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You are Like the Sun (Side N and F)

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Hello everyone! We're back again with a double release, two new doujins from Ameiro: You are Like the Sun Side N and You are Like the Sun Side F. These are a couple of 17 pages long doujin each, the story is about the first moments in the morning after Nanoha and Fate wake up together. They're pretty tender doujins, like the previous works from this artist.

We hope you enjoy this release! Comments and feedback are appreciated as always.

Raws: prime_time ◄► Translation: prime_time ◄► Proofreading: motaku96 ◄► Editing: motaku96


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Thanks for the release! ^^

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Dat cuteness, it's overwhelming ! X3

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Thank you! <3

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Thank you for translating this! I can't get enough of how cute the doujins are.