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F: "Nanoha, how many times do I have to tell you. If you keep killing the boys who send me love letters, they can't tell anyone to not do it."

N: "But Fate-chaa~n, you do it to the boys who send me love letters!"

F: "No. I just take a limb for each one they send. It sends a clear message and leaves them to spread the word."

N: "Mou~ But I like ripping their faces off!"

F: "...You're sleeping on the couch tonight."

N: "Yeah right."

You know you spend too much time on spacebattles when you start mistaking trees in picture thumbnails for mushroom clouds.

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God.. have mercy...

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Nanoha has the yandere figure here. x:

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Yeah...I decided not to upload the page that comes after this one. The scene just goes farther and farther downhill from there...>_>

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