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somewhere between New York City and somewhere else in the Western Hemisphere
Date of Birth
About me on AIM is my screen name if you would like to chat.

Engaged to my baby <3

I love the following things
I love to sing
I love to read great fanfiction from *Alavon, Satashi, Vitachan, and others*
I love reading Yuri lemons too...... my guilty pleasure, next to eating chocolate XD
I love to write on occasion
I love writing emails and letters
I love my wife to be, my fiancee <3333333333

My email is *Yes I'm confident enough to give you my personal email* It's either that or my school email, and well, I prefer to keep it in my private one.


The Best feeling called Love

The chime goes off
My heart beats in my chest
A message from my love
Is always best
The warmth of your love
The beauty of your words
An extension of your beauty
Reaching to this side
This distance is nothing
In the face of our love
These feelings so strong
They will always live on
Burning bright
A warming light
Pure and Sweet
True and Eternal
To love and be loved
My dear Miyuki
Is the best feeling
In the world

The poem was written to me by my fiancee

I love you <33333


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