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It seems as if running is the only thing I can do now. No matter how much I think, I just keep getting the same answer. Run. I’ve never been one to run from anything, but these days its all I’ve seem to be doing. When I thought Lena died, I ran, not it the same sense, but I ran emotionally, and now with Alicia. Running seemed to be my only answer…

No one understands what I’m going threw, of course they wouldn’t. I betrayed the women I loved, and that alone makes things worse. I’m sure she’s feeling horrible right now, but I can’t go see her, not how I feel right now. It would probably make things worse. Besides, I don’t deserve to see her now. Yes, running was the only option.

As I ran farther into the trees, I realized that I was being fallowed. Picking up my speed, I reached for Raising Heart, ready to go into battle if need be. I didn’t have time for this, I had to leave, get away from all these emotions. Why couldn’t he get the hint? Why couldn’t Reo just leave me be? I know he’s worried, but I have to be alone, he should’ve realized that when I hit him. I felt sorry for that, but right now, he just needs to leave me alone. Turning my back away from my destination, which I still didn’t no, I faced him. I unclipped Raising Heart then, and got ready to fight him.

“Raising Heart, pl-” Movement came from behind me, making me stop my chant a turn around, as I got tackled to the ground. Rolling over to my side, I grabbed at him, ready to smack him again. My fist stopped just inches from my tacklers face. I cringed back as I realized who it really was. Fate stood frozen underneath me, her face undetectable from any emotion. I couldn’t move, my mouth was open to say something, but nothing came out, just quick and shallow breaths.

Why is she here? I thought. She should be mad at me, furious even. I betrayed our love, I should be running away from her so that she can be happy again. Fate’s knee hit my stomach, making me buckle over and in one fluent move, she was on top of me, her red orbs staring intently at me. I tried to push her away from me but I found my arms pinned over my head, and her knees pushing my legs together, stopping my thrashing. She made escaping impossible. Knowing that I couldn’t escape, she leaned forward, just inches from my face.

My eyes widened and I moved my head away, a realization popping in my head. What if she’s not my Fate-Chan? What if she’s Alicia again, ready to trick me again? I thrashed harder, letting out a small squeal in the process. I wont let that happen again! “No! Get away from me! I wont let it happen again!” Thrashing harder I felt a small pain go in my arms and legs where she tightened her grip on me.

“Nanoha…” She whispered. I stopped when I heard her voice, the pain voice that made my heart thud. It had to be Fate, my Fate, but I have been wrong before. I could hear the pain and sadness in her voice though, their was also something in her voice that I could not describe, pity maybe? I closed my eyes, feeling hot tears well up in my eyes. I tried to move my hand to wipe them away, but she was still holding me down, making my tears fall freely down my cheeks. I looked away not wanting her to see them, the traitor tears that burned my eyes. “Nanoha…look at me.” She said, her voice urging me slightly. I ignored her, my eyes still shut. “Nanoha…” This time her voice was demanding, making me cringe slightly. “Nanoha, look at me!” My head snapped forward, ready to yell out.

“What?! What am I suppose to do? How do I know your really my-” My voice was caught in my throat as I looked at the blonds face. Her silk hair fell from her face, tickling my face as tears fell from her eyes down her cheeks, and then on to my stricken face. She’s crying? Why was she crying!? I should be the one crying, not her! My instincts kicked in and all I felt now was helping her, helping her cheer up from all the sadness that was in her. Yet as I opened my mouth, only one word came out.

“Why…?” I said, more tears fell down onto my face, making my own tears fall faster down my own cheeks. She tilted her head to the side, making more hair fall down. I realized she wanted a better explanation. “Why, why are you crying? You have nothing to cry about, the only one who should be crying is me. I betrayed you, and nothing can change that…I-I-”


“No, let me finish.” I said. The intensity in my voice made her mouth close. “Leave. I don’t even know if your even Fate or Alicia. How are we suppose to work this out? That’s why I’m leaving, I don’t deserve you. You deserve someone better, someone who can actually tell between her lover, and their sister.” Her eyes turned hard, as she realized where I was getting at.

“Nanoha, you had no way of knowing it was Ali-” I hit my head against hers, making her yelp out in surprise, and I took the opportunity and pulled my legs up. She looked at me, surprised, before I flipped positions. I hopped up, and tried to take the air, only feeling strong hands at my ankles, making me, yet again, fall to the ground. I kicked out, trying to escape, but she would let go, no matter how hard my legs connected to her face and shoulders. I stopped not wanting to hurt her again.

She took the opportunity and lunged at me. Reflectively I pulled my hands at my face ready to feel pain, which did not come, but something did come. Strong lips pressed down against mine, making my struggles stop. I could feel myself lose my will as she brought me closer against her body. I tried to push her away one more time, but all I did was grab her and pull her closer. I felt more tears fall down my cheeks, hers mixed with mine, as I cursed myself. I shouldn’t be doing this! Stop! Please stop! I can’t do this, not to her. She deserves better! Even though my mind screamed at me to stop, I just couldn’t. somehow I knew for sure this was Fate, my Fate. Though that alone still shouldn’t let me be here, kissing her. Like I said she deserves better.

Slowly, yet hesitantly, she pulled back, showing me those sad red orbs again. I opened my mouth but was quickly stopped again, as she stole another kiss. She clearly wanted me to be quiet again. When she pulled back she waited till she knew for sure I wasn’t going to speak. “There…Now I was the one who last tasted those lips.” My eyes widened, as I realized what she said. All she wanted was to be the last person to kiss me? I started shaking as her eyes soften. I don’t want to know what she was going to say next. “Nanoha, I-I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you for anything, if any, I want you to forget about it, but I know your not going to, so I will say this.” She leaned down so our foreheads touched. “I love you Nanoha, I love you so much. When I met you I knew for sure you were the one, and I knew if I staid with you, there would be some difficulties in the future. That was something I did not care about at the time, my love for your went past anything that it was at the point where even some obstacles would seem like nothing. I really did not expect this though. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything back there, I-I was just surprised. I did not know what to say at the time, and I’m sorry for that, I should’ve said something. Now I will.

At first all I thought was how surprised I was, then you ran off, making me realize how my position looked like. You thought I was angry. Anger was not even something I was thinking about. Actually I think I was looking for a way to make you feel better. I would never be angry at you, anger is not an emotion for me when it comes to you. You should know this better then anyone, yet when you ran, I felt like my heart was about to implode. I just had to chase you, even though if someone was in my position they would’ve stay, and let you die from all these emotions.”

“Why didn’t you? You should’ve…” I finally said. She cocked her head to the side, and gave me a sad smile.

“Because you silly girl, I’m not “someone”. I’m Fate T Harlaown, the girl who’s madly in love with you. I would do anything for you, even take a shot for you. Nanoha…what I’m saying is this. I’m not happy about what happen, but I’m not angry either. Things happen, things that you’d wish never happened, but that’s life. You love it and you hate it. You can’t run away from it Nanoha, you need help, help, that if you look in front of you, you will see people wanting to help you. I will help you Nanoha. It was a mistake, mistakes happen. You may not love it, hell I don’t love it, but it’s life. I don’t blame you, I blame Alicia-nee, but right now we need to get you home. You need to rest, this day has been hard on everyone, especially you. So please, will you come home?” Her eyes pleaded, as she slowly loosened her grip. She then gave me a tentative grin. “You really don’t have a choice in the matter though, you come, or I make you come. Like I said, I love you, and I would even use force to get you if I have too. Please though, I don’t want to use force.” I nodded slowly, and her eyes shined with hope.

“Fate-Chan…I will come with you, but that does not mean I forgive myself for what I’ve done.” I got up and started to walk the way home. I stopped and looked back at Fate. She looked at me sadly before following after me. I put my right hand to my left elbow, feeling the pain the tree gave me, finally kick in, as I walked on. Probably from my adrenaline finally losing its touch. Just as I was about to step out of the trees, Reo jumped at me, tackling me.

