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Under Current

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Hello everyone! After our short break, we are back with a new release of an old doujin we translated a couple of days ago: Under Current by the circle Sagamani.

This is a 18 pages long doujin divided in two parts. The first is a short comedy about Nanoha, Fate and Arf in their combat for the jewel seeds. The second part and main dish takes place after the doujin "Shoujo wa sore wo gaman dekinai" (you can find it in our Downloads section, it's pretty good!), and is about Nanoha and Fate having some time together after their first time.

We hope you enjoy this release!

Raws: misuzu ◄► Translator: moobelle ◄► Proofreading: Crazyla ◄► Translation Check: Crazyla ◄► Editor: ShiroAka


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When will we finally see the translated version of "Yo ga Akeru Made"?! Are the raws of that doujin really that bad?!

But still thanks for the release!!! XD

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Sadly rather never, raws we have are really poor camera photos where some pages are totally unreadable, and it seems it's not possible to buy that doujin nowadays, the same with adult Masulao Maximum one being in the same bag, and I rather won't try to message artists directly for copies...

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Dat second half of the doujin...

I wanna see monster Nanoha (If you know what I mean)

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Poor Fate, always the helpless victim of Nanoha's fiery rabu-rabu. XD

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Thank you for your hard work. I like this doujin, it's short but sweet. And Nanoha from the last page literally kicks ass xD

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Thanks! I hope we can get an updated list of the projects soon :)

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This doujin was hilarious. XD The Nanoha from the last page. . . LOL

Thanks for the translation!!

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Thanks ^^

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LOL that was so funny XD
Thanks for the release~

Thanks to depression76 for the Signature XD

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I liked both halves of this one. Either way Fate loses in the first half and then monster Nanoha at the end of the second half. >.< b