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Nanoha Vivid Anime

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After a long time the last two episodes just came out in English today, in a batch with a second version of all the previous episodes (by Ron/aRon, the person that also recently translated this doujin)
I think this wasn't the best Nanoha series, but I had a lot of fun with some of the episodes, I hope they make another season, because I liked watching this series more than reading the manga.
As a footnote, Teo is too cute!

ron_mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_vivid_-_12_6905514b.mkv_snapshot_17.57_2015.06.26_11.49.12.jpg ron_mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_vivid_-_12_6905514b.mkv_snapshot_23.48_2015.06.26_11.54.25.jpg

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Yep, definitely better than the manga, considering how I stopped reading it shortly after the tournament arc had started. I can't say I got disappointed, too, but maybe 'cause my hopes weren't too high to begin with (except for that stripmock battle I have little to complain about), and I even enjoyed quite a couple of moments. I'd also like to see the continuation 'cause right now it feels like the anime was dropped half-season.

Oh, and the duo Einhart & Teo. Animated and with voice they're even more lovely X3

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Is moments like this where the only thing that lights my hearth is the knowledge that this can’t get any worse. Then I read ViVid and was surprise to see how each time it seem the series finally reach the bottom, somehow manage to dig itself even deeper and deeper in… well, let’s just say less than great stuff.

But that being said I am sure there is going to be more of this anime. Because the franchise seems to hates me like that. So those who did enjoy it rest easy, the rest will soon follow. And I hope you are proud of yourselves.

I will just go and inform others of why Unlimited Blade Works still doesn’t fix all the problems Fate/Stay Night has.

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I think it goes without saying that I, too, would rather see another Nanoha season that actually is about Nanoha but I guess I've lost my hope that it's going to happen (like the 3rd movie Reflection) so I might as well enjoy what's on the table. Except for Force. I did not enjoy Force.

The thing is, we, as in fans from the West, probably have very little to say in the matter of what the next installment of the series will be. As far as I know, it's dictated by the sales in Japan and it seems that they are doing pretty good so far. Or at least good enough to ensure the creators that the direction in which they're going doesn't require any drastic changes.

With that said, I don't think Vivid is bad if one knows what to expect from it. They could have explained the rules of the whole tournament better or come up with some new spells instead of having everyone use Starlight Breaker. I won't talk much about the plot, I did not expect any particular kind of action or an evil scheme going on so I'm fine with what I got.

However, I think it was nice to finally see the characters animated on screen again. It may not be the best setting they came up with but, nevertheless, it was enjoyable enough to keep me watching.

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The Nanoha ViVid anime has to be the worst anime I've ever watched all the way through. It's just a lolicon-baiting piece of garbage. I mean, there's just too much loli fanservice. It doesn't help that the franchise jumped the shark with this entry by turning itself into a generic tournament battle/martial arts anime but with lolis. I know ViVid is supposed to be a spin-off but where's the dark issues and topics the first three seasons and the movies dealt with so well? Also, they made Vivio hog the spotlight from her two mothers and turned her into a Mary Sue. I dare you to just look at her Wiki entry and try not cringe at her Mary Sue-ness:
I still like Vivio as a character but oh my goodness gracious, they really made her into like one of those stereotypical characters you see on those "How not to make a Mary Sue" posts you would find on Deviantart in that season. Speaking of internet things, the whole show just feels more like a bad fanfiction than an actual show. And the ending to it is terrible as it ends abruptly on a rather insulting cliffhanger. I mean, it was based on a manga and those kinds of animes are meant to be long commercials to the manga that they're based on but this ending was freaking unexcusable!
Honestly, the only good parts about Vivid were the music, the art style, Einhart, Nanoha, Fate, and Vivio's chemistry with each other, the whole "Red vs Blue" mock battle, and the fact that it spawned a surprisingly decent spin-off in the name of ViVid Strike!.
Overall, Nanoha Vivid is just a waste of time and a humongous disgrace to the entire Lyrical Nanoha franchise. However, I honestly hope that it either gets a second season or a remake/reboot (no, Vivid Strike! doesn't count because it was a spin-off to the ViVid manga, not the ViVid anime) someday that adapts the rest of the ViVid manga and somehow redeems the flaws of the first though.