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Your favorite Nanoha character

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Akiyoshi wrote:
More proof MOVIE 2nd A's is only for NanoFate fans. Wolkenritter fans barely get anything good from it -_-

Aww n.n *hugs*

They should make the next movie just double as long. That way we can get enough NanoFate love AND awesome Wolkenritter Action! ^_^

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I don't really think the wolkenritter lost out on much screentime, though. Vita got the most out of the movie. She had the longer fight because she was matched vs. Nanoha, and she had a lot of daily life scenes. Signum mainly got screwed cause Fate's battles with Signum were not as long as Nanoha's battles with Vita.

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Well thing about Vita is she can always have more screen time, because she's the best character.

Fate and Nanoha are close seconds and I'm quite fond of Teana and Hayate, but Vita is constructed out of pure unfiltered win.

I remember when I first saw her and I was like "who does this girl think she is smashing up Nanoha like that?" Then before I knew it she was my favorite character.

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*points at signature*


Signum:'s not my fault i'm not popular!

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Oh! Nanoha-mama!

She is my Deus!

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Reading through this thread made my life! Haha!
To answer this question... uwuu~ I love every character. I can list down every name and make a blog out of each! It's so unfair to be chosing just one.
To be general though, Nanoha is Nanoha-nano! I don't really admire her personality that much, but I love the way her character built up until StrikerS. Is that surprising? Hm... I think I love the way she was normal and went STARLIGHT BREAKER! in a blink. Haha! Yus, she's like a celebrity to me. I want to be like that too! (I always feel like a Vivio minion about this.) I want to STARLIGHT BREAKER! And meet the Fate-chan of my life.
But I'm also a Meister Hayate fangirl! I love her in a way that if she begins recruiting for a legion for anything at all (she names it!) I will join before she even starts putting up notices! You could say I love her to the extent of being her loyal servant even without proper reason (and even for all IMproper reasons). I want to be like Rein and go "Meister! Meister!" around her and learn her perfect art of groping.

And of course, I love Feito-chan! I love her in a way that... I melts~~ That COOL MODE ON-OFF personality is... I melts~~ And to add in something from imagination, the way she'd shyly say, "th-thank you" when someone tells her they love her is... I melts~~ daidaidaisuki! I wish you were real~
Anyway, I melts~~~!!
xDD Yes, the direct answer to the question is probably Fate.
Ah, I also LOVE YUUNO! Like when a by-passer feels that sudden responsibility to take in an injured ferret lying on the side of the road. Poor, poor Yuuno... Just be my pet. And I'll take care of you. I promise. No, really. xD
Best Wolkenritter girl for me is......
I kid. Vita for most of the time. Signum has me the rest of the time for her cool factor. But the one who actually had my heart was Reinforce Eins. TT^TT Eins...

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ferrets need love too XD

haha, just kidding. Great explanation of why you love these characters!

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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It may be very generic at this point but my favorite character will always be Fate. I mean she was the reason why I fell in love with the franchise in the first place: she has a serious aura, wishes to make her mother happy, can be so cute and she uses one of my favorite weapons and one of my favorite elements.

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My personal favorites are Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Reinforce Zwei, Signum (my waifu), and Subaru.