narrowed my eyes. “We can do this the easy way or me can do it the hard way. Which one would you pick?” She picked up some chopsticks and started eat. She soon picked up the pace and ate every single bit. I simply chuckled at the site. “I told you. I would make you something else to eat but I’m afraid we don’t have anything else, so I hope you can wait till the morning.” She just nodded, standing up again.

“I understand, I am fine now. Thank you for you hospitality.” She got up and came to my side, dropping to one knee in a bowing manner.

“H-hey don’t do that!” I whispered. “Here get up.” I offered my hand and she got up, looking confused. “Why do you do that? You don’t have to you know.”

“I am sorry Takamachi Nanoha, but it feels like it is my duty too” She said, her face composed and her eyes focused on me. “I am sorry if it offended you, if it is your wish then I shall stop.”

I sighed, putting my hands on her shoulders and I put a smile on my face. “It’s not like it offended me, I’m just telling you that you don’t have to do it. I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.” She simply nodded. I grabbed her hand, making her jerk in surprise, which I shrugged off, and lead her upstairs. I was debating whether or not I should wake up Fate, but I thought it over. She needed her sleep. She may not have known this, but I know she hasn’t been getting enough sleep, I can see the shadows under her eyes.

I put my finger to my mouth, motioning her to be quiet. She nodded and we made our way to the guest room. Lena’s hand disappeared underneath my hand, and I turned around wondering were she went. I looked around and spot her pinning Yuki-Chan to the floor.

“Nya! Lena-Chan what are you doing!? Please let go of her!”


Sorry if it a little fast at the end, took me a while to find somthing to write on lol

BTW sorry about that Yuki-Chan ^ ^

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I blinked a couple of times, staring at Lena. "A-ano..." Was all that came out of my lips. Lena had serious and intense eyes locked on me, like I was an enemy or intruder or something that had snuck in to attack.

She let go of me slowly when Takamachi-san pulled her by the shoulders, jerking her away from me. I stood up slowly and dusted myself off. 'What was THAT all about? I shrugged it off, thinking it was probably nothing.

"Well... what is this..." I stared at Takamachi-san after looking at Lena. "Takamachi-san? Hm~? You know Fate-nee-san wouldn't like it if you do that behind her back, why don't you just ask her?"

Takamachi-san stared at me and nodded her head slowly. "Y-yeah... I can... but I can't at the same time..." She averted her gaze and I just stayed staring at her, waiting for an answer, not getting one I sighed and walked out of the room.

"W-wait!" Takamachi-san called behind me and I stopped in my tracks. I turned around and she averted her gaze again.

"What is it?" I asked after a moment of silence.

"U-um... c-can you not tell Fate-chan... about Lena-chan, please?" She was hesitating, meaning she knows what will happen if Fate-nee-san knows.

"Takamachi-san, I-"


I blinked twice and tilted my head to the side.

"Just call me 'Nanoha'. I don't like formal, 'Nanoha' is just fine." I nodded slowly and opened my mouth, already almost saying 'Takamachi-san' again.

"Na... Nano... ha.. -san?" I said slowly and she nodded, satisfied. I turned around again, but was stopped by Lena this time.

"What did you mean by it when you called Fate Testarossa Haralown 'Fate-nee-san'? I thought-"

"No no." I shook my head and smiled. "Fate-nee-san isn't my REAL sister. She's someone that's LIKE a sister. She saved me... and well, I was born to protect her... like what the prophecy had foretold..." I looked away sadly and looked back up to meet Lena's gorgeous eyes. They were truly beautiful, even though they were brown. It matches her.

"W-what do you mean 'like the prophecy had foretold'?" Nanoha asked slowly. I looked at her then back at Lena and sighed.

"I'll tell you one day Taka- Nanoha-san..." I turned around and went out the door without the two stopping me this time. On my way out I saw a very upset Fate-nee-san standing in the hall. A sweat dropped and I became nervous after seeing her glare at me intensely.

'Oh boy... this will be a loooong night...'


It's okay Nanoha. xD I don't mind at all. (:

"You can close you eyes to reality but not to memories..."

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~~Interlude Chapter~~

I turned around and headed to the window.

"W-wait!" Nanoha called behind me.

"You have more important things to worry about right now...Takamachi Nanoha." I stated as I opened the window and took to the air. Leaving Nanoha, Fate, and Yuki to have their argument.

"I cant believe this..." A voice erupted into my mind causing me to suspend my flight.

I looked around and saw nothing but the crescent moon and several clouds in the sky. The training center below me was empty and there was no other living being within my sight range.

"What do you mean?" I called out into the darkness, my senses heightening.

"You don't get it do you..." the voice spoke again "What are you doing? These people helped you recover! How could you just leave like that?!"

I whirled around several times and maintained my defensive posture before finally looking down at my chest and seeing the Jewel Seed that was implanted in me begin to glow. Moments later a girl was projected in front of me, as a matter of fact, it was myself except this time clothed in red battle armor matching her solid eyes.

"What do you mean 'how come'?" I spoke to my copy.

"Why did you accept something like that and just up and leave?" Her eyes narrowed. "This is just so unlike you..."

I lowered my guard seeing that even though she was fully armed, that she was here more to converse than to engage in battle.

"But...they..." I lowered my head.

"Yes, go on" she urged, patiently awaiting my response.

"They are still my enemy...despite the orders I was given." I raised my head in response.

"And just because of that you are going to betray your own feelings?" she crossed her arms.


"You are such an idiot" she chastised

"Eh?" I was taken aback

"I called you an IDIOT!" she reconfirmed "Are you really happy with that?! What you are doing is completely and utterly stupid!" she pointed a finger at me to express her point.

"I know that..."

"No you dont!" she screamed at me "These people are kind, even if they are your enemy right now. After all the fighting is over, maybe they can give you the chance you are looking for!" she clenched her hands in anger. "Are these people really nothing more to you than enemies...?" her voice lowered



"I'm not lying!" I shouted back

"I know you are lying!" her eyes began to flare up. "I am your other self! I know what lies deep in your heart!"

"Then just let it go..." I lowered and shook my head "No matter what you say..."


"I am just a weapon..." I smiled weakly at her "I don't deserve to have a life."

"That is exactly what I don't understand..." she looked at me with pitiful eyes " that case I will do it for you!" she began to fly back to the house I just left

"Wait!" I grabbed her hand and stopped her, but she broke from my grasp and glared at me

"Do you want to be like this forever?!" she screamed, her voice pushing me back. "At this rate nothing will happen! Why are you so indecisive?! Do you really want to let go of your dream when you are already half way there?!"

"I would still be happy even if that's how it is!" I shouted back, feeling my eyes begin to sting a little.

"Why...why are you so desperate to crush me..." she began to cry, her red eyes marring with liquid. "Why is it that you wont take this chance to make your dream a reality and be happy?!" despite us both being in the air, she took a step towards me "WHY?!"

"To be happy..." I rolled her words over in my mind.

"That's right! You hate being alone don't you?!" she took another step "Despite that iron-walled, self-destructive exterior of yours deep down you are lonely aren't you?!"


"Dont you ever want to be happy, Lena?!" she effectively cut me off

"...I do" I responded after several moments of silence. "But, this is fine..."

Her eyes widened as if she knew the rest of what I was going to say next

"I am nothing more than a weapon after all..."

"Lena!" she screamed once more before finally backing down "Are you saying...that its better off if I never existed..."

"No!" I reached for her hand "That's not it!"

"YOU LIAR!" her sudden shout made me back up and release my hold. "It's useless to lie to me" she began wiping her eyes "Have you forgotten already? I exist in the innermost regions of your heart..." she dropped to her knees

". . ." There was nothing I could say to that, nothing at all.

"Even if you insist...I will never truly be happy..." her sobs began to get less muffled "If you are concerned, even in the slightest about me..." she raised her head to look me in the eyes "At the very least consider what I have to say..."

I clenched my teeth hard and lowered my eyes to avoid contact with hers. I did everything I could to keep myself from crying, but I was battling myself. What kind of defense do I have against that?

"...It looks like this isn't going to work out..."

"Eh?!" I raised my eyes to match hers

" that case..."
she stood up and wiped her eyes clean "it would be better if I was gone for good."

My eyes widened "No! You cant!" I tried to reach out toward her, but her body began to disappear.

"For your sake as well as my own...please...think it over."

"Wait!" I called out desperately as she vanished, her voice now the only thing remaining. "Dont leave me! You cant disappear!" I called out to the darkness "...I beg you...stay with me..."

"Take care of yourself...Lena..."

With that last statement gone, I felt a biting cold creep up my body. I dropped to my knees and hugged my body tightly. After a few more moments, I decided to descend to the ground and find a quiet place to sleep and calm my turmoiled mind. The Jewel Seed that once shined brightly had now dimmed to where it seemed that no power had been left. I hugged my knees and buried my face into them, trying desperately to stop my eyes from watering...till I finally caved to exhaustion.


I went ahead and did it as an interlude since it didn't really affect the story, that and Reo already posted hehe. The only thing its really going to affect is where she is in the morning. 10 points if you get the reference. Dont worry no one will die this time even if no one gets it lolz.