“Luv’, you will go-” My fist connected with his face, making him fall backwards, cursing out a few words in a language I did not understand. I did not understand them, but I was pretty sure they were curses. “For the Luv of Dea! Not again! I’m sorry Luv’, but if I get hit again, I ‘ave not goin’ to be a happy camper.”

“Reo…” Fate’s tired voice said, making the man jump slightly at the voice. He turned towards her and smiled weakly.

“Oh, hey Luv’ I didn’t see you there. ‘ow’v you been?” Not helping myself, I flicked his head. “Ow! I was just tryin’ to lighten ta’ mood.”

“Reo-san…thanks for that, but we’re so not in the mood…” I said. I then wiped the tears from my eyes, and walked forward, trying my hardest not to hit something, or someone again. “Lets go back…I want to see Vivio, and Lena-Chan.”

“Um…Luv‘? Are you sure you don’t want the medics to get ‘ere first? Their already on their way.” I stiffened, but kept walking ignoring him again. He mumbled something in that language of his again, and followed me along with Fate, who indecently took my hand. I pulled my hand away and walked faster. I heard her and Reo sigh, before entering the park again, on my way back to the hospital. I still though it was my fault, but at the moment I wanted to get to the hospital. My stomach was telling me something, something that may or may not be good.


Sorry if everyone was hoping for Fate-Chan to post, but I hope this was just as good. ^ ^;

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Nanoha walked into the medical wing and briskly made her way towards Vivio's room with Fate following closely behind. She softly knocked on the door but no sounds came.

"Vivio must be asleep already" she thought "I have to at least say sorry for running out on her earlier." she sighed and opened the door "...!"

Her body froze at the sight that met her eyes. She immediately flipped the lights on and shifted her stance.

"What the heck is going on?!"
she thought as the sight of her daughter sleeping on the bed holding on to the tail of a large white tiger met her eyes

"What's wrong Nano-huh?!" Fate entered the room "Vivio! Wake up!" she cried out causing the child and beast to stir

"Hmm?" the child rubbed her eyes "Ah, Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama" she plopped on the tiger's back and asked it to move forward.

"Vivio!" Nanoha cried out "What is this?!" she pointed at the tiger "Get off! Its dangerous!"

"White Blaze isn't dangerous" the christmas-eyed girl pouted "He's my pet that Lena gave me, right?" She looked around "Huh?"

Everyone else looked around as well and noticed the said person was missing.

"Ne, White Blaze...where is she?" she leaned forward

A short roar came in reply

"What do you mean you'll tell me in the morning?"

Another growl

"I will need all the sleep I can get? Where is she?"

The tiger laid down as if to ignore the question

Vivio got off and walked in front of the tiger and copied her 'Nanoha-mama is angry' pose by putting her hands on her hips and leaning forward

"White will tell me where she is this instant or I will go find her on my own!"

The beast gave a small annoyed growl

"Good kitty..." Vivio began to pet it, much to the adults' disapproval

It growled once again and finished with a brief roar

"She left to go do something? With her mother?"

The pet nodded

"You don't mean...!" Vivio's eyes were wide "White Blaze, let's go!" she ordered the tiger to stand as she mounted it

"Hold on a minute!" Fate stepped in front of the door "Just where do you think you are going?"

"To retrieve my Servant" the girl declared

"And how would you know where to look?" Nanoha added

"Master and familiar have a connection. White Blaze will be able to find her, right?"

A roar of approval came out

"You are not leaving this room until we've heard everything" Fate didn't budge from the door "Start talking..."


At the same time...

Alicia Testarossa sat upon her seat quietly with her eyes never leaving the door in front of her. She sat there, waiting...patiently...silently. Her very essence seemed to have come to a halt. If people were to see her now, they would think she was a beautiful lifeless doll painted on the throne she sat upon, waiting for someone or something to make her move. The device on her wrist reflecting the light of the candles that lit up this large room. The door finally exploded and dust flew into the open space between them. She didn't even blink as the shadow of a person formed among the cloud as it slowly cleared and began to settle.

"At last..." Alicia slowly rose from her seat "You've come"

The intruder took a couple of steps into the room and stopped

"I'm here, mother"

"So, you've figured out why you've been created haven't you?" the older woman smiled

"Yes, but only thanks to the device that my Master still has on her. Had she followed your orders and destroyed it when she returned to them I wouldn't have known."

"So the brat ignored orders in the end huh?" she sighed dramatically "Well I guess it cant be helped" she raised her hand and device into the air, the younger girl doing the same


Light illuminated them both as they activated their armors, both of them completely identical. Their jewel seeds shining brightly as if to contend with each other

"So you attained my armor, through your pact with that girl" Alicia noted, amused

"That I did" Lena confirmed

"Well then..." Alicia drew her katars while Lena projected her twin blades "lets get started..."

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There’s a part of me that kept screaming for me to turn back, to just leave the poor girl alone. That was only a tiny fraction though, something I could ignore without trouble, but yet, it was still there, lingering inside of me. What could I do though? Leave her? No, that was something that I will not do. She needs someone right now, to help her, love her. If it had to be anyone, it might as well be me.

Running threw the trees, with Fate and Vivio at my side, we followed the tiger, having no clue where we were going. I spotted Vivio in my vision, and my mind went to discussion we had just recently. I gritted my teeth, a new fear rising inside me.

“You have to be kidding me?” Fate pointed to the tiger, that was now laying on the bed, his head on Vivio’s lap as she petted him. “Lena really summoned that? I don’t understand. How?” Vivio just explained to us, who the tiger was and how he got here. We were both confused, more confused then we wanted to.

“Mama’s listen, like I told you White Blaze’s a familiar, one that Lena made. He’s here to protect me, watch over me. She projected him, like how she projects herself and her weapons. Now can we please hurry? My servant’s in trouble.” We were silent for a second, while we both stared at her.

“No” Fate said, making both Vivio and I snap our heads towards her. “Vivio, your not going anywhere. Your going to wait here, while we get Lena.” Vivio glared at her, her mind working.

“I’m not a child anymore Mama! My servant needs me right now, you can’t just leave me here! “ She got up, making the tiger growl in irritation. “I will go, and you can’t stop me.” When have she become so stubborn?

“If you haven’t noticed already, I’m your mother Vivio, I can make you not go. Stop being stubborn, no is no.”

“Vivio, listen to us. We don’t want you to get hurt, just stay here, we’ll get Lena. We promise.” She added. I could tell her mood was already at thin lines.

“I can take care of myself, let me go with you. White blaze only listens to me, you don’t know where you going. I don’t understand, why wont you let me go?” she protested again.

“We don’t want to you see you hurt or gone again!” I snapped, my patience were already thin, I didn’t want to feel the pain of Vivio’s disappears again. Besides I’m not sure if she goes, that I’ll see her again. “Vivio, both of you mama’s don’t want to feel that pain again. The pain we felt when you were kidnapped, if would break our hearts if anything would to happen to you. We don’t know what to expect when we get there, we already know that Alicia’s there, which would be a challenge in its self. She possesses a Jewel Seed, she might even possess more. There’s also Precia we have to be worried about. What I’m saying is, that it’s dangerous, more so then we thought. If you come with us, we’re not sure what would happen.”

Vivio’s posture soften as she took in my words. She then looked me squarely in the eye, her Christmas colored eyes showing me that she had made a decision. “Mama I’m going with you, no matter what you do. My servant needs me right now, and I will not abandon her. Please let me go, I can take care of myself, after all I am the daughter of the notorious Ace’s.” Looking in her eyes, I could see confidence I’ve never seen before. I mean she’s always confident, but this was different, stronger.

Sighing, I looked at Fate, and noticed she was examining my reaction. Her eyes told me nothing. It was my decision. “Vivio…” I said, turning back to her. “One condition.”

“Yes!” She said her eyes sparkling. “Anything!”

“When either Fate-mama or I say to run, get out of there. You run, no second thoughts, just run. You got that? Don’t worry about your Mama’s we’re be okay, no matter what.”


‘Vivio, that’s the condition, either you stay or you follow that. Which will it be?”

“I…” She looked at me then Fate, before me again. “I’ll do it.”

