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Satashi, what is happening with this story? We're in 2012 now and I really love this story. Are you going to continue the story or are you going to hand off the rights to continue this story to another writer? I can't continue it because I don't have the imagination required to write something this good but there are a handful of great writers on that probably wouldn't mind continuing it for you.

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Too bad Satashi didn't write any chapter to it...Once in a while I always read it again, awesome fic, one of my fave ones and like other of my fave ones it is unfinished.

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It remains my favorite story of Satashi's also.

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I have never read it completely got put off by the fact its incomplete but read a few chapters and I must say it is a real pity it isn't completed as satashi's work is really good

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"I'm a vampire! Rawr!"

I blinked and looked up and over at Nanoha, who was wearing fake plastic vampire fangs. "...I could go for this, but I must ask... Why are you covered in glitter?"

"Because I'm a vampire!"

I stared at her a moment before looking back down at the newspaper, deciding it was best not to voice my thoughts at the moment.


There, updated :D

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Dammit Satashi you really had me going there for a moment when I saw this in the active forum threads lol still good to see your about

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I really wish for this story to be continued. Still my most favorite ffic of all. I can still feel all giddy and worked up like a fool by the story despite re-reading it so many times already.
You really brought up their soul in the story, amazing! I just wanna say thank you to you Satashi :D and to resume if possible.

It's been 3 years since the last update..and I've waited for almost more than half a year. Idk how others who've waited longer than me, but for me it's feels like waiting for a long distance lover to come back home, and I can't do anything about it xD it hurts! Help!

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So sad that this has been discontinued. I am also one of the readers who love Satashi’s work so much. VampireFate is no exception. It’s just so wonderful!