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"What do you mean they never showed up for guard!" Captain Nicholas Reo yelled out while slamming his fist on his desk. "I gave them specific orders sergeant, no, I gave YOU specific orders tah send them out to replace the evening guard at 00:00hrs, and what do I find! I'll tell you what I found, two men, two of MY men that are now considered AWOL and the two previous men that were on evening guard missing from their post! Who do you thinks going tah have tah clean up this mess sergeant, me that's who!" Stopping to take a breath, Reo let that sink into the very nervous NCO's head before he continued.
"Now what do you think yer going tah do now sergeant, I've already learned that you can't keep track of two of my men, how can I trust you with the others." Reo seethed out his last few words like a very poisonous venom just ready and waiting to leap out onto his pray.
Sir! "The sergeant shouted back to the captain, now crisp in attention out of fear, "I will call an immediate formation of the men, sir!"
"For chrissake you bettar!" The captain yelled back, "Now get the hell out of my office before I have you demoted and replaced by a man who is competent enough tah do yer job properly!"
With that Reo slumped back into his chair from the exasperation he had just had to go through just after the sergeant left. Rubbing the bridge of his nose to help calm his nerves, and also to try and help bring up some form of thoughts to help explain the matter, he began to put together his feeble minded attempt of an excuse he could use to try and hopefully get the commander off his skin on this predicament. Ever since he got transfered to Section VI he has been harped on by the commander day in and day out for dea knows what reason in the first place. He always had his suspicions on what Commander Yagami thought of him, but right around his second month serving under her command he finally settled on a combination of being untrustworthy and some type of human stress ball. An “untrustworthy stress ball” he liked to call it, even if the ordeal was stranger than anything he has ever seen or heard. But even that doesn’t excuse the matter at hand.
Going over a few more possible outcomes his meeting with the commander may hold, because of the loss of two of his men, he finally felt satisfied enough to stop brooding on the subject and just decided on waiting for his call to the commanders office. Finishing up a bit more paperwork, and going over some troop status reviews and their daily training techniques, he finally got the ring he was loathing for.
Captaen, ag fanacht leat glaoch a dhuine uasail. (Captain, call waiting for you sir) He heard his device ring out in a surprisingly good Irish accent (for a machine that is) and sighed out grudgingly before answering the call.
A monitor showing the commander popped up almost immediately, showing him a very irritated face that held a gaze that had ice cold blue eyes looking right at him, no, right through him, as if he was nothing but a pawn she wished to get rid of. If it wasn’t for the monitor in front of him right at the moment he could have sworn that the commander would have punched him right there and now. Hell, even with the monitor being there, he was half expecting her to somehow find a way to make her fist punch through the screen and nock him right out of his chair, but she didn’t. Instead of saying anything to the captain Commander Yagami just kept on staring. Taking the hint, Reo sighed out again before pushing himself away from his desk and telling Hayate, “I’ll be thare in a moment ma’am, just give me a few minutes.” Before shutting down his monitors and walking out the door of his office, for possibly the last time in his life.

[Flashback][Last night, you know the night whare Nanoha finds Lena.]
” I can’t believe we were put on midnight guard again Jackie! What the hell does the Captain think we are, we’re not bolts of lightning that’s for sure; I just don’t know why he can’t see that!”
“Oh calm your head Del; I’m sure the Captain has a perfectly logical explanation for what he’s doing.” Jackie responded back to her comrade’s angry bahaviour.
“Perfectly logical explanation, you’ve got to be kidding me Jackie, what kind of explanation could he possibly have for all of this.”
“Maybe we’re the best for the job? Did you ever think of that Del?”
“Why in dea’s name would we be best for the job?! I’m pretty sure that there are at least twenty other men in our damn barracks that could do the same job as us, if not, a better job!”
“Well…maybe he just doesn’t like us, who really cares either way Del he’s just doing his job either way.” Jackie spoke again trying to reason with her friend Del.
“Oh, let’s not start this again.” Del cried out in annoyance, not wanting to hear the same story again.
“That Captain has done his duty on the front lines for years now, probably in conditions much worse than ours, remember what he always says, “A prepared soldier is a living soldier.” Jackie recited back to Del, having Del join in matching her word for word half way through her little statement.
“Dea’s sake Jackie, you say that just about every time we go somewhere.”
“Well I wouldn’t if you just learned to stop complaining about your orders Del. You should know by now it’s pointless to complain anyways.”
“And that is why?” Del countered back.
“The facts that if the Captain caught you he would have you running double the amount you normally do.” Jackie replied back rather matter of factly.
Thinking about it for a bit, Del finally said back to his friend, “Touché.” Before dropping back into the unsettling silence their walk always held.
Coming down to about 200yrds within the range of the checkpoint they would be taking over, they noticed a figure moving down the side of the road rather slowly towards them. Like it was just an ultimate mass just making its way from point A to point B for reasons they couldn’t happen to understand. Picking up their pace a little they moved a bit closer to the figure so they could ask it a question. For some reason an ominous feeling held in the area around the figure that neither of them seemed to like, and though they didn’t want to confront it, they couldn’t just turn around and disobey their orders. Maybe they could even help the person if it was in a good enough mood. Drawing a bit nearer, they came to just about within ear shot range when Jackie started asking the person if he or she needed help. Just then, the figure drew out its device and had it activated before either Jackie or Dell could even blink, let alone let Jackie finish her sentence. Within seconds of the change the figure deactivated its device again and kept on walking. It kept on walking slowly down the side of the road leading towards the grounds of Section VI, moving past two, now unmoving, bodies that were lying slumped in a heap on the side of the cold, hard, dirty ground they were just walking on that cool summer’s night.

Walking into the commander’s office Captain Reo took his place of attention in front of the commander’s desk. Saluting briefly just after, he waited for her to return the favour before returning to his position of attention. Though he tried to keep his mind off the matter while he was standing in front of the commander, waiting for her to express her words of disapproval towards his actions, he couldn’t help wonder if this would be his last day at base. Maybe the commander would have him demoted and shipped out of her outfit to, maybe, Section III. Or maybe she would send him back up to the front lines, he would never know until she spoke.
Just finishing up with a call from what looked like one of the bases MP's, Hayate shut down the monitor in front of her and turned her attention towards the captain standing at the front of her desk. To Reo, he didn’t know if the change of expression on her face should scare, or relieve him. Again more and more thoughts began whirring through his mind on what the commander might say. It was then that Commander Yagami did say something. “Captain,” She began, “I believe that we may have found your two missing men.”
“You did!” Reo almost shouted back to her out of surprise and relief, maybe he wasn’t dead after all. “Thank dea Commander, once I get my hands on them I tell you I’ll have them kicked right out of th-“
“You can’t,” She said interrupting Reo in mid sentence.
“Excuse me ma’am?” Reo asked back more than a little bit quizzically.
“I said you can’t,” She said again, almost whispering it this time.
“And why can’t I ma’am.”
“Because,” She began before pausing, trying to decide if she should just be blunt or not. “Because Captain, they’re dead.”
“They’re dead! But how is, how is th-that possible!” He slowly stuttered out.
“I don’t know Captain, all I know is that I want you to head back to your companies barrack and organize an inspection of the men. Restrict their passes and limit the number on their activity time if you have to when you get back. I don’t want a soul leaving or entering this base after today. Spread the word around to any other officers you happen to run by as well. We are putting the entire division under lock down until we find this intruder. Do I make myself clear?”
“Ma’am, yes ma’am!” Reo replied back rather crisply before saluting. Getting a salute back he took that as his queue to leave before heading off back down towards his companies barracks, where, a hundred some odd men now stood waiting for him to give an inspection due to his previous excuse of two missing men.

I have no idea if this will tie into the plot, all I know is is that I had an idea in my head and it seems like it will add a new type of evil to the plot development. Alicia if I were you I'd try and work this figure to your benefit (for I have no real reason why I wrote it in.) ^,^

Courtesy of my friend Laevantien --
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I looked out the window where Lena disappeared, and felt my stomach twinge in pain. I could tell she was in pain, not just physically but also mentally. She was lonely. She wanted someone who would take care of her, love her. I saw the signs before, but now things were different. Before she would hide them, cast them aside somewhere deep inside her, so only she would know of them. I’m not even sure she even realized it up until now, but those eyes of hers, the ones that were always composed, free of any hesitation, only looking forward and nothing else. The ones that told me she was afraid of nothing, wanting only to complete her missions. Those eyes that were now empty, full of nothing else but pain and sadness. Those eyes that were just screaming for someone to love and save her. It made me think about Vivio, and how lonely she must feel right now, not being able to see her mothers.

I looked behind me, and spotted my lover staring after Yuki as she made her way to Vivio’s room. She then look at me, her expression made my heart hurt even more. She looked like she was about to say something but stopped, when we heard a knock on the door. I looked down the stairs, and back at her, before walking down to the door, yelling that I was coming.

Fate at my heels, I opened the door, and found myself getting tackled to the floor, hitting my back hard against the tile. I could tell that was going to leave a mark in the morning. I groaned in pain, and looked up at my attacker, seeing Christmas colored eyes. She stared back at me, a mischievous smile forming at her lips.