That leaves us to now. I know I shouldn’t have said that, but I could tell, that no matter what I said, she’d come. Whether it by sneaking out, or by following us. There was also the reason of the tiger. She said that the tiger, White Blaze, only followed her. We need the him to lead our way towards Lena, and I knew that was going to be a problem, if Vivio didn’t come. Though I was pretty sure I could make her tell the tiger to take us, this was probably the only way that would get us there on time. My stomach told me that something was going on where Lena was right now.

White Blaze stopped, making Fate, Vivio and I stop in reaction. Tilting my head to the side, I listened, listened for anything, any voices, any sounds, any movement. Hearing now, I looked at White Blaze, he was sniffing the air. He stiffened and changed our course, running in the trees. Vivio followed straight after him, making Fate and I follow as well. It was either that Lena was closer then expected or White Blaze found something.

When we left Vivio, well I told Vivio, told White Blaze to take us where Lena was, and if someone was following us to take us away from them. I guess someone found us, and now was trailing. This is what happens when we leave without telling anyone. People follow, I bet they noticed Vivio and Lena gone, and then notice we were gone as well. They were quicker then expected, I guess that’s natural for Riot Force Section VI.

Crack. I heard footsteps catching up to us. I turned around just in time to see at least a dozen solders coming towards us. The tiger roared and sped up. I looked closer at our pursuers, and realized just who they were. Fate-Chan, stop! I sent to her, making her look at me before slowing down, to match my speed.

What is it Nanoha?” She sent back.

I think they can help.” Stopping completely, I turned around to face them.

“You realize that ‘ere breaking rules by going by yourself, and not tellin’ the commander, Luv‘?. You could’ve just asked, I even brought you ‘ere some help.”

“Oi, I agree, I feel offended.”

I looked at Fate, and we both smiled, before turning back to Reo, and Vita, and also about a dozen soldier or so, my forwards, and smiled. So many familiar faces that came to help.

“Thanks, we could use the help.”


Sorry about this taking so's been a long week ^ ^; Also about the shortness of it too. Yeah sorry about that, I tried to write more but...*sigh*

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Here we go...

Spoiler: Next
The two jewel seeds created a barrier to serve as the staging ground for this battle.

[Photon Shooter!] Juliet called out as she created arrow orbs of energy. They locked on to their target and began to swarm at her.

Lena on the other hand continued to advance despite the minor annoyance. She knew that her mother wont be able to guide them with great precision, however, as long as she kept dodging she wouldn't be able to attack her target, who was dancing around her trying to find any slip ups in the dodging. She concentrates on looking for holes in Alicia's attack patterns more than dodging the actual orbs.

"Shes incredible" the older woman thought "shes much better than I give her credit for. Even though her attention is divided, there are still no holes in defenses. In that case-" she ordered the arrows to attack from all 4 directions.

The younger girl sidesteps the first, ducks under the second, and jumps over the third. "Finally! An opening!" her mind screamed as she jumped toward target, drawing her fist back to land a strike towards the blond's open chest. "...!" her instincts give warning, however, and she canceled her attack and looks above Alicia's head where another orb is bearing down right on her. She crossed her wrists in defense as the energy broke on her causing temporary blindness. "I have to be careful...or she might use that trick on me again"

Alicia used that chance and landed a kick square on her daughter's chest, knocking her back several meters and giving her plenty of space to continue firing energy attacks.

"You taught her well" Precia couldn't help but commenting to Alicia even though the blond couldn't hear anything. She continued to watch the battle through a monitor and her grin only grew more sinister with every second that past. A small dim light shone on her forehead, but a brisk wave of the hand buried its light once again.

"Shes learned quite a bit from all her battles" Alicia thought to herself "And here I thought she'd been slacking ever since she became a servant."

Slowly but surely Alicia pushed Lena towards the edge of the room, cornering the girl. "You have nowhere left to run"

"Keh!" the child clenched her teeth.

Alicia gathered all the arrows together into a single shot and fired it. The girl just stood there and lowered her head.

"I thought I would get a more interesting fight than this..."

"Huh?" the adult's eyes widened

The next moment Lena's figure was flying through the air charging towards her target.

"Are you crazy?!" Alicia gasped "There is no way you can dodge now!"

A heavy explosion followed by a bright flash that illuminated the battlefield. The blond shielded her eyes and looked on as the light dispersed. When there was no sign of her opponent, she began to frantically look around before turning her gaze upwards to the sky.

"I don't believe it! She created a barrier at the last moment!" Alicia's mind processed "then used the explosion to slingshot her into the air. A very clever trick for a child."

"Now!" Lena passed judgment as the distance closed to less than a meter. "Guh!" The two combatants collide, but for some reason its the younger girl's voice that's in pain. She fell to the ground with a dull thud and rolled away quickly to recover. "What the heck was that?" she couldn't help but asking as she looked over.

"Too bad, and you were so close too" the mother stated "had you been taller your fist would have probably hit me before my kick landed."

Since Alicia couldn't dodge, she grabbed the oncoming fist instead and used the momentum and pull of gravity in order to add more power into her counter kick.

The older woman continued her attack aiming for her target's joints, body, and head. Lena is forced to defend while she tried to catch her breath. The blond summoned forth a few more energy arrows and sent them towards the recovering girl. Lena leaped into the air to avoid them, but only to be met with a strike to her stomach, her side, and her face. There was no recovery for the girl as the blond relentlessly struck at the other's body, finally knocking her to the ground and destroying her weapons.

"Now for the finish" Alicia seized the moment and leapt into the air to swoop down on the defenseless girl below.

Lena tried to stand but ended up falling to her knee. She couldn't avoid the attack so she set herself up to take it head on. Her eyes never leaving the red counterparts as they continued to close the distance. A small grin formed on her face

"...!" the older woman realized this and raised her guard while trying to change her direction. She called forth an arrow to take her place as she tried to evade.

Another explosion took place right in front of the shorter girl kicking up dust into the air. When the smoke cleared the figure of a girl with her arm extended in a strike could be seen.

"So...that was your real power all along" Alicia regained her stance "I was wondering why you were holding back on me when you yourself said you wanted an all out match."

"Even in that situation you managed to avoid it" she smiled "not bad, not bad at all..." she praised her mother.

"Truly impressive" Precia noted to herself "she projected a shield on her hand and punched it, managing to blow away the arrow, the explosion, and everything with that strike." she mused "That would have been very bad for Alicia had it landed, It would have been easily the end of the match."

"It would seem that in close range battle, she is superior. The only problem is she lacks the mobility to make her hits land and that's where my strength is." Alicia processed

The woman continued to rain down attacks in between the physical attacks of her own. The young girl is once again forced into the defensive dodging projectiles and blocking Alicia's strikes. To the observers it would seem as if it was only a matter of time, and that the victor was already determined. However to the two combattants, the fight was far from over...

"None of my attacks are connecting" Alicia's mind raced as she continued to look for openings in the seemingly iron-wall defense "There has to be something I am missing, wearing her down like this would only lead to a stalemate." She continued to analyze "I didn't want to use this since I thought I could finish her off easily, however if she wants an all out battle then it would be rude for me to keep this from her." She crouched down and swept Lena's feet from under and entangled the girl in binds.

"...?!" blue eyes opened wide as she found her mobility suddenly cut off.

"I'm sorry" the mother stated 'but its over" she drew her fist back and charged her magical energy "Shinmeryuu Ougi!" she charged towards the bound girl and dug her fist into the child's stomach "Zankūshō 斬空掌 ("Air-Cutting Palm")!"

Once again the stage was engulfed in smoke as the blond's attack met its target. The battle was over and everyone knew it. When the smoke cleared, Lena's figure laid on the ground like an old rag. The only observer stared on in silence before Alicia's breathing interrupted the serenity.

"Its over..." she breathed

"No, shes getting back up" Precia stated, even though Alicia couldn't hear her

"What?!" the blond looked back

"Geh....ughhhhh...hack" the girl's voice came through as she staggered back to her feet.

"No way..." red eyes stared at her "That's impossible!"

