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Secret Room Intense [+18]

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Keeping the constant activity we have the rare opportunity in which we share a non-NanoFate doujin, but this one is by Kohagura/Koguroya and it's a Fuuka x Rinne one so we couldn't miss the chance. This is an adult adult translated by Brolen and DesuDesu and titled Secret Room Intense. We hope you like it!

Summary: This is a 20 pages long full color adult doujin from 2017 in the beautiful artstyle of Kohagura about Fuuka and getting stuck in adult mode after sparring with Rinne. Then lewd things. It's not very visually explicit, hence the R15 in the cover.



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Very nice, thanks.

Isn't there an error/oversight mistake on page 16 though? In second panel, there is a stripe with a "huh?" comment left, inserted over Rinne's face.

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I do like me some Fuuka and Rinne so this a was a real treat fo rme