“Vivio!” I yelled, hugging my daughter, this time making her fall to the floor. I felt tears well up in my eyes, as I hugged her tightly. “Were have you been? You know how worried I’ve been?”

She simply chuckled, and then gasped. I immediately jerked back, my face covered in worry. I looked down at her and noticed that she was pale. I put my hand over her cheek, ready to ask what happened, but she smiles and held up her hand, making me stop. “Mamma, I’m fine. You just hugged me to the point that I couldn’t breathe is all.” She looked at my face and went on. “Really I’m fine, I was just taking a walk. I was planning on heading here first, but something happened that stopped me.” we heard foot steps and looked up as Fate, ran up to Vivio giving her a hug, tears already running down her cheeks. “Fate-mama, I missed you too, and as I was saying to Nanoha-mama, something stopped me from getting here.” She replied to a question Fate asked.

“What stopped you?” Fate asked, not trying to hide how worried she was. Vivio stood back, and frowned. She then shook her head.

“Do any of you know what happened today, or yesterday depending on the time? Down at Riot Force 6 I mean?” Fate and I shook our heads, confused, and more worried. Vivio sighed, and explained. “A couple of hours ago, Section 6 was attacked, well not so much as attack, because only four members were killed, but an attack is still an attack. The culprit is still unknown and all I know is that they just attack the front gate, and left. No one knows why.”

Fate immediately popped up a screen and started calling people, as I just stared at my daughter not sure how to react. Many things were popping in my head, and I did not know how to handle them. Could it be Lena-Chan? I thought. No that can’t be it, she told me she was out cold until now. Who then? Alicia-san? No, she would still be in recovery. I looked down at the floor, biting my lower lip in frustration. Unless she was in the hands of another Jewel Seed; she would recover quickly, like Lena did. I shook my head. No, that can’t be it! Alicia wouldn’t just come here to kill only four men, she would’ve came to fight Fate. Then again, I don’t know her, she could just be here to provoke us, maybe even take back Lena-Chan if she knew she was alive.

I felt a warm hand touch my shoulder, and I looked up at Fate’s worried gaze. “Nanoha, is something the matter? You seemed troubled.” She said. I looked at her, and realized I zoned everyone out, making everyone worry. Vivio was even staring at me worriedly. Which made myself remember. Were was Vivio this morning before I thought I killed Lena? Lena told me she was here, all this time, meaning were was she for the past day? She told me she was busy but she only explained a few hours of her absence.

I shook my head, and forced a smile, making Fate’s frown deepen. “I’m fine, I was just thinking about some stuff. Really I am.” I added when she was about to speak. I looked at Vivio then, and glared at her. “And missy where have you been for the past day?” Vivio’s frown turned into a guilty grimace, before she looked away.

“Before that I would like to visit Auntie Hayate” She said, avoiding eye contact. “Please?” She finally looked at me, her eyes pleading.

“Vivio, it’s late, wouldn’t you want to wait till it’s a little later? I bet she’s asleep at this time.” Fate agreed with me, nodding her head as I spoke.

“Mama, I’ll be fine, besides I really need to go see her. I promise I’ll talk to you guys later about everything.” She smiled us, trying to reassure us.

I frowned. “I-It’s just that you just got back and all…” Fate said, wiping away some tears. Vivio gave Fate, a hug and then went and gave me one.

“It’s alright Mama’s, I’ll promise to get back quickly so we can talk some more.” She got up and I went to walk her to the door. She stopped one more time before, opening the door and walking out. I watched her leave until she was out of sight.


Vivio walked down the path towards Section 6, using simple magic to light the way. As she got closer, she heard crying coming from the trees to the path. Being the kind hearted girl she was, she walked towards the sound, worried about the person who was out here so late at night. She lower the magic when she got closer, afraid she would scare the girl. The sniffing stopped, and a girl with brown eyes stared back at her.

“V-Vivio?” She said, surprised. She slowly got up, staggering in the process, and walked towards her.

“Lena-Chan? What are you doing here?” She looked around worried that someone would spot them. Lena smiled sadly.

“Do not worry, no one knows I’m here, only your mothers, and the girl Kamishiro Yuki know I’m here.” Vivio smiled at the girl, then skipped forward her arms behind her back.

“That’s not it, I was just wondering why you were crying is all.”

“Takamachi Vivio, you always did care about my feeling didn’t you? I would have missed that.” Lena looked away sadly. She then shook her head and looked up, forcing a smile. “I am sorry that I am like this, I have lost something dear to me not to long ago. Enough about me, where were you off to before you spotted me?”

Vivio’s smile faltered, and her eyes shot away, having a new interest in the sky. “I was just on my way to see Hayate Yagami, the commander of Riot Force Section 6. Have you met her yet?”

“Yes, I have met her.” Lena nodded, telling her to go on.

“I needed to go talk to her” Her eyes met Lena’s and she smile again, her eyes still hesitant. “How about this, take a little walk with me? Tell me what you were crying about, and maybe I can help. I’m not sure if I could, but maybe I can. I’m also sure Auntie Hayate would like to see you again, she too, can help if you ask.”

Lena’s eyes immediately brightened. “You really think she can help?” Lena grabbed Vivio’s shoulder, her eyes filling with hope. She then to a step back, and bowed. “Please forgive my rudeness. I just got a little excited.”

“It’s alright, I can see you really need some help, come lets chat.” Vivio chuckled, walking towards her destination. Lena hesitantly walked along side her, and started to tell Vivio her sad tale, wondering what her reaction would be.


Sorry this took so long...>.> so now its finally up. Alicia-san I'm not even sure this is what you were planning but OH WELL~

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Ok just for the record...this next part is freaking long. I mean it says 3973 words on my word counter. Sue me :p

The two girls continued to walk towards the Yagami residence, chatting lightly as if they had been friends forever, the blond haired girl walking slightly ahead while leading the way.

"Wait" the brown haired girl stopped "I should not be here"

"What do you mean?" Vivio asked, turning around when the other girl stopped

"Right now everyone else thinks I am dead. It would be unwise for me to step closer." she looked sternly at the girl in front of her "the only reason I was even in your house to begin with was because I was found by Takamachi, Nanoha." she turned around and took two steps before stopping again "By the did you know who I am."

Vivio looked down at the ground "I...saw you before you were born." she confessed "I was there...with your mother." she walked around and stood in front of Lena "She was my former master when she placed a device on me to keep me controlled." she reached behind her right ear and under her hair and detached a small metallic object

"I see..." Lena noted, immediately recognizing the gadget. "So how come you still have it?" she watched as the blond replaced it and covered it with her hair once again

"I honestly don't know" Vivio looked up at the moon "Your mother did order me to destroy it once I returned here, knowing that my memories would be erased." she turned her gaze back to the girl "For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to do it."

"I would think after being controlled against your will that you wouldn't want any memories of that time." Lena spoke up after a few moments of silence "I know mom could be a little hard to deal with sometimes..."

"To be honest" the two started walking back the way they came "I was never treated badly, not given any horrible orders." she looked up and thought back at her experiences "I was treated more like family than a mind controlled slave"

"A family huh..." the other girl muttered to herself before looking up at Vivio "I thank you for talking with me...and helping me make my decision." her eyes returning once again to its former self.

"You're welcome" the Christmas-eyed girl smiled "Hey where are you going?" she asked as she watched her friend head into another direction.

"To settle things with myself once and for all." Lena called over her shoulder before facing forward again and continuing.

Vivio followed silently several paces behind until they arrived at the Riot Force VI training area.

"Come forth once again..." Lena speaks to the silence in front of her "I have made my decision!"

As if reacting to her words, the jewel seed in her body that had shut itself off began to glow with power once again. Particles of light sprout forth and took the form of her mirror image once again. The girl's red eyes opening slowly as if awakening from a dream.

"Why have you summoned me...?" she asks, a little agitated.

"What is going on?" Vivio stared wide-eyed at the phenomenon

"I have come to ask for your power once again" Lena responds to her mirror image, completely ignoring Vivio's question "I want us to fight as one once more."

The red-eyed girl shook her head "No. You have denied me-your own heart! Why should I fight with you again?!"

"Because..." she turned her gaze to Vivio. "I want our families to be together."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Lena's mirror began to laugh as if it were the funniest thing in the world "They are enemies! You will never be able to convince mother or the others to back down from their positions and you know it!"

"Still!" she took a step forward "I must try! If I can get both families to become one then there will be no more need for battle!" she reached her hand forward "But I cant do it alone...I need your help"

The projection raised her hand "Then convince me" her eyes narrowed as red armor formed around her body "But you know you cant win. You may be the mind, but I am your heart. Denying me is the same as denying your own existence."

"I see I have no choice in the matter." Lena raised her device "Soten!" she called out and blue armor formed around her.

"Wait! Why are you two fighting each other?!" Vivio jumped in between, trying to stop the massive surge of energy that was building

"Takamachi, Vivio" the girl in red spoke "this is a battle between the mind and the heart" she glared at her opponent "You have no right to interfere"


"Vivio..." The one in blue responded, turning her gaze to the blond "Its ok...this is how it should be. If she wins I will never bother her again, but if I win..." she shifts her gaze "then we will be united once more."