Slowly and unsteadily, like a new born child standing up for the first time in its life, her daughter--known to the world as Testarossa Lena raised herself upright once again. Her body was cut and bleeding in several places but no one really knew the extent of her injuries at this point. Just standing up was making her use up a lot of her energy, but she was standing and shes glaring at her mother with the same determination that she had in the beginning.

"Your tenacity is pretty impressive" the older woman laughed "isn't this enough? Will you not yield? This isn't a battle anymore. You are badly injured as it is, you don't have enough power to keep projecting weapons and defenses, your master is nowhere nearby, and you are on the verge of collapse"

"I'll never...surrender..." she said as she tried to maintain her balance "not until...I've completed...the task you created me for."

"Then I will knock you out and defeat you. And bury you once and for all."

The blond began to charge and launched another combination of strikes towards the girl's temple hoping to knock her out before any more resistance was established. She went in for a final strike to end the battle completely...or so she thought.

" still don't understand, mother" Lena ginned despite her situation. She projected her weapons once more as she kept her body very close to Alicia's and began to strike at all the openings. A symbol began to shine on her forehead

"Kuh!" the older woman bit back as her body started to register the pain from the strikes. She tried to counter but found that her motions were too wide at such a close distance. Her own forehead beginning to display a symbol as well

Lena continued to strike at the other's knees, elbows, and other joints in order to slow down not only Alicia's speed but also her mobility. One final kick landed on the older woman's chest and sent the blond flying back several meters.

"Uggggghhhh!" Alicia recovered quickly and got back up into a defensive stance.

"Mother...I don't want to drag this battle one much longer" she stared at the blond "So is only fitting I finish you off with my newest and greatest technique."


"Chains of heaven" Lena called out as a magic circle formed in a 10 meter radius under her feet.

"...!" Alicia gasped as all of a sudden she was restrained by several binds in the form of chains that seemed to be coming from the projected magical circle. To make matters worse for her, it seemed as if the gravity inside the magic circle was higher than normal forcing her to struggle just to remain standing. "W-what is this?" she struggled even move "My body...wont move"

". . . . ." Lena closed her eyes and focused her power. She had to since she didn't have much left, if she messed up, she would lose all advantage and maybe even her life.

"Urgggggh... hrrrrnnggggg!" the woman groaned as she relentlessly tried to break the binds

Slowly, Lena moved her feet apart and crouched despite the blood flowing from several wounds. She set herself up to deliver the strike, projecting what seemed to be a large double bladed crystal lance

"My speed and mobility is nowhere near yours, and even though I may be as skilled as you, I am not well versed in wide variety of mastered attacks."

She took to the air and drew her body back and tensed like a bow on the verge of breaking. In that instant, the air around her began to energize and the ground beneath her cracked under the force of her power. She was putting so much energy into her attack that even the rescue party outside could feel its power

"I am sure you remember this" she spoke softly to her mother "this was the very attack you designed for me when you first gave me my original armor."

Alicia threw aside all thought of struggling free and concentrated her power in creating a barrier in front of her. She knew quite well just how deadly this strike was going to be despite it being her first time seeing it. Her gather of magical energy was fast and powerful, however it paled in comparison to the even greater magical energy gathering at her opponents hands.


The entire area was swallowed by a torrent of light. Everything was engulfed in a raging gale of power, the only thing standing between it and Alicia was the barrier that she had created. Even though it seemed that it would hold the incredible power...the barrier's energy lasted for merely a moment. A unidentified shape was forcefully ejected from the radius the circle, it looked like a person and slammed forcefully onto the side of the barrier.

After a few more moments, the large wave of energy subsided Alicia was laying on the floor and she didn't seem to be able to get up anytime soon. Lena slowly lowered her stance and quietly dropped to her knees, as if scared to break the silence with her heavy breathing.

"Its...over" the girl said quietly as she fell forward and braced herself against her hands "...!"

Alicia's body began to move, slowly but surely she regained her strength. With trembling limbs, she managed to stand, her breathing ragged and unstable.

"I wont...lose.." she muttered.

". . . . ." Lena stood up slowly and looked on

"I can...still stand..." she continued, light of her weapons dimming slowly

Alicia slowly took one step after another towards Lena. She slowly staggered towards her opponent to finish the battle. She charged the remainder of her magical energy to her dimming katars as if to give it one last go. Her body began to glow as the magical aura took form. It was shaky and weak...almost as if it was going to snuffed out the moment you breathed on it. Like its master, the magical energy gathered the last of its strength

Lena crouched over again and heaves a sigh while slowly closing her eyes. Pain coursed though her body as for the second time, the incredible energy formed around her as the magic circle remade itself beneath them. This time, however, the binds didn't rise to restrain the blond. It seemed that all of the spare power was going towards the projection of the sky blue crystal weapon.

"Rhaaaaaaaa!" Alicia's knees began to buckle, but she forced them to straighten as she got closer and closer towards her goal. Her magical energy trying to shield its master from the incredible pressure, almost as if using the woman's own life force to protect her. "Please...just once more..." she urged her body "Move...!" she took another step "I should still have enough power left." Her body called forth one last spurt of energy as she charged almost at full speed once more. She launched her attack with the last of her strength...

Lena held her position steady

". . . . ."

While Alicia looked like she was betting her very life on this, her child remained calm...almost content. Lena held no contempt towards her oncoming enemy and faced her mother's final gambit with the very honor it deserved. The time for words was over...all that was left now is to lower the curtain on this battle forever.

"Lena! Lena!" Vivio's voice broke though the barrier and mass of energy as she and everyone else with her ran into the room. "Oh my god!" she cried out at the sight of the two preparing to finish each other off

"Bolt..." she whispered, a small tear ran down her face and vanished "from the blue..."

They collided...for the last time. Then they part once again and silence followed afterwards.

The observers could do nothing but watch in stunned silence

"I have clearly seen your feelings..." Lena broke the silence after a few moments "had you not held back before our blows connected..." she lowered her stance "then maybe the result would have been the opposite."

Alicia's figure gently fell forward and hit the ground. Her barrier jacket gave out a deathly wail that seemed to linger for minutes.After a few more moments, Lena followed.

"White Blaze! Destroy the barrier!" Vivio commanded

The observers began to strike, shoot, hit, and do everything they could to break through the shield set up by the jewel seeds, but to no avail.

"Lena!" Vivio screamed "Release the shield!" she called as she watched her servant slowly get back up

Instead of listening to the command, she walked over to her mother and helped the woman on her back. Mother and daughter stared at each other in mutual understanding

"You let me win..." the younger girl stated the obvious

"You've grown strong, my daughter." she raised her hand and touched the girl's face "You know what to do..."

"Hai...oka-san..." She stood up as best she could and closed her eyes to concentrate. In her hands formed a beautiful golden sword.

"Excalibur" the mother noted "You didn't have to you know..."

"It is only fitting to complete the task you created me for...and its the least I can do..." She raised it above her head

"No!!!!" Nanoha, Fate, and Vivio screamed simultaneously as the girl plunged the sword into her mother's chest.

The barrier began to lose its power as one of the jewel seeds powering it was destroyed

"Mother..." Lena drew the blade as Alicia's body shined with a white aura before dissipating into vanishing particles of magical energy "As the one who gave me life it was my duty to protect you..." the barrier now was fully destroyed "and to that end..." she looked over at Vivio who was rushing towards her "I am a failure..." she took the same sword, raised it above her head once again and plunged it into her stomach

Spoiler: Notes
Well the last battle of this long story is in sight. The battle with Precia. As I stated long ago "Before this story is over: A member of the Testarossa Family will be dead" I have carried out and fulfilled all duties I have been assigned.

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As the barrier slowly disintegrated, Vivio rushed over to Lena, just as she raised her arms in the air, a gleaming sword with blood in her hands. It shone brightly as she plunged it into her stomach, saying four last words. “I am a failure…

“No!!” Vivio screamed, catching her as she fell to the floor where her mother once laid. Blue light emanated off of Lena, as the Jewel Seed was destroyed, causing a deafly blast to come next, as the barrier finally broke. I watched in horror as everyone was engulfed in the bright light, my thoughts headed to Vivio as she was closer to the source. I covered my eyes as it got brighter, yet I still tried to moved towards Vivio aimlessly. A hand caught me, and I looked at Fate confused, as she shook her head at me.

