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Takamachi-san-chi wa Kyou mo Yoru Fukashi

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DesuDesu and Brolen are back with another new NanoFate release: Takamachi-san-chi wa Kyou mo Yoru Fukashi, by one of the fan favorite artists Kohagura.

This is a 26 pages long doujin from 2015 that takes place before Vivid, and is about Nanoha feeling a bit lonely when she sees how Vivio is growing up, and Fate saving her day when she gets to comeback home a day earlier than expected. It's an extremely cute doujin like all the other works from this artist.

We hope you like the doujin!

Translator: Brolen
Editor: DesuDesu



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I can never get enough of Kohagura's Nanoha stories.

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Kohagura's art is great, we definitely need more of it.