"You cant..." Vivio shook her head and started to back up as both combatants nodded in silent agreement to the terms presented.

The two of them step closer and closer. Close enough that they can strike each other, however both of them are empty-handed as the two knights prepare for battle.

"We do not have a specific power" the girl in red speaks

"Yes, so the only way to battle is a competition of projection" the one in blue responds, creating twin swords in her hands.

The girl in red takes another step forward as if to serve as a signal. The exact same twin swords appearing in her hands. The opposing swords sweep through the air drawn together like magnets and clash into each other.

"Keh!" the one in blue reels back.

The same swords, the same techniques clash again and again. Every time the blade connect and chip away, the body of its master becomes wounded as well. The two combatants fly through the field like red and blue bullets. The only observer to the battle barely able to keep up with all the action.

"Argh! Guh!" Lena grits her teeth as the weapon on her left hand shatters.

The projection's weapon continues its arch and manages to catch her opponents side. The cut itself was not deep, however it could become fatal with time. Lena bears the pain and swings the weapon in her right hand while preparing her mind to project the left weapon once again.

"Wha...?!" she stares at the shattered weapon that was in her right hand "I dont understand!" she curses herself "We have the same swords and techniques! So why is it that she is so much strong than me?!"

"Do you think our weapons are really the same?" the girl in red answers the unasked question "Even if you get the appearance and the composition materials down, it is a matter of course for it to be destroyed if the structure is not reasoned out." she raises both weapons to strike down "In other words your heart wasn't in it." she grits her teeth "which should be obvious because you are FIGHTING IT!"

"Yaaa!" Lena raises her hands and projects the weapons again, barely making it in time to deflect the attack. Each time she creates them, her mind suffers more as her magical energy is forced to compensate for her lack of concentration. she rolls a number of meters across the floor "I have to take the initiative!" she tells herself

"What? Giving up already? I always knew you were weak. Now you should know just how weak you are when you don't have the heart to back up your convictions!" the girl spat out almost in rage

"Haaaaaaaaa!" Lena charges and projects her weapons again

Sparks fly and the girl in red is forced to the defensive. A blow from the side. A downward swing. A circular arch. A straight thrust. Lena follows up with feints and attacks from all sides. The girl in red parries every hit, but little by little she is pushed back

"Hnggg...." she clenches down. For some reason she doesn' she cant return the attack. Almost as if she cant keep up with her opponent's burst of speed. Suddenly, she jumps back, creating distance between them. "Tch..."

The combatants stare at each other in surprise.

"That speed" she began asking the same question that was on both minds "Was I really that much faster?" Even though her mind was burning, her body felt light and her weapons felt as if they weren't there at all. She charges again and this time aims for a downward swing which is faster than anything shes ever seen before.

"Argh!" The projected girl gets pushed back again the attacks keep coming giving her no chance to counter. Another twelve rapid barrages connect and she is forced back. The onslaught is pushing her closer and closer to the edge of the training field.

Lena charges and performs a low sweep forcing the other girl to jump.

"Its over!" the one in blue declares her victory. With all her might she thrusts upwards. "Eh?" However there is no sign the blow connected.

"No way" Vivio called out from the side.

Beyond the reach of Lena's twin swords, her opponent's boosts dangle in the air. The next instant one of those boots comes rushing down and strikes Lena's face.

"Gah?!" she is forced back as pain gathers making her nose very hot. "Uwah!" she grunts out again as another strike is made. The next strike hits the back of her head forcing her mind to go black. She forces herself to focus despite the pain and raises her guard.

"Above you!" Vivio screams out forcing the girl in blue to look towards the sky.

"You are certainly strong..." the airborne one admits "however without conviction your strength is nothing." she prepares her weapons "Now its my turn!"


The red bullet dives down like a hawk and slashes. Her opponent raises reflexively raises her weapons, but only barely manages to deflect the attack. The force of gravity augments the vertical blow. Taking this attack causes enormous stress on the defender's joints

"Ugh...ghaaaa!!!" the blue knight screams out as metal scrapes on metal. Sword on sword. Projection on projection. The weight of her weapons feel heavier and heavier as if trying to crush her under its weight. "Hrrrrrrrgghhhhh!!!!!" her knees are about to give but she forces them to straighten and resist the pressure, knowing that if they give out, its all over. After a few more moments she pushes the immense weight upwards as hard as she can

About ten paces away the red knight lands lightly. "Ugh" she recovers from the recoil.

On the other side of the field, Lena is barely managing to stay up, her breathing is ragged and deep. Taking this chance the red knight charges again. The knight in blue raises her already damaged weapons to block.

"Gaaah!" she manages to catch the attack, but the crash runs through her entire body and makes her lose her grip.

The sound of broken glass echoes through the field as both combatants are once again empty handed. All four projected weapons shatter under the devastating force their master's place behind them. The girl in red doesn't allow her opponent to recover and is already soaring in the air.

"Fly Lena!" Vivio shouts out "Take her out in the air!"

"She wont be able to" the voice from above called out making the other two look up "I am the core of her power. Without me she is almost powerless."

"No way..." Vivio looked in horror

Without her aerial capabilities Lena is a sitting duck for her mirror image's barrage. All she can do is predict where the attack will land and try to get away from that spot. Unfortunately, the girl in flight has mastered trajectory and dives down at incredible speed.

"Gwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" the blue knight screams as the attack connects and severely cracks the swords she projected at the last minute "Gahhhhh!" she cries as she flies from her spot and is thrown. A shock runs through her body as if she had jumped off a moving truck. She cant even breathe.

"Well what's the matter?" the red knight lands and steps forward as if to check on her opponent's situation "If you don't seize this opportunity. I will jump out of your range again." she mocks as she strikes yet again.

Once again the attacks are deflected with rapidly projected weapons and all four swords shatter upon contact. The red bullet moves and closes the distance, this time aiming for the heart with the weapon that was being projected in her hand.

"...!" the blue knight raises her guard and swings her last minute weapon with all her strength to match the attack. She falls as she is repelled and lands with her back on the rubble. Her blood staining the ground from the multiple wounds shes received. Of course both of them are wounded, but she can tell that she is far more damaged than her opponent is.

"Its over Lena" The red knight's voice echoes "In the end the thought that you could change people who are set to be enemies has no conviction after all."

"I have to keep going..." the girl screams at her aching body "I still have a mission to protect Fate Testarossa against all aggression..." she urges on "But I need her help to make everything work! Come on! STAND!"

"Its useless" the opponent speaks "I am your heart. You should realize that you cannot match me."

Lena gets up, slowly but surely and once again projected the twin swords. Ignoring everything else, she swings. She attacks, convincing her body to keep swinging until her remaining energy runs out. Each attack is met with a counter.

"When you denied me back then..." the knight in red began slowly "you denied your own existence and the very faith and trust Takamachi Nanoha placed in you." She swung her weapon "She could have given you a new life!" her attack now full of anger "Yet all you did was spit on it! You have no right to carry on the Testarossa name!" She swung down with all her might, forcing the girl in blue to drop to her knees and scream in pain "At least let me do us both the honor of giving you a clean death..."

The words spoken stab into Lena. She knows that what her heart was telling her was true. Here was someone who was wanting to give her everything she dreamed of, yet she crushed that person under her heel. Now she believes that she can just go back on her words and make both sides come together? What hypocrisy. She braces herself against the attacks, the fingers holding onto the swords start to break.

"I'm sorry...Takamachi Nanoha..." she apologizes to the person who is not there as her mind begins to give in. However...for some unknown reason, her body denies it with all its might. It tells her that shes wrong. Its screaming that its wrong to give in and die here...

"You denied your very heart because you are weak! You wanted a family like them, but yet you do everything in your power to get away! You claim to be satisfied being near them only because you were 'ordered to protect'! Let me tell you something: such hypocrisy cannot protect anything!" She grips the sword with both hands and swings horizontally, knocking the blue knight clear across the field. "You are worse than scum..."

Despite all of that...Lena steps forward, holding her ground. She knows she will no longer be able to get up once she falls so she is desperately trying to stand. She knows she has to do something, anything! She must convince the girl in front of her! She reaches into her core and prepares herself for death. "Even if I die...I want at least her to know...that I was not mistaken..." her mind makes itself up as she glares at her opponent once more. "I am the bone of my sword..." she mutters the words without realizing it and pours determination into her body.

"You don't get it..." her image shakes its head in pity.

"I wont lose to you! I don't mind losing to someone else but I cannot lose to myself!" She attacks while on the verge of death. Her fingers are broken, her limbs are slashed, and her breathing as stopped without her realizing it. Her speed is nothing and her attacks are mediocre, however her attacks are far more powerful than before.

The girl in red hurriedly jumps back, but its too late. Lena's foot catches her in the stomach. The red knight manages to land on her feet but she got the wind knocked out of her. She tried to regain her balance but it was just enough of a delay for the attacks to continue.

"Guh!" she tries to catch her breath, but the next attack lands on her raised hands knocking the projected weapons into the air as the secondary kick came flying at her face. Her field of vision begins to go red

The blue knight takes this advantage and uses the last of her strength to project one last set of twin blades.

"Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!" she screams at the top of her lungs as she charges full speed and implants her weapon into her opponent's chest.

A silence falls on the battlefield once more. Vivio watches in utter shock. The two figures are together, neither one moving. The two girls look at each other and silently reach the same verdict. Lena slowly pulls her weapon out and falls to her knees, her weapons vanishing into the air.

"The match is settled...and you have won. As promised I will grant you all of my power." the red knight smiles softly and places her hands on the other girl's head and releases her abilities for a short while before...

"Uwah!" Lena screams as she is pushed back, she looks up and noticed the girl in red skewed by multiple yellow arrows.

"What is going on!?" Vivio screamed.

"What a pitiful battle..." a voice calls out.

High in the air a lone figure presides over the battlefield

"Alicia!" Vivio breathes

"So you have chosen to side with them." the older woman glares at her daughter "That makes you my enemy" anger now filled her eyes. She raises her hands as another barrage of yellow arrows form. "Good bye, my daughter." She releases the rain.

In the midst of the chaos the red bullet flies. She dashes and pushes Lena once again. Their eyes connect with each meets blue once more and in that time the red knight's eyes tell her.

"You defeat her..."

"I...cant do it!" Lena's eyes scream back as both of them separate.

The girl in red smiles softly before her body glows and disintegrates as her magical energy is once again dispelled and returned to the sleeping jewel seed. Lena saw it before the girl disappeared, those red eyes full of confidence that stated the very last message.

"She is no match for us...Testarossa Lena."

"Lena! Lena!" Vivio calls out and tries to get the girl from losing consciousness. Panic taking hold of her as she frantically looks for a way to help. "Come on we have to escape!"

"Vivio!" Nanoha's voice came from the edge of the battlefield "What the heck is--Alicia!" she glares at the woman in the air. "What have you done?!" she screamed looking over at the girl in Vivio's arms.

"This is a family matter, so you have no right to interfere Nanoha." Alicia declared without taking her eyes off her daughter "I have come to finish a job"

"I wont let you!" Nanoha raised her device "Raising Heart! Set up!"

The instructor took to the air and initiated combat the moment her jacket formed. Rage now filled her mind. On the grounds, Vivio did everything she could to keep the dying girl conscious.

"We have to restore your magical power somehow!" she stated while taking care of Lena's wounds. She began to think and tried to recall everything she remembered from her past life as a Belkan king as well as everything she studied in school. She needed something-anything that would help. Finally it clicked...


A scream made the younger girls look towards its direction. Nanoha had been sent to the ground with Alicia's katar aimed at the brunette's throat.

"Its time to say 'Good Bye' Nanoha" the blond grinned and started her attack.

"I declare! Thy body shall be under my command!"
Vivio's voice caused the blond's attack to stop. "My fate shall be determined by thy sword!" her voice began to echo in the open field, a magic circle formed under her feet "Follow my call...if thou wouldst obey this mind and this reason." Alicia's eyes widened as she recognized what was happening. "Obey me! Then I shall entrust my fate to your sword...!"

Lena managed to reach her arm out and touch the other girl. "I accept your oath under the name of Testarossa Lena! I shall accept you as my master, Takamachi Vivio!" she shouted out as large surge of magical power flowed from Vivio's magic circle into her sleeping jewel seed, once again recharging her drained linker core.

A blinding blue light illuminated the whole area. At its core stood the dying girl. Her armor now formed, but completely different from before. Instead of the usual blue jacket known as a Robe, it mimicked Alicia's intricately made armor down to the last detail, in her hands were the all too familiar twin blades. Though her body was practically broken, she stands undaunted ready to do battle once more.

"So this is what it comes to..." Alicia narrowed her eyes. "I guess we will have to settle this later" she turned back to Nanoha before taking to the air and into the night once again.


Yeah I know its long...sowwiez! I altered my character's path now that Vivio has returned. This should also start bringing the story to its climactic battles. I cant wait to see the match-ups! I also threw a couple interesting references in there hehe. Also I made sure Vivio doesnt you people in the chatroom can stop saying that I am a Vivio hater XD

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I dropped to my knees, letting out the air I was holding in. I clutched my throat, breathing out heavily. I looked to the sky, trying to see if Alicia was anywhere in sight. Seeing no one, I looked over at Vivio, and Lena. I stumbled up, and ran over to them, throwing my arms around them. I felt Vivio’s hands automatically go around me, while Lena just stiffened. I pulled back to look into there faces, Vivio’s face going into a grimace, as Lena looked at me confusingly.

“Are you two okay? What happened?!” Vivio smiled at me, making the frown, I carried, deepen. Her smile faltered. “Vivio what did you do? I don’t understand.” Lena also looked at her.

“Nanoha-mama, it’s kind of hard to explain. Lets just put it like this; I remember reading somewhere, when I visiting the Infinite Library with Yuuno-san, and I read that in the past, meaning the Sankt Kaiser times, that they’d give some of their powers to help strengthen worriers, in exchange for them have to pledge themselves to them. I remember reading about one in particular, I don’t remember who, but the story goes like this. A worrier was protecting her princess from a surprise attack, and nearly got herself killed. The princess did not want that to happen, since they’ve been friends for a long time, and she gave her a piece of her linker core, and asked if her worrier would pledge herself to her. The worrier agreed without hesitation, and the princess healed her, making the worriers wounds heal, and strengthen her powers by double of what they use to be. After that the worrier fulfilled her duty, and never left the princess’s side. Since then, it has been like a tradition for the chosen worriers to pledge there selves to their saviors.” She then turned to Lena. “I’m kind of surprised you knew what was going on, considering that this act hasn’t been done in over a century.”

With out even a blink of an eye, Lena answered. “My mother keeps tons of books in her study. It was a pass time when I was not on my mission.” She then looked at me, before her eyes darted to the ground.

Pushing myself to my feet, I offered my hands to the two girls on the floor. They both took it and stared expectantly. I sighed and looked down at both of them. “Okay, you guys were heading to Hayate-Chan’s room am I correct?” The nodded in unison. “Not anymore you aren’t” Vivio looked at me confused. “We’re heading over to Shamal’s, I want her to check your wounds.”

“Mama, we’re fine. What part of “healed rapidly” don’t you get?” I narrowed my eyes, and looked past her to Lena. “Lena, does it hurt anywhere?”

She shook her head, and frowned. “As Vivio said, Takamachi Nanoha, my wounds have healed.”

“That doesn’t matter to me at the moment. Even so, having done that so abruptly, it has to have it’s prices. Like…” I stared done at Vivio, making her shrink back. “You losing a lot of energy, and your linker core.”

“Nanoha-mama, I swear I’m fine, just look at-” I grabbed hers and Lena’s arm, making her stop mid sentence, and started walking to find Shamal.

“No buts!”


“Nanoha-Chaaaaan…” Shamal’s worried voice came into my ears. I looked up, and saw her staring worriedly at me.

“Y-Yes?” The whole time here, I’ve been thinking about what Vivio did to Lena, not knowing that Shamal’s been calling me.

She shook her head, and combed her hair with her fingers. “I told you to go get something to eat while I checked on them. Have you been here the whole time?” I simply nodded and got another sigh. “Nanoha-Chan, really. You need to take better care of yourself.”

My legs bounced up and down, as I ignored her comment altogether. “Shamal-san, what of Vivio? Lena? Are they okay? Was there any problems with any of their linker cores?”

“Wow you really are a mother aren‘t you?” She stated, and chuckled at my new glaring face. “Nanoha-Chan, relax. Everything’s fine, perfect actually.”

“Does that mean their fine?” I got a nod, and I let out a sigh of relief. “Good, I don’t know what I’ll do if anything happened to them.”

I felt warm hands at my shoulders and looked up at Shamal’s gentle face. “Don’ worry, nothings wrong. Vivio’s linker core was a little low-” She shook me slightly as she saw my eyes widen. “But, she’ll live. She’ll recover it back in about two days, if she rest, and takes it easy.” She narrowed her eyes playfully. “But knowing her, she’ll be like you and do that exact opposite.” I cracked a smile, just as a worried blonde entered the door.

She looked around, spotting us, and rushed over, her questions already leaving her lips. “Nanoha! Are they okay? Is Vivio okay? What happened!? Why didn’t you call me? I was so worried!?” She shouted out.

I put my finger to her lip. “Shhhh….This is a hospital, keep it down. Their fine Fate-Chan. Vivio’s linker core was a little low BUT” I added. Looking at her face.” She’ll be back on top in no time. Lena’s…” I turned to Shamal. “How’s Lena-Chan? Was there anything wrong with her?” She shook her head, hers eyes sparkling.

“Nope, not one thing was wrong with her. Quit the opposite really. Her linker core was above a normal average ones, and her health couldn’t be better. There’s not one wound on her body, it’s like they were never there. It’s surprising really, I’ve never seen anything like it.” Her eye’s turned serious then. “But if it’s alright with you, I would like it if she’d stay for a bit longer, incase something does show up in the near future.”

“Are you sure, because I’m sure-”

“If you think that’s best, then please, be our guest.” Burgundy eyes stopped me, as she told Shamal. ‘We can never be to careful. Shamal simply nodded before smiling and walking away, saying she had other business to take care of.