I looked back just in time for the light to finally make one more blast before finally dieing down. Vivio had Lena in her arms, tears falling down her cheeks. I ran to them, but Fate stopped me, whispering a silent no. I looked back at them and just noticed how bad Lena’s condition was. Blue particles shined around them, as Lena slowly start to disintegrate. Her ankles were already gone, and her thighs were visible, but you could see right threw them. She was disappearing.

“Lena-Chan, don’t go, you can’t leave!” Vivio’s voice broke the silence that took us all. “You have to stay.”

Lena just stared at her, her eyes empty. “I messed up…That was suppose to kill me instantly, though I guess it doesn’t matter since I’m going to disappear soon anyways…” She closed her eyes, and Vivio shook her violently, causing the servant to snap her eyes open. “Leave me be, I’ve completed my mission. There’s no way to save me.”

Vivio shook her head, her eyes staring at the girl in her arms with a mix of confusion and anger. “Don’t say that! We’ll find a way…we will. Y-You’re my servant…your suppose to protect me, you can’t just leave me like this.”

“I am sorry Vivio, Master, but I’m sure you’ll find someone better then me, someone more powerful. You can’t save me, I have nothing to support me any more.”

“Support? Is that all you need? I-I can help you, just allow me too.”

“How? There is no way to help me. I’m already dead without the Jewel Seed, it supported my Linker Core which is now gone. I have no life support now.” More particles dispatched its self in the air as her stomach started to disappear. “I’m gone Master.”

“No! I can save you, I can. You were lonely were you not? I can see it in your eyes, when you saw my family and I. I could see the pained expressions you gave off. I can help you. If you do, you could be a part of that. I wont let you go. Once a servant always a servant.”

Lena’s eyes soften, before she moaned in pain. “I do not have much time Master, I will be with my mother now. Do as you please, the out come will all be the same.” Vivio looked at her for a second before blinking and turning to Fate and I.

“Mama’s…?” We both nodded, a sign that we were listening. She smiled at us, and I realized that we were both crying. I was going to lose Lena soon, just when I thought I was finally getting threw to her. Fate on the other hand just lost her sister, and I’m not sure if she resented Lena for that, but I’m sure she was as sad as I was. She was never the type to hate, especially if another person of her family was dieing.

“I-Is it alright if I try something? I-I’m not sure it would work but I have to try, I have too.” Something was off, why would she ask permission? If there were a way to save Lena, I would’ve agreed to it, unless…

“Vivio, what are the consequences? Everything has something, and from the way your acting it can’t be good.” Fate must have had the same idea I was thinking. “Will it put you in danger?”

I watched as Vivio gulped, bringing up the courage to speak. “I can save her, I know I can. I just wanted to know something. If someone were to have only half a linker core, is it still possible to live?” Why was she asking this? She should know its possible by now, she was in school.

“Vivio why are you asking this? If you only have half of your linker core, it would just grow back to normal when you have full energy again. Once you lose that power, it may grow back, but there will always be a scar left behind, energy is still energy. For example, you remember when we went to the amusement park? ” I said, not waiting for an answer. “You were so excited, you had energy for ten, but the next day you felt horrible, all the energy drained. It’s like that, you have power one time, and when you lose it, you feel like it was never there to begin with.” I could tell her mind was wondering. “Why would you want to know? If your thinking of putting some of your power in Lena, I would stop while your at it. It wont work, you heard her, she…” I took a deep breath. “She said that she has no linker core, if you give her some, she’ll lose it eventually. The power you put in her would have no way of retrieving any of it, it’s like a battery, it has energy to last but eventually it will fade. Unfortunately, Lena-Chan’s not a battery, the energy would dissolve quicker. Giving a piece of your linker core, would only give her energy, she’ll need the actual linker core to get her strengths back.” I wiped the tear away from my eyes, and looked back at her, trying to act strong. I was fairly sure it didn’t work. “Vivio…” I whispered. “T-There’s no way to save her, she has no power left in her. The Jewel Seed was protecting her all this time, even then, it would’ve eventually consumed her. We could’ve found a way then, but right now…it’s impossible…” I felt a warm hand embrace mine, not needing to look at her, I squeezed her hand.

“That’s all I needed to know, but that was not what I was thinking…” She took Lena’s hand and whispered something I did not hear. I widened my eyes as I realized something. If she wasn’t thinking about that…then what was she thinking of? Realization hit me then, and I stepped forward ready to stop it, but a strong barrier went up around the two.

“Vivio, don’t! What your trying to do is impossible. It hasn’t been done in ages! If you try it you don’t know what’ll happen!” I started pounding on the barrier, and with no prevail turned on Fate and my group. “We have to stop her, if she manages what she’s about to do she can die!” Fate immediately joined in, and our group as well, but for some reason it just wouldn’t break. “Vivio, please! I know you want to save her, but it’s no good if you kill yourself in the process!” I sobbed out. I can’t lose her, I can’t! I looked at Lena, and was about to convince her too, but realize she was already doing that herself.

Vivio turned to us and smiled, actually smiled, before turning back to Lena who was struggling. She only had her torso going up left, she couldn’t stop Vivio if she tried too. Vivio took Lena’s cheek in her hand, and a blue rune formed underneath them. This rune was different then the other ones, more old. It strangely reminded me of chalk. “Lena Testarossa, you have chosen to serve me. Will you not do that not? Do you trust me?” Slowly but hesitantly, she nodded, making Vivio smile kindly. “Good, because I do not want to lose my servant just yet.” She bent her head down slowly, and pressed her lips to Lena’s, sending a spark of light to come out of both of them. An explosion came next as the light illuminated the whole room, making the windows on the walls to shatter, and the walls to shake. The light danced around the two, as if forming more energy.

I stepped back, covering my eyes, and felt a tremendous amount of magic coming out of them. It was nothing that I’ve ever felt, it was no magic I’ve ever seen. I was surprise Vivio has. As it died down, both of them were gone, not even the floating particles were there anymore. Looking around I panicked. Where was Vivio? Where was my little girl? Panic came at once; everyone was talking at once, having no clue what just happen.

“Well…”We all turned our heads at the sound. “I guess that didn’t work after all. I really was hoping for something to happen, to get more interesting…but I guess not.” Precia stood before us, her head held up, an amused expression on her face.

“O-Okaa-san…” I head Fate whisper. Precia Testarossa stood firmly at the doorway to the end, her hands on her hips, as if she had all time in the world. The ground shook then, cracks forming on the halls and ceilings. Looking back, I looked for Vivio with all my might, but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find her or Lena. Was she really gone?

I felt hands reach mine, and was lead outside as the place crumbled to the ground. I watched wide eyed as my stomach did flips and twist from the fear of Vivio and Lena’s safety. Cracks formed on the ground, as something underground started to form, and rise towards the sky. A palace, a palace much like the Garden of Time, but different. It didn’t have it’s black aura that surrounded the building, or the dark mysterious power that held its place, but was bright, and actually looked like it contained human life. It was quite a mysterious site, nothing I’ve ever seen before. Was it here this whole time? How did we not see it? And where were Vivio, and Lena? Where they still trapped inside?

“Impossible….”I heard Fate whisper again. I looked at her and first noticed her expression. I felt twinge of pain. I didn’t even give any account to how she felt. More feelings mixed up with my other one. Fate. Vivio. Lena. “How…how’s this possible? The Garden of Time was destroyed back then.” Behind us I could hear everyone’s awe in the gigantic floating island. “I-It’s suppose too…so how?” Just then enemies after enemies came out of the palace, and just floated in the sky, as if saying, “come if you dare”.


Fate’s POV

Seeing the Garden of Time brang back memories, memories of my childhood, or how I should say, memories of Alicia’s childhood. It still brought a sudden pain in my stomach, something I’m sure wont go away. This was sudden I did not think Mother would show herself, let alone bring the Garden of Time with her.

