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Schicksal, candy! and cherry dream

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Hello everyone! After a long time without new releases in English, TheRon brings life back to the community again with 3 new doujins: candy! and cherry dream by MekiMeki, and Schicksal by HINATABOKKOCLUB.

Both MekiMeki doujins are short NanoFate stories about their highschool days, with the humor and gorgeous art that is very distinctive of this artist. Schicksal is a doujin centered about Vivio and Einhart thinking about the fate that led them to meet, with an obligatory side dish of Takamachi family sweetness.

We hope you enjoy the doujins!


candy!: MediaFire -
cherry dream: MediaFire -
Schicksal: MediaFire -

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The cuteness is those doujins is amost as overwhelming as a Starlight Breaker in the face.

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jajaja probresita Fate, ya que Nanoha siempre la pasa molestando, pero se ven muy divertidos y tiernos, muchas gracias.