“Mou…Fate-Chan…I’m sure Lena-Chan will be fine. Why does she have to stay? I’m sure she’d like to go home.” Fate’s eyes brows rose, as she lead me to a nearby couch.


I looked at the floor, before raising my eyes to look at hers. Her gaze tore into mine, and I lifted my courage to speak. “Yes, home Fate-Chan. I-I was wondering…”


I started to fidget with my hands, pressing both my index fingers together. Warm hands wrapped around them, making me stare up at their owners. Fate’s eyes were gentle, as if she knew what I was going to say next. She just wanted to hear it from me first. “Fate-Chan, I was wondering. Would it be alright if Lena-Chan stayed with us? For the time being I mean. She doesn’t have a home right now, as Alicia-san stated before. She would be lonely by herself.”

“Nanoha, really do I seem like the type of person who would leave someone out there, all by themselves?” I shook my head.

“That’s not what I thought, its just-” Lips touched mine, as she stopped my sentence. She pressed her forehead against mine, and smiled gently at me.

“I know, I just wanted it to be out here. If it is what you wish, then Lena could even stay with us, but we would need to ask her first.” I smiled widely, and kissed Fate’s cheek, making her chuckle.

“Fate-Chan you’re the best!” I then hugged her, getting a hug back in response. She pushed me back lightly, and I looked up at her questionably.
“I have no problem with her staying with us, but can you tell me what happened back there? I was really surprise when you called me, saying that Nee-Chan came and attacked you, and Vivio made some sort of pactio deal with Lena.”

“Alright I’ll tell you, but I don’t really know what happened before I arrived. I need to asked them, when we get out of here I mean.” She nodded, and I started to tell her the whole story. How Lena pledged herself to Vivio, and how Alicia attacked her.


Alicia stopped and landed down near flat ground. She stumbled forward before collapsing on the ground, panting for air.

“Dimmit! This was not how it’s suppose to be!” She pounded her fist against the ground, causing cracks to form. “How am I suppose to kill Fate now. Mother’s not going to like this. I need to fulfill my mission, it is mothers last wish, but…” She looked sadly up at the sky, and she felt her eyes sting. “Why? Why would she betray me? My own daughter even.”

Her eyes turned up in shear anger, eyes glowing fiercely. “It’s her fault. She made my own daughter turn against me.” She said, voice full of venom. “If it wasn’t for her, then Lena wouldn’t have turned on me.” She stood up, and started walking over to her home, a new idea forming inside her.

She smirked to herself, liking her new idea way to much. “I guess killing my sister will have to wait. I mean what better way to get to her, then killing her lover?” She walked into the doorway then, and opened the door, stepping into the dark.

You better watch out Takamachi Nanoha, I’m coming for you next.”


Sorry it took a while to post. ^ ^;

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Warning: You have been warned. Written in Nanoha's POV just because.

"I see" Fate nodded after listening to the entire story. "But what kind of pact did those two make exactly?" she wondered as she looked through the glass at the two girls sleeping inside.

"I don't know myself" I shook my head "I wanted to ask Vivio some more, but..."

I looked over at Vivio who was sleeping on the bed with several screens monitoring the girl's recovery, before turning my eyes to the kid's companion who was sleeping next to the bed floating in the air and surrounded by a blue barrier. I began to wonder if the second girl has ever slept on a warm comfortable bed before.

"Why wont she come with us?" Fate asked after a few moments "Vivio is ok right? So why should she stay?"

"I don't know" I responded "She said that as long as she has the relationship of Servant and Master, that she would never leave Vivio alone."

"Hmmm" the blond noted "I should go report this to Hayate-chan." she placed her hand on my shoulder "You should go home and rest. You must be tired from the battle earlier. I will be home later after I finish up the reports ok?"

I was reluctant to agree, but she knew that Fate could easily beat me in any argument right now. After all, I couldn't say she needed to watch Vivio when there was a powerful guard right next to the child's bed.

"Ok...Dont work too hard ok? Take a break if you have to, even if it means you sleep at the office tonight" I gave her motherly speech.

"Yes mother~" Fate teased as she headed towards Hayate's office. "See you later Nanoha"

"I better get going myself then..." I sighed before giving one last look inside and heading home.


I relaxed a bit after getting out of the shower. I sat on the couch after took out a drink from the fridge and sighed as I poured myself a glass and slowly started to drink a little bit to calm my nerves.

"Nanoha?" a familiar voice called from the doorway.

"Ah, Fate-chan" I greeted from my seat "you finish your report?"

"Yeah" she nodded before sitting down and pouring herself a glass as well, letting the alcohol flow through her body

"Ne~ Nanoha.." she looked over at me, the effects of the alcohol starting to work "Do you like me?"

"Eh?! F-Fate-chan?" I jumped a little at the surprise question

"Nnnn~" she shook her head "nothing."

We sat and sipped our drinks and made more small talk until I finally couldn't take it anymore. She deserved an answer so I sat my drink aside and got up. "Don't move." I said as I approached. When I was near enough, I leaned down and kissed her deeply, my tongue quickly slithering in to find hers. After about fifteen seconds, I withdrew and stood in front of her. "Does that answer your question?"

"Wow!" And then she showed me a wide smile. "I should say so." she blushed some more

I went back to my chair then and took up my drink again. Before taking a sip, I said, "It was better that time, more relaxed maybe—something—but definitely better."

"You won't get any argument from me." she said shyly putting the glass to her lips to keep from having to say anything.

"Still, I think we can do better. This is only our first drink." I teased

Fate laughed, "Then drink up. We have plenty of booze."

When she returned from filling our glasses for the second time, she walked past me and sat them on the coffee table. Her meaning was clear. We were going to move to the sofa. "I'll go get out of this--"

"No." I stopped her. "Please."

She smiled, "You like it that much?" she grinned

"Yes, very much." I admitted

"Okay then." She sat down and patted the cushion beside her.

The instant I sat down, she slid her hand around my neck and drew me to her, teasing my lips with hers for a long while before kissing me fully. When her tongue joined mine, she slid her hand down and gently cupped my breast. My body responded immediately, and that's when I knew for sure that everything was okay—everything that was going to happen between us was okay.

When we came up for air, I said, "I should go change into something . . ."

"Less." She giggled, "Much less."

"Less, yes." And I walked toward the hall, glancing over my shoulder once. She was taking up her drink, and her smile was ear to ear.

"Perfect" she said when she saw me reappear wearing only a button up nightshirt and panties. I had only buttoned the bottom three buttons. When I took my place beside her, fully expecting her to kiss me right away, she only handed me my drink and let her fingers trail over my neck, teasing at the ends of my hair. And then she cooed in the sexiest voice I'd ever heard from her, "We're going to have a lot of fun later."

I forced myself to look at her, "I do like the kissing."

"You'll like the rest of it too." she grinned at me

"Yes, I think I will." I agreed

"In the meantime" she purred, leaning over enough to give me a soft kiss on the lips, "This is nice—just being here like this."

I raised my glass to her and then took a sip. "Yes, yes it is."

We sat facing each other, our arms on the back of the sofa, our fingers mingling and teasing those of the other. Every once in the while, we would, as if on cue, both lean forward and kiss tenderly. Sometimes it wasn't even really a kiss, but more of a soft brush of our lips. Sometimes it was sillier, with our tongues meeting openly for a quick flick. Those times were most often followed by a giggle or wink. They were fun.

At one point, she took my hand and guided it inside the V of her dress. She pressed it to her breast and let me watch as she tilted her head back and let out an appreciative sigh. I reciprocated, pulling her hand to me and urging it to find my breast beneath my nightshirt. When it was in place, I knew what she was feeling. We were feeling the same thing at the same time. Still, the looks between us—those looks of desire-of postponed fulfillment—those looks of trust and understanding—of love and need and passion delayed—those were too powerful to abandon for the sake of immediate physical satisfaction. It was, after all, a dance—a slow waltz, and the band would play until we signaled them to stop.

It was a very long time before Fate finally slid her fingers under the hem of my panties. And it wasn't long after that before we retired to her bed. As her lips, tongue, and fingers roamed over my body, the feelings were "nice". I won't lie to you about that. I will try to neither exaggerate nor downplay that part of it. But that wasn't the overriding thing that I took away from it. When her lips and tongue found my clit, she seemed to know exactly when to press on and when to back off. And she seemed to be able to read my needs, knowing when to nibble lightly and when to exert more authority, more command. But that wasn't it either. The ultimate difference was when she peered down into my eyes just prior to kissing me, and I could see in hers the understanding of what I was feeling. It was the way she seemed to know, the way she seemed to penetrate my very being and become part of what I was experiencing.

I did enjoy doing things to her that I thought I would never do—that I never imagined doing—that I never desired to do or dreamed of doing. I enjoyed the feeling of her nipples between my lips and their texture as my moist tongue swirled over them. I enjoyed the way her body reacted to my touch and the way her back arched when I managed to do just the right thing at just the right time. And I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of her sex. I enjoyed hearing her deep guttural moans as my ministrations proved more beneficial to her need. I could barely maintain position as her thighs twitched and her body arched and shook and jerked and convulsed. It was incredible seeing the seemingly strained and agonizing surrender—her unbridled release of orgasm.