“Fate…-Chan…” Looking at Nanoha, I could tell she was sad, not for her, but for what was going on around her. Same old same old. I took her hand, and forced a smile, getting a look back that said, “Fake smiles wont get you anywhere”. She frowned, and I could tell she had a lot going on in her mind. One of those things, was me.
“Nanoha…” I squeezed her hand, and looked back at the scene above us. More memories came back as I saw the drones from when I helped Nanoha for the first time stormed out of the palace. There isn’t time to look back at the past, it’s the future that counts now. I need to protect Nanoha, I can’t let her go overboard. She’s in a state of emergency now, with Vivio, and Lena gone at the moment. I have to help out as much as possible. I can’t keep looking at the past now, it’s time for action.

“Oi, what now?” We both turned to Vita, as she made her way towards us. “There has to be a way inside.” Nodding I let go of Nanoha’s hand, making a small sound come out of her throat. I took her hand again, squeezing harder.

“There is a way in, but…,but that’s the tricky part.” Looking back, I realized the drones were waiting on our move.

“How so, Luv’?” Reo said, his face stoned in determination.

“For one thing, the only entrance in, is from the front door and the back door. Meaning we’ll have to split up into groups.”

“That’s not a bad thing, we can handle that.”

“Cap’n, that’s not the tricky part…” Trailing off I let him think about my words a bit, till I finally answered when his face tuned in confusion. “Look around you. We barely have men to fight with us, this will be a life and death situation. People will die. Those machines out there,” I pointed to the drone up in the sky. “They will be deadly.”

Looking around, the Cap’n frowned before staring back at me. “Fate, Luv’, the only thing I’m more worried about is ‘ow little faith you ‘ave for us.” Smiling he turned to face his men he brought with him. “Ain’t that right everyone?” Everyone smile, their faces matched as Reo’s, proud, and determined.

“Thanks guys…” Everyone turned to Nanoha, who had tears in her eyes. Squeezing her hand harder I turned back to our small group, and formed a plan.


Precia sat on her throne, as she stared into multiple screen, watching, waiting, for them to make their move. She waited patiently, having only the thoughts in her mind, and what was in front of her, to keep her from getting bored. Standing up she walked across the room, and stopped at one of the screens in front of her. Putting her hand up, she trailed her fingers down the screen with Fate’s image on it, as she talked with her comrades.

“Fate…so we meet again.” She stated, smiling to herself. “It’s been far to long. I would like to see how much you truly grown.” Looking over the screen, she paused at Nanoha Takamachi. “Takamachi Nanoha…It seems your still here…” She looked down at the girls hand, as it entwined into the blondes hand. “It would seem…that you corrupted her too…Not surprising though, she is your so called “savior” after all.” Flipping her wrist, the screen disappeared, and she walked back to her seat on her throne, her robe flowing along with her stride. “No matter, this will be fun none the less.
Flipping her black hair back, she rested her elbow on the arm rest, and put her head on her hand, in a bored fashion, as she watched the screens intently again. She smiled as her entertainment finally moved into action. “Now then…let the games begin…”


Fate’s POV

Coming through the back way was harder then I expected. I knew two ways to get in, one in the front, which was where Reo’s and Vita’s team were, and the back way, where mine was. Nanoha and I were taking the backside, alone. The front side, needed to distract the drones as much as possible. There was the ground team, including Reo, since he doesn’t know how to fly, and the sky team, which was led by Vita. Distraction was all we needed.

“Fate…” My name was said without honorifics, made me snapped my head in surprise. “Are you sure about this? I can go alone…I-I don’t want you to have anymore bad memories, especially since…since we’re after you mother this time.” She was right, but I couldn’t let her know that, my feeling of this had to be kept a secret.

“I’m fine Sweetheart, there’s nothing to worry about. This was going to happen sooner or later, actually I never thought this was going to happen…again.” She looked at me before, taking me in a tight hug. I hugged her automatically, feeling my stomach knot up. I kissed her hair, telling her a silent “I’m fine” and pulled her back, only to get pulled back in. “N-Nanoha?”

“Fate-Chan…I’m here for you. You don’t have to do this yourself. Don’t worry about me, we will do it together.” She whispered in my shoulder. “No matter what happens, I’ll help you. I don’t want to lose anyone else…” She was worried about Vivio, and Lena. She didn’t have to be, I could feel it, deep inside me, that they were still alive.

I help onto her for a bit more, and moved back to look at her. Her eyes were red from crying, and her eyes told me she was scared. Not for herself, but like I said, the people around her, and right now, me. “Nanoha…you don’t have to worry. The one you should be worried about is you, not me, I can protect myself, but thanks for saying that. I needed it.” She tilted her head to the side, as if she was debating on saying something. “A penny for you thoughts.”

“I…Do you, do you think Vivio and Lena are still alive? I-I mean, I can feel it, I just can, that both of them are safe, but for some reason my mind is playing tricks on me. I can remember hearing pained screams, shouting, and my name being called…I-I don’t know if their real…Fate-Chan…do you think their real?” Her pained eyes, were enough for me to hug her tightly again cooing reassuring words to her.

“No…Honey, I don’t think there real. I don’t remember hearing anything, it’s your mind playing tricks on you. I do believe Vivio, and Lena are alive, and you should too. Please, please, don’t say anything against that.” I pushed her back and kissed her lips tenderly, caressing her cheek. I pulled away and put our forehead together and looked down at her blue eyes. “Now then, I believe we have two little girls to save.” Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath, before looking back at me her eyes having no trace of fear this time, and smiled, a true smile that I loved so much.



Part one of two, well it doesn't have to be another part, I just didn't want to put the battle scene AND the Lena's scene together, well I could've but it would've been way too long. If your wondering I DO have a battle scene ready too, all in my head, for once :P If anyone wants to write then go ahead, but if you don't I'll take over to the battle scene, if that's alright. Have a nice day and hopped you liked it~ Sorry for the longness, I just couldn't stop writing XD
oh, and I kinda took something from somewhere, a little bit of it right now, if anyone would like to guess, go ahead, Though if you don't there's no bad thing that could happen if you don't, JUST saying ^ ^

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Part 2

Round Shield” Raising heart said, as magic bullets shot at us. When the firing stopped, I took down the shield, and attacked.

“Axel Shooter” Five magic orbs formed around me, and I fired them at the robots around us. Hitting all of them, I looked over at Fate, and noticed she was done as well. On to the next section.

We both flew farther into the palace, searching long and hard to find Precia. We search at least five rooms, but no matter what, we could not find the throne room. It seem as if the this place has changed since the last ten years we’ve been here. It didn’t matter though we will find it, even if it took us all day, and that I know, we don’t have.

“Nanoha…” I looked over at Fate just as she pointed off towards the right hallway. I nodded and we made our way into a dark corridor. She stopped and I stopped. Putting my feet on the ground, I balanced myself, and walked alongside Fate to last door in the middle. “Nanoha…I-I can feel it.” Looking over to her, I could tell she was scared. Her eyes were scare, confused, all she could do was stare at the door.

I took her hand and took a deep breath. “Let’s go Fate-Chan…” We walked up to the door, and it slid opening, revealing a smirking Precia on her throne. “Precia-san….”



Fate’s POV

Mother stood before me, not looking at me, but Nanoha. She stood up and walked towards us, stopping just ten feet away.

“Well, if it isn’t the White Mage again. What brings you here? Or did you simply come for revenge for you daughter?”

“None” Nanoha simply stated, looking directly into my mothers eyes. She squeezed my hand, and let go, holding Raising Heart with both hands. “I, Nanoha Takamachi, here by order you to surrender, and cease all attacks against my comrades. If you do not, then we will have no choice but to use force.”

“Hm…Is that a threat?” She turned to me, and looked me over. “Are you really going to let that happen, Fate?”

I gulped and looked her squarely in the eyes. “Mother…” I started. “If you don’t back down now, we, I, will have no choice but to make you. What is your choice?”