Finally...after several more "rounds"... sleep befell us.


"Urgh...." I slowly woke up and crawled out of the bed "that alcohol last night really did me in this morning" I looked over to the other side of the bed and noticed it was empty. "Fate-chan?" I looked around groggily before making my way to the living room. There I noticed a little white envelope with a thunderbolt seal placed on it. Curious, I opened it and took out the letter. "This is weird" I frowned as I couldn't read the words that were written on it. "I better go ask her about this later" I spoke to myself before dressing up and heading back to the hospital wing.


"Nanoha!" Fate greeted me while I was sitting at Vivio's bedside "Did you sleep well?" she asked "Good morning Vivio" she turned to the girl

"Good morning, Fate-mama" Vivio greeted before turning her attention back to her servant.

"Fate-chan?" I turned my attention "What did you mean to write in this letter?" I tilted my head

"What letter?" She asked confused as much as I was.

I pulled out the envelope and showed it to her. She took out the letter itself and began reading.

"I have no idea what this says" she shook her head. "Who gave this to you?"

"I thought you wrote it before you left this morning" I shrugged

"Nanoha...I was at the office all last night. I slept on a bed that Hayate-chan prepared for me since I was too tired to go home and...Nanoha?"

My eyes widened with fear as her words came out.

"Allow me to look at that" Lena walked over to me and reached for the letter

"Can you read that?" Vivio asked

"Its written in the old language of assassins." She stated and began to read to herself

"What does it say?" I asked half out of fear.

"You were pretty bold last night..."
Lena began to read "I can see now why my sister likes you a lot. You really do have the touch you know."

My body shook in horror as realization washed over me

"In any case...I didn't want to leave without expressing my gratitude to you" she continued "Thank you very much~" she raised her eyes to stare at mine "Takamachi Nanoha..."

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That "twisted" enough for you? *bows*

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Yeah~ that's more twisted than a pretzel... I ♥ it! XD

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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:3 very twisted, Alicia. But was it twisted enough? perhaps, I loved the ending with the letter. I can't wait to see what comes next! such a cliffhanger makes me wanting to know what happens now. XD

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I SO saw that coming luv!

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Damn Alicia, that was very twisted indeed. xD

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I looked down at me hands, and noticed that they were shaking rapidly. I tried to stop them, but no matter how hard I tried, they would not stop, making me look up aimlessly for help. Fate’s eyes were staring down at me with a mixture of shock and confusion. I tried to take a step forward, towards her, but found myself falling towards the ground.

I felt warm hands wrap around mine, and looked up at Fate. She looked at me, her eyes sad, as she tried to set me up straight. I slumped into her, and put my hands to my face, as hot tears left my face.

“F-Fate…-Chan….I-I’m sorry! I-I didn’t know. I-I-” My face was pushed into her chest, as she stopped my hysteria. I cried out, as I cried into her chest, clutching onto her shirt for support. I could hear moment to my left, as Vivio screamed out my name, but I couldn’t look up at her, it hurt to much. Fate’s voice echoed off hers, trying to calm me down, but I could hear her voice. Her voice was shaking,, and I could tell she was trying her best to keep it under control. She was trying to calm me down, reassure me that everything was okay, but she shouldn’t. This pain came because I messed up. I messed up at life. How can she try to calm me down when I betrayed her? Betrayed her love.

I felt horrible, never in my life have I ever wanted to kill myself then now. Actually once in my life I felt like this, but that was a long time ago, the past. This was now, something I will never forget. I can still remember the images of last nights acts. I tried to push them out, but they just came back again, more vivid then anything else. I can still hear the words Alicia wrote replaying in my head also, along with the haunting images.

“I can see why my sister likes you a lot. You really do have the touch you know.”
A shiver went down my spine, as my head started to throb in pain. I clutched out aimlessly, as the pain increased. Fate yelped and I looked up at my hands and noticed that they clutched onto her arms. My fingers dug into her arm as the pain increased, getting gasp. I let go quickly and pushed back, causing a surprise look to draw on her face.

“Nanoha-” She tried saying but I moved back, putting my hands over my head. She tried to touch me, but I jerked back, pushing my self to the wall.

“No! Get away, don’t comfort me, I don’t deserve it! I betrayed every vow I took, you should be mad at me, angry!” I yelled, making my head throb harder. I grabbed at my hair, and felt my side ponytail fall free, letting my hair fall freely down my back. “You should hate me…I betrayed you, betrayed you in a way that deserves death. Kill me, kill me, kill me! Stop trying to act as if nothing happened!” I pushed myself off the wall, and stumbled towards the surprised Fate, Vivio and Lena. “Y-You don’t deserve me, you deserve better. Why, why are you so quiet say something. Fate!” Fate winced as I said her name without honorifics, causing me, to blink at the tears. I was letting loose all hysteria in me at her. That was not fair.

She stayed quite though, not having anything to say. I chocked back on a sob, and ran out of the room, only getting my named called by Vivio and Lena. Not once by Fate though, I never once heard her call my name, as I ran out the hospital, towards the park.

When I reached the park, I looked around to see if anyone was hear. Seeing no one, I pulled my fist out, and charged it at a nearby tree. Crying out loudly, I sank down to the ground, and sobbed out, letting all the feelings I was holding in before, out.

Pictures, sounds, words, kept popping in my head, as I cried. No matter how much I emptied my mind, they still came. I’m so stupid…How, how could I not know that it wasn’t Fate, my one true love, but just her sister? It made me mad, just think about it. Why, why did she do that, I don’t understand why. She played me like a fool, as I made love to someone I did not love.

You cheated on her. A voice in the back of my head said. I cheated on her. Never in my right mind, would I even think about doing that. I loved Fate, more then the worlds combined, yet, somewhere inside me, it kept telling me that things happen, to just forget about it, she’ll forgive me. I don’t care if she forgives me though, the act was done, I can’t redo the past. No mater how much I wanted to. I don’t deserve to be forgiven. I should just die.

I scream out, my tears falling faster down my red swollen cheeks. Moving to face my back against the park, I looked at the tree in front of me, and trailed my fingers on the bark. Pulling my fist back, I slammed it over the bark, causing it to crack and come off. I did that repeatedly seeing my own blood splatter on the tree, and my arm, as a wound started to appear at my knuckles. Yet I still punched at it, trying to make all these emotions leave my already broken body. I yelled out again, and with full force I pulled my hand out, and pushed it towards the tree. My hand stopped suddenly, and I looked behind me, ready to yell at the stranger who stopped me. My yell stopped in my throat, as I saw the familiar face. I crinkled my face in sadness, and sank deeper into the tree for support, putting my hands over my face. I then sobbed again, this time having no more energy to do anything, not even block the angry memories that was still replaying in my head.


Left off where anyone can write, so if I was you I'd take it~ Oh except for you Alicia-san...>.> Sorry it's short, I was in a predicament, where I couldn't write...

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Go Fate! Comfort the saddened Nanoha, is Fate-san available for posting?

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Hm...I'm not sure at the moment ^ ^ but let us hope no?

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I am so giddy right now it is not funny! Nyan~