She sighed. “I see…I guess I have no choice. You already have my answer.” Her black staffed formed in front of her as she waited. Purple lightning formed around her. She smiled. “Now then, lets begin.” She attacked.


Blast of energy shook the floating island, and the troops stopped to look at it. They didn’t have time to process what happened before a new fleet of robots came out of the island, attacking randomly.

“Oi! Don’t get distracted! Nanoha and Fate found their mark! Now it’s our turn to help. Now go!” Vito ordered. Blast of energy came out of no where, and Vita looked wide eyed, as monstrous robots stormed out of the island, nearly taking five soldiers out. Charging Vita attack, her device, Graf Eisen, forming into a giant hammer.

Reo looked up, as giant drones stormed out and attack. Pointing his devise up, he fired magic energy at them. Hitting them, he barely made a dent. Cursing, he fired over and over again. A robot came towards him, and he dove to the side, as lighting shot at him. The tree next to him caught on fire, and fell to the side. Rolling over he charged at it, but only got knocked to the side, sending him into a nearby tree. Standing up, he took the robot in, trying to find its weakness.

“You’re a noisy bugger, ain’t ya’?” The robot made no noise, and just charged. “Ave you no manners?” Dodging to the side, the giant thing ran into the trees, knocking them to the side. Turning around it charged again, this time firing missiles at Reo. Putting a barrier up, the missiles exploded on it on impact. When the missiles ceased, Reo made his attack.

An explosion rang out, and Reo stumbled back, trying his hardest not to fall. Looking toward his savior, he smiled, realizing who it was.

“Well, Luv, I’m ‘ure a lot of people will be glad ‘ure around.” She just laughed.

“Tell me about it.”


The island shook, taking Fate and I with it. Precia swept her staff, and brought it down on me, but I dodged it professionally. Making a grunting noise in my throat, I brought Raising Heart and used her bayonet to strike Precia. She easily dodged It.

“You’ve gotten better White Mage. I can see why Fate has taken a liking to you. Your very skilled.” Growling again, I formed magic orbs around me, and fired them at her, only to get dodged easily, just like my strikes.

“Give up” I growled. “Your surrounded, you will never get out alive, even if you defeated us.”

“Ahh…but you see. I think I have a better chance of getting out of here alive then you do.” Smirking, she pulled her shirt down, to reveal a glowing Jewel Seed. “You see, nothing can defeat me now.” Laughing, lighting striked down on us, threw us back against the wall. Breathing heavily, I looked towards Fate, and realized she was gone.

Sonic Move

In a second, Fate was in font of Precia, raising Bardiche up in the air, ready to strike, and the next she was on the floor, Precia on top of her, her staff just inches from her face. “Fate, Fate, Fate…Did you really think I’ll allow you to just hit me like that? You should feel ashamed.” Fate struggled, and I tried to make my way to her, only to get binded to the ground. I tried to strangle loose, but the binds just got tighter, to the point where I couldn’t breathe.

“F-Fate…-Chan…” I gasped.


An explosion shook the palace, sending falling debris onto us, from the ceiling that just blew up. Looking above me, I widened my eyes, feeling tears in my eyes again. Blinking them away, I smiled sadly. Vivio, and Lena stood before us, not a scratch on them. Both of their faces looked determined, ready for battle.

“Get off of Fate-mama…” Vivio said. She switched to Sankt Kaiser form now, looking more mature, and ready for battle. Dropping to the ground, she walked over to me, Lena shadowing her, and broke my binds away. She smiled at me before turning back to Precia, who was staring at them both with a mix of wonder and surprise.

Precia smile innocently and looked at Lena, who stiffened. “Lena? Are you just going to let her talk to me like that? Bring the girl over here, if you will.” Lena stood where she was.

“No” She only said.

“Excuse me?”

“I said no. You do not order me.”

Precia narrowed her eyes, and looked at her deadly. “I do order you, have you forgotten? I’m the one who made you. You will follow my orders.”

Taking a deep breath, Lena answered. “No, You do not order me. Mother did, and she is not here anymore, meaning I am free. I do not follow you-” She looked at Vivio. “-I follow my Master, Vivio Takamachi.” Smiling Vivio looked at Precia.

“You heard her, now, I will not tell you again, get off of Fate-mama.” Precia looked at Fate, and smirked.

“Fate-mama? Eh…you have gotten weak Fate. Being called such disgracing names. You really are a pathetic being, you have no right to be apart of the Testarossa family.” Raising her staff up “You should be glad that I’ll end your life before you can disgrace it any longer.” Sending electric currents threw her devise, she plunged it at Fate’s face. I screamed for her to stop but it was to late.

Another explosion rang out, and I stared wide eyed at the spot were Fate was just at. At. She wasn’t there anymore, she disappeared.

“No, Okaa-san…” Behind Precia. “It is you who is disgracing the family name.”

Haken Slash

Fate slashed at Precia. Precia turned around and caught the yellow energy in her hands, before pulling it back, and flinging Fate against the wall. Fate put her arm back, and flung herself into a flip before landing on the ground. Moving forward, she attacked again, this time, more fiercely.

“Fate-Chan!” I yelled, Lena stopped me, and stared me down.

“No, I will go, you don’t have the energy to beat her. With the Jewel Seed, Fate wont either. I will.”

“B-But, your still hurt…How are you even here?!” I yelled back. No one will tell me, who I can, and can’t beat. Even if it was Lena.

“That is a good question, but right now I can not answer that…” She eyes turned pleading. “Please, can you just stay here? I am fine, but I am probably the only one who can beat her. I have a plan. I can do this.” She took out a small card, and showed it to me. Flipping it, I saw her picture. She was bending down, her barrier jacket on, and crossing her arms, trying to pull something out from a black hole, her arms were in. In the back was the rune I saw before Vivio and her disappeared, this time red. In the middle of all, was her name, Testarossa Lena, in Latin.

Pulling the card away I watched in wonder as the card disappeared and a giant black hole formed at her side. Pulling her hand threw, she pulled out twin scimitars and held them at her side. Looking over to Fate and Precia, who were still detracted, she started chanting.

Ruler of the shadow land…” She started. “Scathach, grant into my hands, thirty thorn-bearing sprite lances…” Around us electricity rained around us, as javelins formed. Opening her closed eyes, she screamed. “Fate, move now!” Fate looked at us before, widening her eyes, and going to a safe distance. Precia stopped and stared, her eyes in full wonder.

“Well, that’s new.”

Electricity crackled as it got bigger. Lena opened her mouth, and commanded. “Juculatio Fulgoris…THROWING THUNDER!” The javelins rushed at Precia, and exploded on her head on. Breathing heavily, Lena ran towards the cloud of smoke that formed were Precia once stood, lighting still crackling in the area. I heard a loud CLANK, and watched as Lena was push back, form the still in tacked Precia.

“That was something, but it was predictable, easily dodged. You will have to do better, if you want to defeat me.” Bringing her hand back, she punched Lena in the face, making her sprawl to the ground. Stumbling up, she charged again, bringing her arms back to switch blades. A black sword appeared, shining brilliantly.

“I never said that was my best.” They clashed weapons together, before lighting came down on Lena, causing her to dive to the side, to dodge getting hit. She got up again and charges, this time, making her weapon glow dangerously black.

“Sorry…” I look to the side and realized Vivio was there, her face drenched in sweat. “I disobeyed your orders, and took action in my own hands. I didn’t even know if I’ll survive, but there was a chance, and I took it.” Bringing my hand up, she flinched, and I caressed her cheek, making her eyes snap open.

“Vivio, I’m not mad, I’m sad. If there was a way to help her, you should’ve asked for help. I know you strong, but even strong people need help from time too time, and this was one of them.”

“G-Gomen…” She closed her eyes, and opened them. “I’ll asked for you help next time, I promise, but right now I need to concentrate on my servant.” Tilting my head to the side, I was now confused. “I’ll explain later, but I really do need to concentrate.” She turned her back to me she, and watch the fight intently, her neck wet from perspiration.