When I limped into the park, never in my life did I expect to see Nanoha Takamachi wailing like there was no tomorrow. And on top of that, I never thought I’d see here try and beat the cac out of a tree while doing it. From the most part of what I did see though, the tree was winning, and Nanoha didn’t look to happy about that. But hey, I bet she didn’t seem too happy about a lot of things right now. The pool of blood piling at the bottom of the tree was enough to tell me that.
“‘Ello luv,” I called out to her just as she was pulling back for another swing at the trees rough bark, causing her to freeze for a moment, before giving one last half hearted swing at the tree and falling to her knees. “Hey!” I yelled out while trying to run to her, nearly dropping my cane in the process, to see if she was alright. Not liking one bit of where this was going so far, I hobbled along a bit more before dropping down and hugging her from behind to try and give her some comfort.
“Nanoha, Nanoha luv what’s wrong?!” I started to panic a bit when I seemed to get no answer in reply. “What happened? I know I might not be able to do much but I can try! I’ll get the MP’s, no, I’ll get the commander, no, I’ll, I’ll… that’s it I’ll go find Fate for you lu-“ I was cut off before I could even finish my sentence. Nanoha had taken her elbow and jammed it right back into my nose. I swear it could have broken my jaw if a little more force was put into it.
Letting go of Nanoha after she gave me that whack, I watched her scramble to her feet while I covered my nose in an attempt to both stop the bleeding, and try to cover up my profanity in front of her. But even though my jaw was in pain (for I had suffered much worse out on the front) I still tried to talk to her in an attempt to both calm her down and find out what was going on about what happened. Whether it be good news, which I doubted, or bad news, I believed Mrs. Takamachi couldn’t keep this one bottled up inside on me. It just seemed way too painful for anyone to be going through right now. And from the way she obviously put it, it must have been something really bad to involve Fate.
At first she glared at me, glared with all her heart like I was the most evil thing in the world, something that seemed to be holding her back from the destination she wanted to be heading in. Then, like a clap of thunder following a flash of lightning, she roared out, “Don’t you ever, ever dare use that name in front of me, Captain!!!”
At first I was dumbfounded after that outburst, but I seemed to recover enough to stutter out a decent enough reply such as, “I-I’m sorry about that than luv, I-I, I didn’t mean tah say anything to a-offend you like that you know, it’s that…” I trailed off just as I saw what looked like realization dawning on her face.
“Reo, I’m sorry, I just I,” she managed to get out just before she broke into a fit of tears again. Taking this opportunity, I walked up to her again and tried to give her another hug in an attempt to comfort her a second time. Guiding her towards a series of benches closer to the walking trail, I sat her down next to me on one and let her cry out a bit more before asking some questions.
“Alright luv, I hate tah ask yah, but you got tah tell me what happened. I know something is killing you inside and for the second time since I’ve been ‘ere, I know yah won’t be alright on yer own.” I paused to let that sink into her head for a few seconds before continuing,” So, what exactly happened now luv?”
“I cheated Cap’n, I cheated!” She started out rather quickly, much to Reo’s dismay, “I didn’t mean to cheat, it-it all happened and I didn’t know it wasn’t her! I could swear it was her, I mean, how couldn’t it be her! I saw it in her eyes, I saw my Fate, I saw my Fate’s love in her eyes, not someone else’s, my Fate’s! I-I-I-“
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa thare luv! Slow it down a bit for me now can yah.” “Now, can you explain it tah me but slower?”
After taking a few deep breaths Nanoha sighed out before saying, “I messed up big time this time Reo.”
“What do you mean exactly luv?” I said back”
“I cheated on Fate,” she said dejectedly. “I didn’t mean to do it; Alicia tricked me into doing it. It was like she WAS Fate, she just seemed to have that look in her eyes, that ever loving look that Fate always gives me, I just-I just couldn’t t-t-t-tellllll…” She finished by whining out, which eventually turned into a series of wails and cries. At that moment, the only thing I could do was hold her while she cried out to her heart’s content. Finally, after what seemed to be hours, she finally calmed down enough for me to feel comfortable enough to bring up the conversation again.
“You have tah talk to Fate luv,” I stated right out to her. “You shouldn’t let this drag out longer than it should, I’m sure she’d understand.”
“No, no I can’t do that! I don’t deserve to be around her, I cheated on her, I betrayed HER!”
“But luv, “I tried to argue back.” If you don’t face her, ‘ow are you going tah know how she feels about this. Come on, I’m bringing you back tah base.” I said to her while standing up, pulling her along with me. “Let’s go find out exactly ‘ow Fate feels.”
“I. Said. No!” She screamed out at me as I was pulling her along. Just as I was taking another step, she lifted and pulled back her leg driving it into my bad one causing me to keel over from both the force of the kick, and the amount of pain that came along with it, causing me to yell out, “In ainm Dé, cad iad na ifreann go raibh do!” and a string of other profanities against my will.
In my moment of pain, I watched her run off not even looking back at the damage she had done. And in turn, I did not have the slightest clue where she was going or what she would be doing, but I could tell it probably wasn’t going to be anything good.
Taking a deep breath, I tried to put the pain out of my mind while I quickly told Bris to call up Lieutenant Reggie Harvis from back at base. Before he could even ask a question when the monitor popped up, I yelled at him saying, “In the name of Dea, get me a feckin’ medic team down ‘ere now!”
Without even asking questions, he immediately replied saying, “Yes, sar!” before closing down the monitor and running off to comply with the task I had given him.

I know it seems bad, but it gave me the perfect opportunity! I'm sorry about this Nanoha luv, but not even I can comfort yah in yer time of need. Thare is only one person who seems tah be able to acomplish that.

Courtesy of my friend Laevantien --
We stand alone, together

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"I'm really worried about Nanoha-mama" Vivio grabbed her servant's sleeve "What happened to her?"

"You'll understand when you are older" Lena spoke without turning around. "Its an adult matter."

"But you understand don't you?" the blond forced the other girl to look at her "right?"

"Yes I do" the brown-eyed girl responded.





"I just wanted to know!" Vivio whined

"As I will understand when you are older" the girl in blue patted her master's head

"I'm just as old as you" she pouted.

"Master..." her eyes became serious "I would like to go to the library and gather some books for us to read. Specifically to do more research on the pact as Master and Servant. I only recognized the words of incantation because they stood out among all of the text." Vivio nodded in approval "However I will not leave you unguarded" she looked outside the window and noticed a small white cat. "I will create a familiar to take my place while I am gone" she teleported the cat from outside into her hands.

"A kitty!" Vivio jumped in place

A blue light began to emanate from Lena as she started the ritual. Vivio watched in amazement as the small cat became infused with magical power and eventually grew to a large white tiger. Black stripes formed on its body as it finished taking full form.

"Wow..." the blond's eyes were wide "that's a big cat. Can I name it?"

"Go ahead" the servant answered

"How about 'White Blaze'? That sound good?"

"That's fine, Master" Lena nodded before turning to the cat "Please protect her while I am gone. She is our master now ok?" she patted its head. The beast gave a small roar to show acceptance of the role before turning its attention back to Vivio who was busily playing with its tail.


"Master, I'm back" she called as she entered the door "I brought some books and-" she cut herself off when she noticed the room empty. She gently placed the books down as to not disturb anything and heightened her senses. When she realized that there was no one in the room, she dashed out and began searching the base, ignoring all the surprised looks she was getting from people who thought she was dead. "That idiot..." she thought to herself "I told her to stay put and now that shes got a means to walk around she vanishes..."

She made her way towards the training field and saw some small explosions going on as well as Vivio's distinctive cry.

"Tch" she ran faster to the edge of the field as her familiar met her. She raised her device into the air "Souten!"

And so, with the amazing power of her Sapphire crystal which calls upon the universal forces of time and space. She was able to undergo her amazing metamorphosis once again. Her human body is protected by impenetrable armor, imbued with super-human powers, and enhanced with quantum energy weapons. Transforming her into a being not seen in over a hundred years: a Servant. Her familiar also was encased in light as heavy white armor formed around its body and a pair of twin Katanas materialized on either side of it. Lena unsheathed the two weapons on its back and charged into the field.

She jumped into the air and connected the two weapons together then raised them above her head "Sou...En...Zan...!!!!" she shouted as she energized it with magical powers and launched the mass of energy into the field below.


"Mou!" Vivio complained "we were only having fun!" she chastised "You didnt have to blow up the training field along with Nanoha-mama's students you know"

"I'm sorry, Master" she lowered her head "I merely reacted to the sight of a battle."

"Ok, I'll let it go..." Vivio sighed while riding on top of her new pet. "But as punishment you have to come with me somewhere." she grinned

Lena suddenly felt a shiver go down her spine "And where is that?" she answered normally.

"You'll see" the blond leaned down and whispered instructions to the tiger's ears.


"What exactly is this place?" Lena asked as they entered a Karaoke box, her eyes instinctively looking around the room looking for exit locations, danger points, and blind spots.

"Here!" Vivio handed the other girl a mic "your punishment is you have to sing for me"

"Eh?" a look of utter surprise and confusion filled her features

"Come on!" she urged "I know you are talented! Sing! If you dont..." Vivio smirked "I'll use my command spell to do it" she raised her right hand

"Fine..." the servant sighed "but I only remember the words to one song...and I dont think this machine has it."

Vivio looked through the incredibly long list of songs and found the song in question. "Now you cant complain" she laughed as she sat down and sipped her drink

"Here goes..."

Ken wo kazashite...inazuma atsumetara
My heart...kodoku ga hikaru
Nani wo mezaseba ii
Dare wo aishitara love
Kotae wa doko sa?

Daremo ga tooi tabibito sa...kono machi de wa
Mayoigo ni...naru ashita mo
Arukitsuzukeru sa~~~......

Kokoro wa samurai...munashisa daku yoroi wo
Nugisute you...yuuki dake no suhada de

Ai...... fushigi sa
Kokoro no ken...yasashisa da yo
Lonely heart~~~~

Wielding the sword and drawing upon the lightning force

A solitude shines forth in my heart
What should I be aiming for?
Who should I be loving?
Where is my answer, my love?

In this city, everyone is but a traveler from afar
I will keep walking forward despite doubts of the future

I have the spirit of a Samurai
The hollowness of the armor
I shall throw off me and fight with my bare courage

Love is strange

The sword of the spirit is the gentleness
Lonely Heart~

The girl bowed at the end of the song. The screen behind her racking up the numerical score she got.

"Wow! 93!" Vivio clapped "My turn!" she jumped from her seat and took the mic.


"Rest well, Master" Lena spoke as she tucked the sleeping Vivio into bed back at the hospital wing. "White Blaze" she looked at the tiger "Stay with her...there is something I must do." The tiger growled in disapproval, knowing exactly what its summoner was intending. "Dont worry...she will order you to follow me when she wakes up anyway." she smiled wryly and patted its head "She will need all the rest she can get." she looked once more at Vivio before kneeling at her bedside "I am sorry, Master but Testarossa Lena will be taking independent action." she rose to her feet and slowly vanished into the night.

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Points if you can figure out the references

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