I felt a strong hand in mine, and squeezed it, telling Fate a silent “I’m alright”. She squeezed back, saying she was too, knowing full well what I was going to say too. Speaking to Vivio again, I said, “Good, you have a lot of explaining to do missy. I also need time to think of you punishment.”

Still looking at Lena, she replied, “M-Mou…”

Lena looked down form the ceiling, trying to find her grandmother. She disappeared during her last attack, causing thing to be difficult. Closing her eyes again, runes formed underneath her feet. She chanted. “Let hundreds and thousands combine” Precia came in front of her and attack sending the girl into the wall, causing her to break into the other room. Precia smirked, and looked at the hole she made.

Chanting came out in a loud voice, and Precia shot lighting threw the hole, making the room in the other room collapse. The chanting still continued. Precia looked around, but could not fine the girl, so that chanting continued, making it’s way towards Precia.

Run forth lightning.” Precia widened her eyes at the spell. She fired aimlessly at the wall, but it did not stop the girl. Precia looked above her, and spotted the girl. Enormous energy came out of her, so much energy that Vivio faltered. “LIGHTNING BOLTS!” With incredible speed, it made it’s way at Precia, hitting hr again, head on. When the smoked cleared, Precia stood tattered with blood, moving stumbling forward, to Lena. Lena took a step back, and watch Precia cautiously.

Precia smiled threw the pain. “Interesting…It seems your somewhat stronger then me…” She spit blood onto the floor. “I winder why that is. The Jewel Seed inside you is gone, and you had no linker core inside you. So how? How is it your alive, and stronger?” She looked at Vivio, then back at Lena. “Is it her? Was that kiss what made you stronger?” Moving her hand behind her back, she formed energy and striked it at Vivio. Vivio was too weak to put a barrier up.

A shattering bang came to ears, as Lena’s barrier reached Vivio, and caught the attack head on, blocking it. Lena grabbed Precia, and both went sprawling to the ground. Moving her hand up, Precia slugged Lena’s face, went on top of Lena. Raising her staff up she pointed the sharp end at Lena’s face. Lena made no move to struggle. She seemed calm.

Spiting again she spoke. “You may be stronger, but I will still win.” She thruster the end at Lena, only to be stopped yet again. She stood still frozen, she arms shaking as she dropped her staff. Lena kicked her off, and Precia stumbled, trying to keep herself upright. A black hole appeared near Precia, and started sucking her in. Precia stumbled forward, but even, she, could not stop it’s power.

“How…” Precia whispered.

Lena looked at her sadly. “You have underestimated me. When hit you before, did you not sense the electricity flowing in you? It takes sometime, but once my attack hits you, electricity enters your nerve, and slowly numbs them until you are paralyzed.” Widening her eyes, Precia stumbled forward again, this time falling. “Ah…yes the black hole…” She said again. “When I made a Pactio with Vivio, I got a special power. A power that I had no idea existed. You see, I can take my weapons out of there, as the black abyss holds them, but I can also store more in it. That does not mean that all of them are weapons, I can suck you in there with no problem at all, you see that hole over there,” She pointed her hand to the black hole. “Will be your death bed. You will stay in there were the Jewel Seed will take you life. Once inside, only I can take you out, and that is not something I will do, unless ordered too.” Raising her hand up, the black hole got bigger. “Activate suction mode to only 10 feet in front, and ten feet wide. Once inside, don’t let out.” The hole complied and a gust of wind went around the hall, until it reach Precia.

Precia looked forward, and smile. “Che…You really got me this time.” With that she was flung into the hole, before it disappeared, stopping the wind altogether.

Looking behind her, Lena smiled at Vivio, before her, and Vivio past out on site.


The whole island shook in unison, as Fate and I carried both girls out of the Garden of Time. Once outside we watched as the Garden of Time, crumbled to the ground for the last time. Looking at Fate, I saw tears slip her eyes, and felt a twinge of pain. She has lost the most today, this will haunt her for some time, but I will be there for her. I will always be there for her.


Ah....finally done~~ Yes. Took me a LONG time to get the fighting scene going, hope you like it, and I'm pretty sure I'ma get yelled at for the lateness lol. I'm not even suppose to be on, but I got on anyways. Hope you like it, and I'm GLAD SOMEONE LISTENED INTO NOT POSTING ANYTHING. *kof* *kof* I'd rather not have nightmares, thank you very much.~ BTW References as well, pretty obvious though~ Posted late again!! Yes! ;)

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Aww you didn't kill her! BUUU!!!! Ok well its time for you to say "The End" for this story...and time for me to say Game Over

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Hm...I'm confused, and why would I kill her??? LOL I was trying to save her! New story perhaps?


Oh wait your talking about Precia....Well as you read before, she will eventually

Also I'm starting to hate that link....>.>

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Just a,'ll see.

Walking down towards the commanders office I was once again given the orders to give her the news on how our mission objective went. Though I was loathing it to the fullest potential, I couldn't help but feel, well, a little better than normal. This time I actually had someone coming with me to give the damage report, and it was one of the commanders knights none the less, Vita, I believe her name was. Stopping in front of the commanders door I knocked waiting for the normal reply of, "Come in" before entering her office. Moving to a point of standing attention, I menouvered myself in front of the commanders desk and imedately went into a salute saying, "Ma'am!" As crisply as I possibly could.
Standing for Dea knows how long, I watched and waited for her to finish up with the little things she was messing with on her desk before getting a salute in return and a gesture to stand at ease. Now standing a bit more comfortably, the only thing I could do was wait for the commander to speak.
Finally, after so long she began with, "Why exactly are you here, Captain."
"Ma'am!" I returned again crisply, "I have orders tah give you the report on my last mission, ma'am!"
"Go on than."
"Right, well, we managed tah defeat both our main targets ma'am, both Alicia Testarossa and Precia Testarossa, both are currently marked as KIA as far as we know. We also managed tah do this with minimal casualties on our side. The castle that our targets resided in also fell in apon itself, rendering us unable to get at any information inside the palace. From what the Captains' told me, N. Takamchi and F. Haralown, after Precia was defeated it just collapsed in on itself."
"I see, anything else?"
"Yes, we managed to aquire a new ally ma'am, Miss Lena Testarossa is now on our side for good."
"That's good than. And who were the casualties on our side Captain." She asked me back after a few seconds.
"Privates' Briggs, Charleston, Malinster, and Corporal O'Kiefe, all of third platoon, charlie company ma'am of the Ground Forces."
Letting out a sigh I watched her rub the bridge of her nose before going on, "Alright Captain, that'll be all." She finished while waving me out. "Be sure to have the full report on my desk by tomorrow at 07:00hrs. Vita, will you show him out please."
"Yes Hayate," she easly replied to her, grumbling the whole way towards the door, something that I believe involved me in some pretty nasty terms.
"Ma'am!" I said, and began to turn around to follow Vita but stopped myself before hand. Summoning up my courage, I went up to Commander Yagami's desk and asked, "Do you mind if I make a request ma'am?"
Setting down her pencil after srolling something on a piece of paper, she looked back up at me and said, "Very well, what is it?"
"Can you," I began. "Can you make sure my boys families know what their sons died for. That they died as heroes, and fought for the noble cause of maintaining all that we hold dear on this world and every other world. It would mean a lot tah me, and them, if you could do that ma'am."
Staring back at me she blinked once, twice, thrice, before saying, "Sure Reo, I'll be sure to let their families know that, as soon as I get the chance."
"Thank you ma'am," I said again before turning around and heading towards the door. Once outside I got an immediate wack on the back of my head and a very agitated Vita yelling in my ear wondering why I was taking so long. Letting out a sigh of my own and showing the begginings of a grin, I couldn't help but think as I argued back with Vita. 'No matter how tough things may seem tah get around 'ere, the people that you work with day in and day out make all those troubles seem so much more worth while.'

And so that is the ending for me in our FIRST Role Playing story. Hope to see everyone in the next one we do, and until than! *passes out TSAB Ground Forces fatigues and combat helmets* Lets kick some ass together.

Courtesy of my friend Laevantien --
We stand alone, together